Yasuke Season 2 Release Date: What Will Be the Plotline of the Anime?

The unique anime “Yasuke” the first season came out on Netflix on April 29, 2021. It told the story of the title character, the first African samurai and a natural person from history. Several historical records say Yasuke came to Japan from Africa on July 25, 1579.

He worked for the Japanese Daimy Lord Oda Nobunaga until 1582 when one of Nobunaga’s generals betrayed and killed him. Yasuke is said to have gone into exile after that terrible event, but the rest of his story is unknown. He likely came from Mozambique.

The story of the samurai is retold in the Netflix anime “Yasuke,” which puts him in an alternate 16th-century Japan with magic, robots, and other problems. Evil forces try to take over feudal Japan in the six episodes of the first season, which occur after Nobunaga’s death.

Yasuke wants to leave his violent job as a samurai behind, but he has to protect a young girl named Saki, who has magical powers and is, therefore, a target.

“Yasuke” already has a lot of fans, and many of them want to see more. Here’s what we know about a possible second season of “Yasuke.”

The Cast of Yasuke Season 2

Yasuke Season 2

The original dialogue in “Yasuke” is in English, but the show has been dubbed into German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Academy Award nominee LaKeith Stanfield voices the main character. Takehiro Hira voices Oda Nobunaga, Maya Tanida voices Saki, Ming-Na Wen voices Natsumaru, Don Donahue voices the lousy guy Abraham, and Paul Nakauchi voices the doctor Morisuke.

Depending on how the story goes, there may be a lot of familiar faces in the second season. Stanfield would come back as Yasuke, and Saki, played by Tanida, is also likely to come back at some point.

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Some characters die in Season 1 of “Yasuke,” including Nobunaga, Natsumaru, and the Daimyo, a witch who is one of the show’s main bad guys and is voiced by Amy Hill. Anything can happen in an anime, but it’s unlikely that these characters will return for Season 2.

In “Yasuke” Season 2, you can expect to see some new characters in addition to the ones from Season 1. This is because the world of anime continues to grow.

Release Date of Yasuke Season 2

Yasuke Season 2

So far, it’s unclear if there will be a second season of “Yasuke.” Along with a score of 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, there are many reasons why Netflix should renew the show. Both critics and viewers liked the show, and it’s a big step forward for diversity in anime.

If Netflix renews “Yasuke” soon for a second season, it might come out in about a year or a half. Anime can take a lot longer to make than live-action shows, and the production speed depends on how the team of story writers and animators is set up and how fast they can work.

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There’s also a chance that Netflix planned for more episodes as they have with other shows. If so, Season 2 of “Yasuke” might already be in the works and come out sooner rather than later.

The Plotline of Yasuke Season 2

Yasuke Season 2

In the first season of “Yasuke,” many storylines are set up that will be continued in later seasons. Yasuke can keep Saki safe and save her from the Daimyo, who wants Saki’s powers. Even though it seems like everything is fine, the Daimyo tells Saki that her powers will keep growing, and soon she won’t be able to control them.

Her only goal will be to get more power and cause trouble. Yasuke leaves Saki safe in her village, but this ominous warning could signal that they’ll meet again when they’re older; Saki’s power is out of control, and Yasuke has to stop her.

In the scene after the credits, another storyline could be continued. Yasuke carries around the sword of Natsumaru, an old friend he had to kill on the battlefield. He finds Natsumaru’s brother so that he can finally get the sword that his sister used to kill herself, but he doesn’t say that he was the one who killed her.

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The brother could become a more important character in the future if he finds out the truth and goes after Yasuke. The scene could also give Yasuke and Natsumaru the closure they need.

The show tells Yasuke’s story after the actual historical figure went into exile when little is known about what happened to him. Because of this, the writers can pretty much do anything they want with the character, and since the first season set up a vast world, “Yasuke” Season 2 can be anything they want it to be.

How Popular Is Yasuke?

For animes to be approved for the new season, it matters how popular they are and how much they are watched online. Series that don’t get enough attention don’t usually get a second season. Anime is searched for more than usual on Google.

Flying Lotus, also known as FLYLO, wrote the music for the show. He is very well-known and has an album with music from the front. His writings make the series more popular. It looks like many people are looking forward to the new season of the anime, and the show deserves a new season.

Trailer for Season 2 of Yasuke

Yasuke hasn’t been given the go-ahead for a new season yet, so the official trailer for season 2 is still not out. Here is the official trailer for season 1, which you can watch while you wait. If you haven’t seen the anime series yet, you can watch the full episodes on Netflix right now.


Yasuke is an original action and fantasy anime series that will come out on Netflix in the spring of 2022 or 2023, according to sources. The show’s creator also had a role in Cannon Busters.

Yasuke is a series that has been out for a long time after a lot of work. The show, which LeSean Thomas worked hard to make happen, was announced for the first time in 2018 and started airing three years later.

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