How Can Your Alma Mater Help Your Small Business?

Okay, so most of us have forgotten that stupid fight song, and we’ve lost touch with people we said we’d be friends with forever. But you worked hard and spent a lot of money to get that piece of paper that will always link you to your college.

Now, you might never use trigonometry or a foreign language in your daily life, but that doesn’t mean that where you went to school doesn’t matter.

Colleges and universities are busy places with more to offer entrepreneurs than you might think, especially if you’re talking about the school you graduated from. Want to know how the school you went to can help your business grow? Onward!

4 Ways Your Alma Mater Can Help Your Small Business

How Can Your Alma Mater Help Your Small Business

1. Networking

In a way, everyone who has ever been a part of your college, whether in the past or the present, wants you to do well.

Why? Because you show what your school is like. That’s one reason why it’s so important to stay in touch with people you met in college. Attend lectures.

Go watch football. Keep an eye out for events for alumni. You and other people who went to your school have something important in common, so they are more likely to trust you. Don’t miss out on chances to make connections.

2. Research

Any business owner who has successfully moved into a new field knows how important research is. Most of us know that it can be expensive.

How do you learn about your new niche if you don’t want to pay for a long, pricey study? Your potential clients?

You should talk to the experts. Set up a time to meet with someone who knows about the field you want to get into.

Find out what’s new and getting a lot of attention. And if you’re lucky, you might even find a professor who’s willing to have her class work on a research project for you!

3. Financing

How Can Your Alma Mater Help Your Small Business

Colleges are not just a bunch of classrooms put together. They are complicated organizations that need a lot of money and are always on the lookout for good investments. As a graduate of your college, you should know how to get any money they have to offer.

And you won’t just get that money for no reason. It’s up to you to go get it. Another benefit of networking is running into trustees at events. Make sure you use your degree to its fullest!

4. Recruitment

We all need good people, but we can all only pay so much for them. What do I do? When I need to hire someone, I talk to the professors in the right department. When I ask about their “rockstar” students, I find out who is about to graduate and is smart, hungry, and looking for work.

The professors look like heroes, and I get to work with a serious talent for the payment of an assistant. Note: Even if you don’t live near your alma mater, you can use this strategy at a nearby college.

You don’t have to think of college as your glory days at this point in your life. Use the connections and chances that your alma mater gives you, and you’ll find that your degree has benefits you didn’t expect.

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