Hero Mask Season 3: When Will the New Season Come Out? All Updates Are Here!

Hero Mask Season 3 was made by Pierrot exclusively for the Japanese market as an anime series (ONA). It will be released in its entirety on August 23, Hero Mask’s second season. On the other hand, viewers may not be aware that the show is over.

To work on new storylines, the Hero Mask team may return to Netflix to discover the conspiracy that fueled the previous two seasons.

Despite its enormity, Studio Pierrot isn’t the only one involved in this project. Initially, Mikio Ono (Producer of Hero Mask) revealed that the show was supposed to feature 24 episodes spaced out across two seasons. Popular titles such as Bleach (with over 300 episodes) and Naruto: Shippuden has been produced by this studio in the past (which has 500 episodes).

The Storyline of Season 3 of Hero Mask

Hero Mask Season 3

Both supernatural and criminal activity are prominent themes in Hero Mask. William and Emily are the series’ protagonists, set in a fictitious London. The Capitol Police Department has control over James Blood, a vengeful officer in the Special Service of Crime section.

It’s safe to say that James has had an odd life. On the other hand, James is shocked to learn of the death of Superior Crown Prosecutor Monica Campbell. James had one more thing up his sleeve. The station where James’s long-dead adversary attacked James works. Crown Prosecutor Campbell passed away shortly after the attack.

James was baffled as to why the world was in such disarray. To find out who is responsible for these bizarre incidents, he and Sarah, our protagonist, join forces to do their best. They are entangled in a conspiracy with the Live Corporation in their quest to uncover the facts. Despite this, the route to Truth is not always an easy one.

They’ve escaped prison and are now wearing masks that grant them magical abilities as a sign of their success. If the show is revived, there will be more exciting events.

Is It Going to Be Picked Up for a Season 3?

Hero Mask Season 3

The second “Hero Mask” season premiered on August 23, 2019. Sadly, this will be the final season of the animated show. It is not currently intended that a third season will be made available. Netflix has suggested that they are open to working with the Hero Mask team again so that they may return.

According to ” Hero Mask ” producer Mikio Ono, a total of 24 episodes were initially intended for the animated series, according to “Hero Mask” producer Mikio Ono.

According to Ono, the original concept was to include 24 episodes, divided into 12 episodes for the first and second part of the story, respectively. Although we agreed to work with Netflix, we were not bound by the same rules that apply to a typical TV anime. It is possible to make a story-driven first 15 episodes, followed by a second 9-episode arc.”

This is not the first animated short by Studio Pierrot. This is in contrast to other popular series like Bleach (which has over 300 episodes) or Naruto: Shippuden (which has over 200 episodes) (500). There are two manga volumes to adapt: “Naruto” and “Bleach.” Hero Mask is based on an original plot. Hero Mask has just 24 episodes because of this.

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Asked by Anime News Network why it is so tricky for original animes to be renewed, Ono gives his opinions. “This is especially true regarding the final decision on funding. Just with Netflix, it’s down to a lot of chance.”

The production costs of Hero Mask are higher than those of other anime. An enormous amount of animation is required to create the action scenes in this anime. Because of the scarcity of new material, renewing an anime for a third season is tough.

Producer Ono believes that a seasoned director would be more conversant with the TV anime standard and search for more labor-saving ways if they were in charge of [Hero Mask].”

Hero Mask’s second season will conclude the story. In any case, we’re not going to rule out the idea of a spinoff adaptation of the anime. According to the anime’s creators, future collaboration is possible, who have said as much publicity as possible.

“Personally speaking,” stated Ono in the same interview, “I believe that Netflix has significant users abroad. “Working with them would be a huge task.”

Release Date of Season 3 of Hero Mask

Hero Mask Season 3

As long as Netflix renews Hero Mask, the show’s next season might premiere in the fall of 2022. Please check back for more information as it becomes available.

Hero Mask is not based on the manga series, and the animated series initially aired for two seasons before it was canceled in 2010. If a third season is planned, the writers must develop something completely new.

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In this instance, the decision to renew a show rests with streaming services like Netflix. Considering the show’s popularity, Netflix may choose to continue it. As of this writing, there is no word on whether Season 3 will be restored. We’ll keep you up to date on everything that happens.

Characters From Hero Mask Season 3

Hero Mask Season 3

The series revolves around James Blood. As a Capitol Police Department’s Special Services Unit (SSC) member, he is an enthusiastic and dedicated officer. As the name implies, Grimm rises from the ashes and attacks the police station where he works. He joins forces with Sarah to find the Truth.

It features a female protagonist, Sarah Sinclair. As of right now, Monica Campbell serves as her assistant lawyer. As part of her investigation into LIVE Corporation, she was also a witness to Monica’s death. Before Monica’s death, some essential facts regarding the case are made public. James and her team will solve the LIVE Corporation’s scandal and its super-powered enemy.

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Theo Lowe has an essential supporting role in the show. He is a thief who kidnapped several doctors at the hospital so that her daughter may have a life-saving heart transplant. After his scheme went awry, it’s safe to assume he’s dead. Surviving tests are conducted on him using the masks, capable of giving wearers superpowers, as subjects. Having escaped the experiments, Theo is now on the prowl for information about his missing family.

Edmond Chandler is an SSC sergeant and technical specialist. Former detective Harry Creighton now works as a mercenary for the LIVE Corporation. He has been tasked with tracking down mysterious, masked individuals with superhuman abilities who have been seen wandering the streets of London.

Age Rating of Hero Mask

Hero Mask has a TV-PG rating, indicating that some of the content may be too mature for children under 13. The program’s subject matter may necessitate parental supervision, and the show’s dialogue, crude language, s*xual situations, or mild violence are all possibilities. A lot of parents would want to watch it with their younger children.


Is Hero Mask canceled?

No, Hero Mask has not been canceled at this point.

Is Hero Mask on Netflix?

Please visit NetflixSchedule to see if Hero Mask is available on Netflix.

How many seasons of Hero Mask are there?

Hero Mask will have two seasons by the end of June 2022.

Will there be a season 3 of Hero Mask?

No word yet about the upcoming season. We’ll post any new information here as soon as we get further information.

When did Hero Mask initially come out?

On Monday, December 3, 2018, Hero Mask was released.


Netflix is yet to decide whether or not to cancel or renew Hero Mask for a third season as of June 15, 2022. We’ll update this page with the latest information whenever Hero Mask is withdrawn or restored. You can stay up to speed on the newest news by bookmarking this page and visiting back frequently.

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