Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Is There Enough Source Material for Season 2?

Domestic Girlfriend, also known as Domestic na Kanojo, is an anime series produced by Diomedéa, the same studio responsible for Ahiru no Sora and Aho-Girl. The original series is a manga by the same name written and illustrated by Kei Sasuga. The anime adaptation was announced on June 12, 2018, and aired between January 12 and March 30, 2019, on the local Japanese networks MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, AT-X, and ATV.

More than two years have passed since the release of the series’s first season, which features a terrific opening and music. Licensed by Crunchyroll, the series reached international audiences. Now, spectators are concerned about the anime’s second season; will there be a second season, and when will it air? Let’s recall the series before we investigate the second season’s questions if you’d like.

About Domestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

It’s no secret that Natsuo Fujii has feelings for her. Natsuo goes with his classmates to a new place, where he meets Rui Tachibana, a peculiar girl. With Natsuo’s help, Rui plans to flee the country after a series of bizarre happenings. On the other hand, Natsuo does not know the road to Rui’s home, and Rui has requested that Natsuo accompany him.

He doesn’t want this because he’s in love but because he’s curious about the experience. Natsuo reluctantly accepts the offer, hoping it will help him forget Hina’s existence.

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As a result of this situation, Natsuo now needs to deal with another issue. Two half-siblings will be born to Natsuo as a result of the marriage of his father. Unfortunately, he also has intimate knowledge of these sisters. They are Hina and Rui, two sisters he’s just discovered! When it comes to his “first time,” he’ll get to spend it with his favorite teacher. He’s thrown into a love triangle and is forced to confront his adolescence.

Are There Any Chances of Season 2 of Domestic Girlfriend?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Diomedea or any anime-related firm has not yet renewed the Domestic Girlfriend for a second season since January 11, 2022, at the time of writing. Since we began tracking the anime’s official website and Twitter accounts, the only thing we’ve noticed is an increase in promotional activity for the Blu-ray release.

We’ve looked into the popularity of the anime’s sole source material, the Domestic Girlfriend manga, and the anime itself. For the time being, there is no word on whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season. We can make educated guesses regarding whether or not a second season will be announced before then.

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Last year, a fan inquired about the second season of the manga by manga artist Kei Sasuga. Fans will be disappointed with the answer. Sasuga’s announcement that there are no plans for a second season has dashed hopes for the show’s future. However, there’s no guarantee that the creators won’t come up with similar ideas in the future.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

In reality, anime has a worldwide audience. There is a lot of interest in the show, but the number of confirmed episodes is so little that a second season may not be necessary. The manga creator’s claim that a new series isn’t in the works lowers the bar for the fans.

Even if we don’t receive an upcoming season between 2023 and 2024, we’ll always be in a position to see an upcoming season because there’s plenty of stuff to work with.

Domestic Girlfriend’s Season 2 Cast

Regarding the cast of Domestic Girlfriend season 1, there’s a good chance that the characters will remain unchanged in season 2 if it is released. In order of appearance, below are the actors:

  • Yurika Hino – Tsukiko Tachibana
  • Nobuo Tobita – Akihito Fujii
  • Mike Hashimoto – Kazushi Kine
  • Taku Yashiro – Natsuo Fujii
  • Yoko Hikasa – Hina Tachibana
  • Maaya Uchida – Rui Tachibana

The Plotline of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

The show’s audience speculates what might happen in a potential second-season storyline. Natsuo and Hina’s romance appears on the rocks for the remainder of the novel. You may recall that Natsuo and Hina’s paths were divided due to problems at school. Because of this, the second season will focus more on Natsuo and Rui’s romance.

Rui, Natsuo, and Hina’s love triangle will become increasingly complicated. Allusions to Rui and Natsuo’s impending nuptials and subsequent wedding, as well as their subsequent childbirth, abounded in the manga. Natsuo’s wife appears in the manga in the future, although flashbacks obscure her face. There is a way out of this bind in season two.

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Fans of Hina were taken aback by the conclusion of Season 1 of Domestic Na Kanojo. They eventually discussed their relationship with Hina, and she decided to leave the city. A prominent novelist named Natsuo and a chef named Rui is the two protagonists of the manga’s first season finale. As a result of Natsuo’s decision to transfer to a different high school, he and Rui have become a relationship. As the story unfolds, their relationship also faces some challenges.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Is There Enough Content?

The manga was syndicated for twenty-eight volumes between July 2014 and August 2020 because the first season was based on eight books for its twelve episodes. As a result, there is enough material for seasons two and three of the show. However, no official announcement has been made.


Domestic Girlfriend,’ also known as Domestic Na Kanojo’s season 2, is either going to happen or it is not going to happen. It’s no secret that the show’s first season wowed viewers, and many eagerly anticipate the second.

The series was a big draw for the show’s creators and producers in the top 20 most popular animes on Crunchyroll for most of the 2019 season. To adapt the manga series Domestic na Kanojo, Kei Sasuga drew inspiration from it.

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