Air Gear Season 2: Is There Enough Information Available for Season 2?

Fans of this sports anime have been clamoring for a sequel for almost fifteen years. This season of Air Gear has not yet been renewed. Hence there won’t be any new episodes. However, as fans, we always want to know if our favorite anime will return. Here’s everything you need to know about Air Gear’s near-cancellation as of this writing.

A Japanese comic series by Ito figure (better known as Oh! fantastic) was the inspiration for Air Gear. The manga began in 2003 and ended in July 2012 with 37 volumes. The series attracted enough attention during its run to warrant an anime adaptation. After premiering in April 2006, the show wrapped up its run in September of the same year.

Renewal Status of Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear Season 2

 Oh! Great’s blockbuster manga series was made into an anime by Toei Animation. One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Neon Genesis Evangelion are just a few popular anime series produced by Toei Animation.

The anime series Air Gear started in April 2006 and ran for twenty-five episodes until ending on September 27 of the same year. In addition, on March 21, there was a special episode named Air Gear: Special Trick. Satelight issued a follow-up on November 17, 2010, consisting of three ova episodes. Episodes 21 and 22 of the main series are interspersed with this one.

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Since the original release of Air Gear Season 2, we haven’t heard from the author or the studio about Season 2. We don’t know if the show will be renewed for another season, but it hasn’t been canceled.

Is There Enough Information Available for Season 2?

Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear Season 2 depends on the availability of the manga series it is based on. There are a total of 37 volumes in the Air Gear manga series. The sports anime has more than enough material to make another entire season.

The first season of the TV show was based on the first 12 books of the source material, and it also had some original content. While the anime’s two OVAs covered the story of Volumes 16, 23, and 24.

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So, around 22 volumes of the manga still haven’t been turned into anime episodes. So, there’s more than enough material for the second part. Still, if Season 2 is renewed, the show’s creators will have enough material for a third season. Right now, we’re hoping the anime gets another chance to prove itself.

When Does Season 2 of Air Gear Come Out?

Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear’s first season started on April 5, 2006, and ended on September 27, 2006. Online, people have been talking about the planned second season for months. Many people think, wrongly, that the two OVAs that came out right after the first season were part of the show.

Since the OVAs were based on manga volumes that came out long after them, they can’t be called sequels. The anime’s first season has been over for a long time, and many fans have given up hope that there will be a second season.

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According to the Air Gear Plot, a new skate technology called Air Treks or AT has come into the picture. Even though this new technology has taken the world by storm, speed limits have been set to ensure everyone stays safe. Some risk-takers called “Storm Riders” have found a way to change the device so that it works as well as it can.

Aside from making it easier to move around, ATs are also being used more and more in covert wars and are a source of pride for people who want to rule the streets.

Recap of Air Gear

Air Treks, or AT for short, are like futuristic inline skates that are popular and in high demand worldwide. The story of Air Gear is about how Itsuki Minami, also known as “Ikki,” finds out about the world of Air Treks. He is a member of “The East-Side Gunz” gang and is one of the toughest street fighters.

When he finds a pair of Air Treks in his house, he is thrown into a new world full of challenges and storms that will take him up the shower.

Air Gear Characters of Season 2

In this case, it is Mikura Kazuma.

Kazuma Mikura, also called Kazu, is Itsuki’s best friend. He lives with his older sister as Kogarasumaru’s second-in-command while his parents are on vacation. He looks like a typical teenager. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a grey beanie that matches his grey pullover when he doesn’t have a cap.

Itsuki and Miho

Itsuki, also called Ikki, is the main character of the anime. At age 15, he has an average build and height. Itsuki had already led different school gangs when Kogarasumaru was made, and these experiences shaped his famous Air Trek Team Kogarasumaru.

Naymano and Ringo

Ikki, the show’s main character, has known Ringo since she was a child. This teen has long, reddish-purple hair that reaches her thighs. Her hair is usually worn in two long tails on both sides of her head, with a short fringe in front. At the beginning of the series, she is always seen with her glasses on, but they start to fall off over time.

She is one of the best students in her class and works very hard to keep her grades up. She’s also a great friend to everyone she meets and is always ready to lend a hand. She only gets angry when a friend, especially Ikki, does something he shouldn’t.


In conclusion, there probably won’t be an Air Gear Season 2, so you shouldn’t look for a release date. This show could only go on if it started all over again.

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