Gate Anime Season 3: Who Are the Primary Protagonists in the Anime?

A fantasy anime series named Gate: Jieitai Kanochi night, Kaku Tatakaeri in Japanese, based on the manga of the same name and a light novel, is called Gate. Originally published on April 12, 2010, the light stories were written by Takumi Yanai, illustrated by Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi, and were their debut publication.

On December 22, 2011, the final edition of the book was released. Before the series ended, it was made into a manga by Satoru Sao in July 2011. As a result, three manga series based on the original have been released since then. If there is doubt about its popularity, fans are eager to hear when the next season will premiere.

Five years after the publication of the light novel series, the first season of the series was released and broadcast on July 4, 2015. Season 2 premiered on January 9, 2016, less than a year after it aired. When it comes to the third season, people are curious to know where it stands.

The Plotline of Gate Season 3

Gate Anime Season 3

The worlds of the modern world and the fantastical world collide in this show. A portal from another world opened up in modern-day Tokyo, allowing warriors and creatures from another realm to invade Earth. On the other hand, Japan has difficulty repelling the invading forces that swiftly engulf Ginza in flames.

To counter this, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces launch a successful attack, driving their attackers back to their original point of entry. The JSDF uses this chance to create a forward operating base (FOB) on the other side of the Gate so that they may prepare and negotiate with the invaders after ultimately driving them out.

JSDF task force member Youji Itami, 33, is the focus of the show’s central character. Youji is part of a special recon squad sent to the Special Region on the other side of the conflict. While exploring the Special Region, Youji and his team begin to selflessly assist the residents, including Princess Pina Co Lada, against an ancient and ferocious dragon and a band of marauders while fighting and going through countless attacks. You and his squad, as well as the Japanese military, soon acquire the trust of the inhabitants.

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Initially, Youji was pleased with how things were progressing for him. When he discredited Crown Prince Zorzal, things took a turn for the worst. Crown Prince forms an anti-Crown Prince organization after feeling misled and humiliated. For his part, he takes over command of the soldiers of the Special Region and sets out to avenge Japan.

He decimates the population by using his forces to disguise themselves as locals and wreaking havoc on the people to incite retaliation. He prepares to launch an all-out attack on Japan.

Despite this setback, Japan’s military continues to plot a rescue mission for the princess, the emperor, and the anti-war senators from the Imperial Capital. Japan’s military struggles with Prince Zorzal and the Gate, connecting two parallel universes.

The Cast of Gate Season 3

Gate Anime Season 3

Even though numerous characters exist in the anime series, Youji Itami, Princess Pina Co Lada, Rory Mercury, Lelei la Lalena, and Tuka Luna Marceau are the primary protagonists. Let’s take a closer look at their personalities –

Yojuji Itami:

You, the anime protagonist, are a First Lieutenant in the ISDF at 33. Youji is a member of an elite group, serving as the captain of the Third Recon Team.

Princess Pina Co Lada:

Imperial Emperor Molto Sol Augustus had a daughter named Pina Co Lada named after him. The story also features a princess, who plays a significant role. Princess Pina Co Lada became a peacemaker between the Japanese and the authorities in the Special Region after Youji, and his crew started aiding the locals liberally.

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Rory Mercury:

The Special Region’s demigoddess, Rory. Rory is one of the show’s main characters and a disciple of Emory, the god of violence, war, and death, known as the Reaper. She has a reputation for being extremely powerful in battle and showing no mercy to her foes.

Lelei la Lalena:

Sorcerer Lelei is the human race’s wisest and most potent sorcerer. He’s the second person to take up the cause of an ancient sage called Cato. When it comes to emotions, Lelei is a complete jerk.

Tuka Luna Marceau:

Tuka is descended from a more noble branch of the elf family tree. She was the lone survivor of the dragon attack and played a significant role in the story of this anime as she used to live in the town of known.

The Premiere Date for Gate Season 3

Gate Anime Season 3

Gate: Season 2: Part 2 concluded in 2016 with the conclusion of the second half. The first and second seasons’ visual effects teams have been retained for this season’s production. They have remarked that they were amazed by the series’ reception in 2017. This year, they had hoped to wrap up the script before the end of the year. After then, nothing was heard.

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A-1 Pictures (Persona 5: The Animation – The Day Breakers) has yet to make a formal announcement about ”ate”Season 3. AA-1’sBlue Exorcist took a six-year gap between seasons 1 and 2, which is usual for successful anime programs to take a long time between seasons.

Even though there hhasn’tbeen an official announcement for season 3, fans are confident that ”ate will return for a third season. This year or the following year in 2022, we can expect season 3 to arrive. Please, Ler, be patient until we get all the details.

What Can We Expect From The AAnime’sThird Episode?

As previously said, the JMSDF has traveled to the other side of the globe to do research. However, in the later volumes of the novel series, something interesting occurs that opens the portal to the Xenomorph homeworld, with creatures soon invading the Special Region. This means that if we stick to the novel, the third season is more likely to adopt ”ate: Weigh AAnchor’instead of JSDF, which is in the book.

As long as A-1 Pictures has a location to leverage the Alien franchise for Gate season 3, this will be possible.


Gate keeps a portal open for the protagonist to smoothly transition between the two realms, allowing the series to avoid the trappings of a fantastical world. It’s a beautiful plot, but the creators aren’t interested in the source material at this time.

We can only wait and see what happens in the Gate series, and we’ll keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available.

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