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Will Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 Be Renewed for a Season 2?

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2

Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 hasn’t been given the green light yet. In Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin, Bokuto Uno adapts the light novel of the same name into a video game. Sanbasou illustrated volumes 1–5, and Ryuutetsu presented volumes 6–14. For Sanbasou’s health, the illustrator had to be brought in.

Serialization of the story began in 2012 on the web. Taiki Kawakami (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) drew a manga adaption two years later, published in Dengeki Daioh. In 2015, Tetsuo Ichimura and Kunio Katsuki were revealed as the director and character designers for an anime adaptation of the manga. In the first season of Alderamin on the Sky, Madhouse produced thirteen episodes.

It’s been five years since Alderamin on the Sky Season 1 premiered and ended on September 30, 2016, and there’s no sign of a Season 2 yet. Is it canceled or postponed? Is there a probability that the second season will be renewed? All the information we have about the series is here.

Alderamin on the Sky: What Happened in Season 1

It tells the story of the mighty Katjvarna Empire. This empire is at war with the Kiorka republic right next door.

In this case, a man was trying to take the exam to become a High Grande Military officer for unknown reasons. He is called Ikta. Ikta is a man who is always lazy. He hates war, and the man worships the body of a woman.

Ikta becomes a soldier because of his skills and hard work. No one could tell from looking at him that he could be called the legendary general. The point is that he has to suffer in a war-torn world. Since this is the plot, it shows the trouble and situations that Ikta faces on his journey.

Renewal Status of Alderamin on the Sky Season 2

As of right now, Madhouse has not picked up a second season of Alderamin on the Sky. When it came out, fantasy animation sparked the interest of thousands of people worldwide. At the same time, both audiences and critics liked it, and over time, it became a fan favorite.

Despite this, the show didn’t sell as many DVDs and Blu-Rays as was expected. Nejimaki Seirei Senki tanked severely and was a complete and total disaster for the people who made it.

Nejimaki Seirei Senki’s bad disc could be one reason Madhouse has decided not to make a second season. After the first movie was a failure, the studio might not want to take the chance of making another one. On the other hand, the Alderamin On The Sky LN novel and manga series has ended.

Anime shows often serve as ads for the books, movies, or games they are based on. So, there is nothing to promote about the sequel, which makes it even less likely that people will come back.

Release Date of Alderamin on the Sky Season 2

As you said, there is no official date for the release of Season 2 of Alderamin on the Sky. The series might not come out for a long time because it hasn’t sold well, the light novel is coming to an end, and a plot twist could ruin it. Also, Madhouse doesn’t seem crazy enough to take the risk.

Fans of Death Parade, Hunter x Hunter, Highschool of the Dead, Overlord, Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, and Diamond no Ace & All Out are also waiting for a new season.

The Plotline of Alderamin on the Sky

We follow Ikta Solork, an intelligent but carefree young man in the story. He spends all his time trying to get a woman and a place to sleep. Ikta’s way of life is ruined by the fact that the Katjvarna Empire and the Republic of Kioka are going to war. Ikta joins the army as an officer with his childhood friend Yatorishino Igsem. This is one of three things that he hates. Being a hero and a noble are the other two.

Ikta and Yatorishino meet Matthew Tetojirichi, Norway Region, and Haroma Becker on a boat that takes them to the military exam site. Unluckily for them, the storm makes the boat sink, and they end up in the enemy territory. They also find that Princess Chamille Kitora Katjvanmaninik has been taken, hostage.

Five of them work together to save the heir to the Katjvarnan throne, and each gets a reward for becoming an Imperial Knight. So begins Ikta’s life as a military officer and a hero, two things he hates.

The Cast of Alderamin on the Sky

Where In The Sky Can I Watch Alderamin?

Alderamin On The Sky is both a manga and a series. You can watch the show about the excellent soldier Ikta on a website called Crunchyroll. You can also read the manga.

“Alderamin on the Sky” is an exciting ride with ups and downs. Some parts might make your heart skip a beat.

You can read or watch Alderamin On The Sky on Crunchyroll. It’s also available on Mondo and VRV.


Nejimaki Seirei Senki started as a serialized light novel series in 2012, and all fourteen volumes were serialized until the series was finished in 2018. All fourteen books were then collected for an adaptation. From July to September 2016, anime was shown on TV in Japan.

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