5 Small Businesses Leveraging the Mocktail Trend to Grow Their Businesses!

“Dry January” is a growing trend in which people promise not to drink alcohol for the whole month. 20% of adults in the U.S. planned to take part in Dry January in 2022. They did this to save money, get healthier, or lose weight, among other reasons.

Dry January is becoming more popular, but statistics show that many people don’t give up alcohol just for one month. “40% of adults of drinking age said they drink less than they did five years ago, and 43% of the public doesn’t drink,” according to research from Morning Consult.

Because people’s ideas about drinking are changing, new businesses are popping up to take advantage of it. These entrepreneurs are making a big splash in the mocktail industry.

Alt City Beverage Co.

Paul and Chad Clark, who are brothers, started Alt City Beverage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2019. Alt City Beverage was started as part of the city’s Downtown Market Incubator program.

They make zero-proof spirits that are based on classic cocktails like the Paloma, Citrus G&T, and Moscow Fuel (a take on the Moscow Mule).

Chad Clark told a local news outlet, MiBiz, “I love seeing how people react to the drinks.” “Because the drinks are so good, people will come back to make sure there isn’t alcohol in them. I think that’s really cool.”

Alt City Beverage Co. just signed a lease to open the city’s first liquor store that doesn’t sell alcohol. This shows that there is a market for mocktails.

Seedlip Spirits

small businesses leading mocktail trend

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