Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2: What Will Be the Storyline of Season 2?

The first season of the action and fantasy anime Chivalry of a Failed Knight came out in 2015. The anime is based on LN, written by Riku Misora, and has been on air since 2013. The popular anime series, which also has a lot of romance, is based on a light novel, which is how many animes are made.

Silver Link and Nexus made it. We also know the studios that made the 2020 animes Darwin’s Game (Nexus) and Bofuri (Silver Link). The anime, licensed by Sentai Filmworks, was shown on many local channels like AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, Sun TV, and BS11 from October 3 to December 19, 2015.

A second season of the anime has not been shown in more than six years. There are still a lot of people who want to see the anime next season. So, let’s reflect on the show and see what we know about the second season.

The Plotline of Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

If “Chivalry of a Failed Knight” gets a second season, it will almost certainly do what the first season did and adapt the subsequent three volumes of the light novels. In the first, Ikka went from being the “worst” knight to beating Toka Todo during the selection process to proposing to Stella in front of everyone.

The academy will then choose him as one of its representatives, and he will be able to participate in the next festival. In a second season, Ikki and the other representatives will probably train for the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, where they will fight Blazers from other academies.

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They will face new enemies, including people from the Akatsuki, a group that wants to be the strongest of all. As Ikka improves his Blazer skill and proves his worth, fans will see even more exciting fights and probably more growth between him and Stella.

Will Chivalry of a Failed Knight have a Season 2?

We need to look at two things to determine if there will be a second season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight in 2022 and when it will likely come out.

The first is based on the show, and the second is how much money it made in its first season. We will now look at both of them to decide whether or not Chivalry of a Failed Knight will have a second season.

Expected Cast of Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

Many exciting and unique people are in “Chivalry of a Failed Knight.” Most of the people who were in the first season are likely to come back if the anime keeps going.

Ikka Kurogane, the failed knight, will be one of them. He doesn’t do well as a Blazer, a human who can use his soul as a weapon, but he is still determined to become a powerful Mage-Knight despite his flaws. Stella Vermillion, a princess from the Vermillion Empire, is coming with him.

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Even though she wants the same thing as Ikka, she is a more experienced Blazer who gets more robust with each fight. As they prepare for the Seven Star Sword Art Festival at Hagun Academy, they talk to many other students and friends, like Ikka’s obsessive sister Shizuku, shadow controller Nagi “Alice” Arisuin, the swordsman’s daughter Ayase Ayatsuji, Hagun’s student council president Toka Todo, a famous knight and bully Hizuya Kirihara, and Itsuki, Ikka and Shizuku’

Amane Shinomiya, a boy who can make fate work in his favor, Rinna Kazamatsuri, who can make people do what she wants with animal collars, and Bakugan Tsukikage, the leader of the Akatsuki Academy, who can see the future, are all characters who joined the story after volume 3.

The Release Date of Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2

There is no news about whether or not “Chivalry of a Failed Knight” will get a long-awaited second season. The show is available to stream on Hulu, and IMDb says that it’s over 2,000 reviews have given it an average of 7.4/10 stars.

The anime has been called underrated and even godlike by many fans. A user on Crunchyroll gave it five stars and liked the quality, the romance, the fight scenes, and the small amount of fan service. Also, the light novels are popular because Riku Misora and Won wouldn’t have been able to keep going with the story if they weren’t.

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If a second season is announced, fans will probably have to wait a little longer because the pandemic is still happening and will likely slow down production. In the meantime, they can watch the first season again or read the light novels to find out what their favorite characters are up to.

Ratings and Reviews of Chivalry of a Failed Knight

It got about the same number of votes on IMDB as “No Game, No Life.” It got a total of 7.4 out of 10 points. This is what 2206 users said.

Most people who voted gave it an 8 or a 10 out of 10. This is a good sign of how well-known it is. It also moved up in the ranking because it got good reviews. Without a doubt, this is a favorite, and it has enough to warrant a second book.

Fans talk about why the movie didn’t do as well as expected. These are some excellent comments and helpful suggestions from Crunchyroll users. See what these are.


The first season of Chivalry of a Failed Knight did well, but not OK enough. No official news about the anime has come out yet. In 2020, the light novel’s 18th volume came out. With the last book, sales have been going down.

Both are doing and not doing the Sequel have good reasons. Now, it’s up to the Producers and the rest of the crew to make a decision. We think that the official news will come out sometime in 2022.

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