Date a Live Season 5: When Can We Expect the Anime’s Fifth Season?

Date A Live season 5 is already being made, and fans are celebrating the end of another grand and emotional season finale.

The anime version of Date A Live is based on a series of light novels with the same name that was written by Kshi Tachibana and drawn by Tsunako. Kadokawa Shoten and Fujimi Shobo also turned 5 light novels into manga. The anime based on the light novels came out in April 2013.

The AIC Plus+ studio made it. Production IMS made the second season, which came out in April 2014. The third season, which came out in January 2019, was created by JC Staff. The fourth season, which came out in April 2022, was made by Geek Toys.

Even though a lot of anime is based on manga, more and more TV shows and movies are being inspired by light novel series. So it is with Date A Live, which tells the story of Shodi and his friends as they live in a world of “spirits.” The series was created by Kshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako in 2011.

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After twelve episodes of the fourth season, the show quickly announced that season five was in the works. The character designer for the franchise released new art to get fans excited for the franchise’s return.

What Happens in Date A Live?

Date A Live Season 5

The story begins when Shido Itsuka’s sister Kotori wakes him up. Shido is our typical handsome boy. All the girls want him. People were dying in space quakes, which made him nervous. After a dangerous situation, Shido discovers that Kotori is in charge of an intelligence organization.

Shido learned that every time a space quake happens, it is caused by powerful girls called Spirits. AST is a military organization that fights against these spirits. Kotori wants to control shades by making them love her brother.

Shido’s mission in life was to kiss spirits and seal their powers. Shido befriends the ghost Tohka. Kotori asks Shido to kiss her to stop her power from spreading. After this happened, Tohka’s ability was locked. Love experts showed Shido how to control the nerves.

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Later, we learned that Kotori was also a spirit. You’ll be surprised by what happens. Shido can control the power of the souls he sealed. A l*sbian singing idol appeared. To defeat the spirit, Shido was also turned into a girl.

They start hanging out together and decide to save Tohka. The WET group took her captive. They were experimenting and using her as a guinea pig. They made her a demon king, but Shido rescued her. As the series continues, different spirits appear, and Shido seals them. Some are stronger than others.

What We Can Expect From the Season 5 of Date A Live

People are enjoying the new season of Date A Live, which is getting a lot of attention. So far, every episode of Date A Live has been a lot of fun, making fans even more excited for season 5.

After seeing the preview of the next episode, viewers are way too excited to find out what will happen in the next season. We can guess that the fifth season will be a lot of fun and have a lot of exciting plot twists.

Release Date of Date A Live

The fifth season of Date A Live has yet to be announced. We’ll post a notice on our website if something like this happens.

What Went Down at the End of Season 4 of Date A Live?

Date A Live Season 5

Episode 12: Cycle of Salvation

It was upsetting that I couldn’t find out about the swordplay that had happened in the past few days. Kyouzo told me how he became a ghost and killed his best friend with his own hands. He also told him more things that hint at his incredible swordsmanship, which leaves him speechless.

Ratings & Reviews of Date A Live

The other point of view is that Date A Live is popular enough to warrant a fifth season easily. The average series score for the anime on Crunchyroll Reviews is 4.3/5, but it only gets a 6.9/10 on IMDB.

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But compared to the first three seasons, the fourth one is a little bit better. On both Anime-Planet and MyAnimeList, season 4 of Date A Live has the highest rating. On MyAnimeList, it has a score of 7.83/10 and more than 172,000 members.

Is Date A Live Season 5 Up For Renewal?

Date A Live Season 5

A decision has not yet been made by Disney on whether or not Date A Live season 5 will be renewed. There are rumors that the show may not be renewed for a fifth season. Rating declines, creative disputes between producers and cast, and criticism from outraged fans could lead to the show’s discontinuation.

The Cast of Date A Live Season 5

Famous and brilliant actors are on hand for this production.

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki portrays Shido Itsuka in the film.
  • Tohka Yatogami is performed by Marina Inoue.
  • As for Itsuka Kotori, Ayana Taketatsu is her agent.
  • Okamine Tamae is the brainchild of Kaori Sadohara.
  • Kannazuki Kyouhei is the star of Takehito Koyasu’s new film.
  • As Kotori Itsuka, Bryn Apprill is portrayed by
  • Actress Tia Lynn Ballard plays Yoshino.

Date a Live Season 5 Will Have How Many Episodes?

Everybody is aware that Date A Live is a television show. The report that Season 5 of Date A Live is on the way has gone widespread. There are just 12 episodes left in the current season. Date A Live Season 5 could feature as many as 12 attacks if the show’s creator releases it.

Date A Live: Is It Worth watching?

Based on the ratings and reviews the series has gotten, the audience decides whether or not to watch the series.

So if you’re interested in watching Date A Live, don’t hesitate to do so, as the series has earned numerous positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.


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