10 Best Small Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs!

Creativity is a part of being an entrepreneur, but some people may try to make creativity their main goal. Do you want to be a part of a market that values design, creativity, and expression? Well, our list of creative business ideas is all you need.

This is a detailed list of creative business ideas, from the performing arts to writing to making things.

Best Small Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

1. Candle-Making Business

Candles are often thought of as everyday items, but with the right creative touch, they can become their own form of art.

Entrepreneurs-to-be should try out different smells, colors, and shapes to make something that stands out and is worth charging more for.

There are many ways to make profit margins of 50% or more. The cost of materials isn’t too high, but make sure you have enough time to put into your business for it to be profitable.

Candlemaking is a very broad field, so set yourself apart by the types of candles you sell (pillar, floating, votive, tea, etc.) or by how good they are.

2. Craft Store

Creative people who want to sell supplies for different kinds of art might want to open their own craft store. Most craft stores make money by buying large amounts of craft supplies at wholesale prices and selling them for a profit.

Another, less common way this kind of business makes money is by designing and making original arts and crafts. Some stores also teach people how to sew or quilt.

Profits from craft stores vary a lot depending on the price of materials and how they are sold. Large chains can make up to a billion dollars in profits a year. Your store will make a lot less than this, but it shows that the market for craft supplies is a very profitable one.

3. Quilt Business

Quilting can be a great career for people who like to sew or work as a seamstress, are artistic, or have a good eye for seeing patterns and organizing ideas into something real. Special orders from customers and repairs to existing quilts will take up a lot of time and, as a result, bring in most of the money.

Most quilts cost at least $350 each. If you can make two quilts a week, this will bring in almost $37,000. (ongoing expenses not included).

If you can make two quilts that sell for $500 each, your income goes up to more than $50,000. People who have been quilting for a long time say that they can make up to ten quilts in a week.

4. Sewing Business

Best Small Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

People who like making clothes and helping other people feel good about themselves by making sure they look their best.

Many styles don’t work well for all shapes and sizes, so sewing businesses offer an alternative for people who don’t fit into the rigid size measurements that are already in place.

A small sewing business run by one person can make between $18,000 and $67,000 a year, depending on the person’s experience, where the business is, and what kind of equipment it has.

A sewing business can make a lot more money if it has one or more employees, and some of them do well enough to be able to offer franchises.

5. Etsy Entrepreneur Business

Anyone who likes to make things by hand or look for old things might enjoy being an Etsy entrepreneur. This is a great way for all kinds of artists to sell their work.

A business that sells handmade or vintage items on Etsy makes money. Most businesses only sell to customers, but Etsy has a way for businesses to sell to other businesses. Different Etsy businesses make different amounts of money.

Some companies only make a few sales each month or even each year. Others make a lot of sales every day, like hundreds. The most profitable businesses make well over $60,000 a year.

6. Children’s Book Business

If you have written or plan to write your own children’s book(s), you might want to start your own children’s book business.

Some business owners try to get their stories published through traditional publishers first, while others go straight to self-publishing.

Surprisingly, kids are not the people who buy children’s books. Instead, parents, schools, and libraries are the ones who buy books because they are the ones who read them.

A business that sells children’s books can make six figures if it has a good title. Most of the time, these stories are sold as hardcover or paperback books, but entrepreneurs could also sell them as ebooks to make more money.

7. Freelance Writing Business

People who like to write, read a lot, like to express themselves, and have a way with words should think about working as freelance writers.

Freelance writers have to meet tight deadlines, meet their client’s specific needs, and write content that is interesting. Expect to do research on a wide range of topics and write in different styles.

In their first year, a freelance writers can make up to $20,000 or more. If you keep running the business, you can make $30,000 or more in the following years. If you keep getting new clients, you might reach $50,000 or more after a few years of hard work.

8. Online Magazine

Writers who are good at making content for a specific niche might be able to start their own online magazine. Publishers of successful online magazines have the skills of a writer, editor, web developer, webmaster, ad salesperson, and business person.

Most online magazines have content that is free to read. Advertising is what brings in money. Ad programs like Google AdSense will pay you per click if you let them put ads on your digital property.

So, your profit will mostly depend on how much money you make from ads. As your business grows, you may need to hire designers, editors, and artists.

9. Screenwriting Business

Best Small Business Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

The next business idea on our list is a screenwriting business. People who are interested in both movies and writing might want to try screenwriting. This business is great for people who know how a movie is put together for the big screen.

They should love to put their own creative spin on stories, whether they’re new and daring or as old as time. Screenwriters need to know what people want to see and how to combine their own ideas with what people want.

Most screenwriters start out making very little money or selling their work based on how well it does in the long run. But great screenplays that draw millions of moviegoers can bring in a lot of people.

Since the costs of starting up and keeping going are so low, screenwriters make a lot of money. The best-selling actors and actresses in Hollywood may make up to $4 million a year.

10. 3D Printing Design Business

Artists who have made things like statues and carvings in the past may find success in the world of 3D printing. It could be said that the most important part of this job is being able to take a good idea and turn it into a reality by using software and artistic skills.

A business that does 3D printing makes money by printing and sending customers 3D copies of shapes and objects. You could also make money by taking design requests from customers who can’t find the shapes they want printing anywhere else.

It’s hard to say exactly how much money you can make. No matter what, your actual profit is the same as that of any other specialty shop: if you find the right mix of different products, niche markets, and relevant advertising, your profit can go as high as the sky.

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