Callmehbob Face Reveal: Who is She?

Callmehbob Face Reveal: Callmehbob is a well-known YouTuber and Roblox game developer. He follows the trend of not showing his face on social media in order to get more attention.

Callmehbob Face Reveal is something her fans are looking forward to hearing about. Find out more about Callmehbob Face Reveal by reading the article below.

Who Is Callmehbob?

A well-known game designer who is known as one of the most well-known female game designers. Aura Frost, who also goes by the names callmehbob and Nightbarbie, used to make games for Roblox and post videos to YouTube.

Callmehbob Face Reveal

She is well-known on Roblox for making the fantasy role-playing game Royale High with Lizzy Winkle and other developers.

In the last few years, Royale High has become one of the most popular Roblox games, especially among girls. CookieSwirlC, Jenni Simmer, and Cybernova are the ones who play Royale High the most on their YouTube channels.

Callmehbob Face Reveal

This famous game developer and creator became well-known because of the amazing gaming videos she made. She also followed the latest trend of not showing her face.

Sources say that she hasn’t set any conditions for the face reveal that have to do with the number of subscribers or followers. But she hasn’t shown her face yet, that’s true. Any new information about when her face would be shown would be posted soon.

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Callmehbob The Game Developer

Callmehbob, an American Roblox game developer, made the popular fantasy role-playing game Royale High. Her fan group is called Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids. Her husband’s name is LauncelotHandsome.

Callmehbob Face Reveal

On social media, her fans and followers refer to her as “Barbie.” When female Roblox YouTubers like Cybernova, CookieSwirlC, and Jenni Simmer posted videos of themselves playing Royale High, it became a very popular game.

Who is Her Husband?

Callmehbob’s husband is named Launcelot. He is a Royale High developer who, according to callmehbob, makes animations for the game and hides diamonds all over the realms.

He has also made the landscape around a couple of the Royale realms, but the details haven’t been made public yet. The information about both of them given above comes from the sources that are out there. Not a lot is known about their personal lives.


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