The Great Pretender Season 3: When Will the Season 3 of the Series Come Out?

Season 3 of Great Pretender, one of Netflix’s most popular anime programs in 2020, has yet to be renewed. If Hiro Kaburagi, the show’s director, has his way, the anime series may return in the future.

Ryta Kosawa and Hiro Kaburagi collaborated on this Netlfix Original criminal comedy titled “Great Pretender.” WIT Studio created the series, which aired on Fuji TV in Japan. The series used a riot of color that wowed viewers worldwide, making it one of the 2020s most aesthetically arresting anime offerings.

One of the world’s greatest swindlers and a Mafia boss, Laurent Thierry, reveals himself. Edamura Masato, a well-known con artist in Japan, and his companion Kudo, a fellow con artist, attempted to defraud a Frenchman in Asakusa but were duped in return. Now that Edamura is working for Laurent Thierry, the young man’s fate is in his hands.

Renewal Status of Great Pretender Season 3 on Netflix

The Great Pretender Season 3

Netflix is yet to announce the third season of Great Pretender, even though the second season was released several months ago. However, the show’s director, Hiro Kaburagi, has expressed an interest in creating a new anime season. This is what Kaburagi had to say in an interview with an anime news network;

I’m ecstatic that this work had received so much attention in Japan and around the world.. Seeing how excited everyone was to see this anime in real-time when it was being streamed around the world made my day. As a representative of the GP staff, I’d want to thank you all for your kind words and support.

You’re the best! Also, if circumstances permit, I eagerly anticipate a new animation that will be even more enjoyable for you all! As a side note, if you want to see a GP sequel on Netflix, please tell your friends and acquaintances about it!

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Until then, let’s meet up someday. At the very least, the WIT Studio team and its global fan base are interested and supportive. Netflix only has to pull the gun now.

The Great Pretender’s Season 3 Premiere Date

The Great Pretender Season 3

It is expected that the third season of The Great Pretender will premiere in 2022. It gives Netflix time to generate anticipation for the show’s premiere with teasers and trailers while simultaneously enabling the producers to work on new episodes.

We’ll have to wait for more information to confirm whether or not the 2022 release date for season 3 is accurate. We’ll have to wait till Netflix decides on the future of Great Pretender before you can see the first few seasons on Netflix.

Review of Great Pretender Season 1 and 2

Great Pretender’s stunning visuals are one of the first things that attract the attention of spectators. It has an enthusiastic animation thanks to a colorful color scheme. The anime’s soundtrack is also very lively. As the story progresses, we meet Makoto, a young man who has been dragged into the world of con artists against his will.

The first arc focuses on Makoto Edamura (voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi), who establishes the tone for the entire story in the anime. He’ll have to deal with the consequences of his involvement in a larger con plan for now.

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The second story thread, which centers on Abigail Jones, is revealed later in the show (voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara). Third-story arc features Cynthia Moore as its protagonist (voiced by Mie Sonozaki). Finally, Laurent Thierry is the subject of the final story arc (expressed by Junichi Suwabe).

The Plotline of Great Pretender Season 3

The Great Pretender Season 3

His money is spent on new crimes rather than investigating the ones he already committed. Think of it as an animated Ocean’s 11. At one point, we travel from a bright and liberal Los Angeles to Parisian cobblestones. It’s been established that Makoto is not a man-crush materialist. A sleight-of-hand magician who also likes to get into mischief.

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In the end, Makoto winds up fooling a Hollywood producer by stealing from the wrong guy. At this point, Danny Ocean’s hiring of Linus Caldwell should have some resemblances. However, in Great Pretender, they try to sell a can of sweets to a Hollywood movie tycoon instead of duping Andy Garcia, a casino owner.

Where Can I Stream Great Pretender Season 3?

Netflix’s Great Pretender is a one-off. Although it was first shown on Fuji TV in Japan, the streaming giant has picked it up for worldwide distribution. As a result, Funimation and Crunchyroll are unable to stream it. It’s a good thing Netflix is so broadly accessible.

There is also the option of paying for an ad-free subscription that gives you access to a vast library of anime and movies and episodes.

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