Accel World Season 2: Will the Anime Return for Another Season?

Accel World, called Akuseru Wrudo, is a must-see anime TV show based on a light novel series with the same name. Anime fans love it. The first season of the Japanese action romance anime series came out on April 7, 2012. This was two years after the light novel series aired on February 10, 2009.

Then, Reki Kawahara wrote the manga series, and HIMA drew the pictures. Fans are now waiting for the second season and want to know when they can expect to hear more about it. Here are all the things we know about the second part.

The Story of Season 2 of Accel World

Accel World Season 2

The first season of the Accel World anime aired on Tokyo MX in 2012. The first season of the show features 24 episodes. On top of that, the website offers access to the 2016 film Accel World: Infinite Burst and two original anime OVAs.

Although Accel World: Infinite Burst does not carry on the tale from the television series’ first season. There are just 40 minutes of new material in this first season recap, which is quite a bit of time.

That year, a follow-up film to the first season of Accel World called Accel World: Infinite Burst was published, and it took place immediately after the season’s final episode. Competing in a gigantic online virtual game that covers multiple screens is the only way for players to earn Brain Burst points.

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Harajuku and Kuroyukihime must overcome the Brain Burst faction’s leaders and achieve the top level to meet the game’s creator.

Seasons 1 through 3 centered on one of the light novel series’ volumes about their core theme. To wrap up the anime’s tale, the second season of Accel Burst will be broadcast.

Is There Enough Material for a Season 2 of Accel World?

Accel World Season 2

Almost every anime series draws on preexisting source material, such as manga, light novels, or mobile games, to inform its story and characters.

The Accel light book series serves as the inspiration for Accel World. Written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HIMA, the Japanese publishing business SB Creative began serializing the story online in February 2009.

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Check the number of light novel series that have been published so far to determine whether there will be additional anime seasons. Does the story have an end date? There is little chance of a sequel if the report is concluding.

To find out how many light novels were adapted for the first season of Accel World, we’ll have to go back and do some research. I don’t know if enough material or books is remaining for a sequel.

Release Date of Accel World Season 2

Accel World Season 2

On September 13, 2012, and January 31, 2013, two new episodes of the OVA series Accel World EX were made available to the public. The first season of Accel World was aired from April 7 to September 22 of that year. On July 23, 2016, the anime film Accel World: Infinite-Burst was finally released after three years.

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To be clear, not only does Accel World have a spinoff show named Accel World, which aired from July 25, 2012, until February 27, 2013. Even though it’s been nine years since its last season aired, there’s no reason to rule out the potential that the program may get a second season.

Since we can’t say precisely when season 2 will be released, we can still be confident that it will be in the next year or two.

The Cast of Accel World Season 2

Character Cast
Haruyuki Arita Yuki Kaji
Chiyuri Kurashima Aki Toyosaki
Kuroyukihime Sachika Misawa
Takumu Mayuzumi Shintaro Asanuma

How Many Books Have Been Published in the Accel World Series?

Accel World Season 2

The ‘Accel World’ light novel series has been issued in 25 volumes. The first book was published on February 10, 2009, and the most recent one was released on September 20, 2020. There is also a Manga series with eight volumes, the last of which was published in July 2017.

This light novel series’ first season featured adaptations of the first four books and the final volume. Volume 19 of the Accel World light novel series was made into an anime film named Accel World: Infinite Burst in 2016

Just how many light novel volumes have been issued so far? Like Konosuba season 3, Accel World season 2 contains ample source material. Light book volume 5 will be the basis for Accel World’s upcoming fifth season.

How Popular is The Accel World Light Novel?

Around 45,000 copies of Accel World volume 25 were sold, and the same number of copies of volume 26 were sold.

However, Accel World doesn’t make much money off the books. This is primarily because only one book is published yearly, and often not even that.


Accel World Season 2 is an anime TV show. It is based on a light novel with the same name that Reki Kawahara wrote. This book series is a science-fiction romance. Hiroyuki Yoshino made the series.

Hiroyuki Yoshino directed it for Sunrise production. Several companies like Hanabee, Viz Media, and MVM Films have licensed this series.

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