Plastic Memories Season 2: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled For Another Season?

Many fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of Plastic Memories. Plastic Memories, directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara, is considered one of the best romance animation worlds. Doga Koba, the company most known for adapting Himouto!, has produced an original animation.

Giftias may be a mystery to you. In other words, what is the title “Plastic Memories” about? Umaru-chan. On this planet, humans and Giftias coexist peacefully. They resemble humans, but their lifespans are predetermined.

Once they’ve gone too far, they’ll become a wanderer until they’re rescued. Wanderer is a condition in which giftias lose their ability to regulate their emotions and begin to act irrationally.

Giftias can be found at one particular company that specializes in finding them. Tsukasa, the protagonist, appears in that work. The series’ central protagonist, Isla, is his giftia companion because he is a human.

The First Season-ending of Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories Season 2

More than half of the fans want the second season to be released because the first season ended with many of our questions unanswered. We saw Isla (our heroine) lose her memory at the end of season one’s climax. When Isla is mentioned as one of the several gifts, her life span is predetermined. This is why the first season ends with a tragic note: Isla must lose her memories.

Imagine that you’ve just met someone and have difficulty building a relationship with them. Your feelings for someone deepen as time passes, and eventually, you’ll be captivated by them. Finally, you realize that your loved one will soon lose all of her memories in the midst of finally being together.

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Tsukasa Mizugaki, the protagonist, must deal with the heartbreak of losing the one he loves most. When it comes to spending time with her, you must do so with genuine regret. To prevent seeing tears in that person’s eyes, you hide your sadness and depression from yourself.

We shall witness a figure that looks like Isla towards the end of season one. So what will happen to Isla and her friendship with Tsuki? This is going to be a cliffhanger.

Release Date of Season 2 of Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories Season 2

The second season of Plastic Memories is still possible. A few facts can back up this assertion. Because many fans are still searching for a second season on the internet, we can expect a continuation of the first season or an alternative ending, at least from its writer, who is still aware of the show and has not forgotten about it.

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Although Plastic Memories is an original show, a visual novel with various endings, where Isla can preserve memories and live beyond her life span, an adaptation of that graphic novel is possible. Creating a new season and announcing a release date for Doga Kobo (the Ikebukuro West Gate Park) may take some time if they do it this year.

The Plot of Plastic Memories Season 2

In the first chapter of Plastic Memories, Tsukasa Mizugaki, an 18-year-old high school student, fails his college admission exam. Instead of wallowing in his sorrow, he sets out to get work. He gets a position with Terminal Services, a subsidiary of SAI Corporations, the world’s leading manufacturer of androids.

The term “Android” refers to a class of robots that share many characteristics with human humans. People-like traits like emotion and memory are also present. Shortly, androids and humans will coexist, and humans will be heavily reliant on androids to complete their daily tasks. Griftia’s debut by SIA Corporations is causing the most havoc in the future. Compared to the other Androids, Griffin is a new advancement in the realm of robots.

Plastic Memories Season 2

But Griffin has a significant problem: they can’t love one other for eternity. They have a predetermined lifespan, after which they become what they call wanderers. As a result of their erratic behavior and internal circuit malfunction, wanderers constitute an urgent threat to society.

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Terminal Services is tasked with retrieving and erasing these human-like bodies’ memories before they become unstable psychologically and emotionally. An Android and a human spotter make up the organization’s teams, which are responsible for completing their assignments.

Tsukasa then meets Griffin Isla, with whom he performs the pieces. Griffin’s mind has various unanswered issues following his failure to convince Chiru to relinquish his robotic companion. On the other hand, Tsukasa has no idea that a’s powers are steadily dwindling.

The story’s conclusion reveals a romantic relationship between two Terminal Services personnel. Due to Isla’s limited time, he sees how the story’s significant character’s progress would be intriguing. It’s safe to say that if a second season is announced, the romantic drama will take on a new path and captivate viewers.

Where Can I Watch the Show?

There is currently no English dub for this anime. Crunchyroll has the first season in its entirety, along with the show’s original Japanese soundtrack and English subtitles.

Is There a Trailer for Plastic Memories Season 3?

By the beginning of 2022, a trailer should be available. So yet, there hasn’t been a season three trailer released. Here is the official season two trailer, which might give you a sense of season three. We’ll keep you informed if anything changes.


Is Plastic Memories Ending Sad?

Fans were left feeling confused and saddened by the film’s confusing conclusion in Plastic Memories. During their emotional rollercoaster ride on the Ferris wheel, Tsukasa and Isla express their shared emotions for one another and decide to go out on a date.

Who Is Tsukasa’s New Partner?

Kazuki presents Tsukasa’s new mate, a Giftia, who enters through the door.


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