Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

The Numbers is a Japanese manga series that has been turned into an anime show with the same name. The story is written by Sh Futamata, who also draws pictures. The anime version of the show started on October 5, 2016, and ran until March 22, 2017.

When Nanabaka came out in 2016, it was prevalent right away because most people said it was hilarious, and the whole series was full of funny scenes. There are a total of 25 episodes in the show’s two seasons. The first season started on October 5, 2016, and the last episode aired in April 2017.

Since the end of the second season aired four years ago, fans are getting more and more anxious to find out when there will be a third season. Even though there has been no news about a third season, there are more and more rumors about it every day. Here is all the information you need about Nanbaka’s third season.

The Plotline of Nanbaka Season 3

Nanbaka Season 3

In the last episodes of Nanba, the most potent prison in the world, our inmates do crazy and funny things. Now we’re back with Jyugo, who desperately tried to stay alive and get away at Building 5.

In the first few episodes of Season 2, we saw that inmates Jyugo, Uno, and Nico, as well as correctional officers Nanba and Hajime, were all stuck in an underground cell in Building 5 when they went there to look into Rock’s manipulative behavior and Yamato’s sudden silence.

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When UPA, Liang, and Honey meet Trois, they discover that Trois and the other prisoners are being held hostage by guards who have turned into traitors and escaped prisoners. Some of them are Enki, Rokuriki, and Ruka. Qi and Inori are also among them.

When will Season 3 of “Nanbaka” come out?

No official date has been set for the third season, and it hasn’t been confirmed yet if the show will be back for a third season. Even though fans want a third season, it’s important to remember that there has been no official word on whether or not there will be a third season.

What’s Taking so Long to Release Nanbaka Season 3?

Nanbaka Season 3

Between November 2015 and July 2018, the author of the Japanese manga series “Nanbaka: The Numbers” released eight volumes. Sh Futamata, who wrote and drew the books, hasn’t made any new ones in the last two years. So the fans began to worry about the anime’s future.

The first two seasons of Nanabaka were based on the first six volumes of the manga. So, the producers only need two more books to make a whole season (which is comparatively less).

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As we’ve already said, Studio Satelight may be waiting for more source material for season 3 of Nanbaka. But if the writer puts out a new book this year, it might not be available for a while.

But many otaku fans want a shorter version with fewer episodes so that their favorite show can end properly. Even if the creators of Nanbaka decided to make Season 3 with more minor attacks, it would still be the last season of this anime series.

Which Nanbaka Season 3 Characters Are Most Likely to Return?

After all, you now know the series is about a group of mischievous criminals so that they may return for another round of hilarious antics. These are a few words about the people you’ll be meeting!


Jyugo, also known as prisoner number 1315, is a prominent figure in the anime. He is of Japanese origin and suffers from heterochromia. He likes rock music and can easily pick up an electronic or mechanical lock. Despite Jyugo’s exuberant demeanor, he can’t help but get bored quickly.


One of the protagonists of the Nanbaka anime and manga is Nico, prisoner number 25. He was arrested because he was caught buying and selling drugs in the slums while unwell. A playful, childlike spirit characterizes Nico’s personality. As a child, he is enchanted by practically everything, which betrays his inexperience.

Nanbaka Season 3


Nanbaka Prison inmate number 1311 is Uno. He has a keen hunch about the future. He places wagers based on his knowledge, good fortune, and suspicion. Uno is known for being kind and helpful, but he can also be direct when the situation calls for it. His devotion to Jyugo is likewise admirable. As a prison officer, Hajime nearly brought Jyugo to his knees.

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Rock’s prisoner ID is 1369. An angry and rough-and-tumble young man, the police detained him for inciting a gang war on the streets of America. Rock stands out as the muscular of his fellow prisoners in his cell. He has a severe food addiction. He cares deeply about his friends, despite his volatile temperament and unpredictability.


You didn’t think there was enough content in the series. We’re in the same boat, but we’re confident we can succeed. Why? The studio or author made no announcements on the cancellation of the show. Fan demand may result in the release of a brand-new manga volume. The odds of a new season also increase!

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