Ultraman Season 3 Release Date: Will Season 3 Be the Finale of the Manga?

Ultraman is a Netflix Original anime show based on the manga by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Other Tokusatsu series, including Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers, may not exist today if it weren’t for the Ultraman franchise.

Legend has it that the “Giant of Light” departed our world and returned to his home planet, now a distant memory. Shinjiro Hayata, his son, learns of his father’s secret and assumes the mantle of Ultraman for himself in the sequel.

Ultraman Season 3: Renewal Status

Soon after the second season of Ultraman came out, Netflix announced that the anime had been picked up for a third and final season. Renewal for a third and final season shouldn’t be a surprise, given how popular the anime series is. Not to mention that the Ultraman series itself is still top-rated and has been for decades.

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Anime titles have difficulty making it into many top ten lists worldwide. Since Ultraman came back, the only two places where the anime has been in the top ten are Japan and Malaysia.

The History of Ultraman

Ultraman Season 3

Ultraman started as an experiment combining the movie tropes of the giant monster and the giant hero. He is one of the most well-known figures in pop culture media.

In the first movies around the 1960s, the first Ultraman wore a red and silver armored suit with knee-high boots and gloves that went up to his elbows. The middle of the costume had a blue button that made Ultraman grow big so he could fight the monsters that terrorized Japan.

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The most recognizable part of his outfit is the helmet he always wears to hide his face from the public. The helmet is made of the same silver as the rest of the costume, and it has two huge yellow eyes that make him more marketable but look so right now, given that he has an anime counterpart.

The suit of Ultraman was a direct inspiration for Ant-suit Man in the movie, according to the director of Ant-Man.

Ultraman was a massive hit in Asia in the 1980s, thanks to poses like the Special Ray, the Color Timer, and the famous catchphrase “Shuwatchi.” This made him the third best-selling character in the world, selling 7.9 billion items in about 20 years.

The most recent series was based on a manga series that started in 2011. Netflix bought it to bring back the charm and glamour of the original in the modern anime scene.

What Will the Story of Ultraman Season 3 Be?

Ultraman Season 3

In the second season’s six episodes, there is a global mass disappearing event, and both Rena and Shinjirou disappear simultaneously. In the wake of these events, freelance journalist Kotaro Higashi looks into this mysterious “disappearance incident.”

He takes a photo showing that it was done by aliens and brought it to the SSSP with his girlfriend, Izumi. But a specific event turns him into a superhuman with incredible fiery powers. Ultraman teams up with Seven, Ace, Zoffy, Jack, and Taro. Together, the Ultraman brotherhood takes on a new alien threat.

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In the trailer, we see Ultraman lying down, unable to move, while narrator Koji Ishizaka says again, “Ultraman, get up!” You can still hear the sound of the Space Dinosaur Zetton, whose strength was so great that it beat the first Ultraman. We will see what happens after the battle in which Shin and Shinjiro fight Pedant.

When Will Ultraman Season 3 Come Out?

What’s on Netflix says that soon after the long-awaited second set of Ultraman episodes came out, the streaming giant announced that there would be another chapter and that it would be the last one.

The announcement’s timing suggests that the time between seasons 2 and 3 will be much shorter than the time between seasons 1 and 2. But all we know is that the show will be back in 2023. No specific date within that year has been set yet.

Ultraman’s Season 3 Cast

Ultraman Season 3

The main cast is expected to stay the same. We don’t have any more news about who will join the form. The show is the first of its kind in the Tokusatsu genre, which is a Japanese style of action that uses real-world special effects to make live-action scenes work.

  • Josh is Ultraman
  • Takuya as Dan
  • Ryohei as Shinjiro
  • Ken Uo as Mitsuhiro

Teaser for Ultraman Season 3

Netflix released a teaser informing people that Ultraman Season 3 would return. Even though the bully doesn’t give any details, it says there will be a Season 3, which has excited fans. But there’s bad news: this is the last season of Ultraman.

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