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Bill Murray is an actor, comedian, director, and writer from the United States. He first became well-known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he won his first Emmy Award. He then went on to star in comedy movies like “Meatballs,” “Caddyshack,” and “Stripes.”

Early Life

William James “Bill” Murray was born in Evanston, Illinois, on September 21, 1950. Murray is the son of a mail room worker named Lucille Collins and a lumber salesman named Edward Joseph Murray II.

He went to St. Joseph Elementary and then Loyola Academy. In his teens, he worked as a golf caddy to pay for his high school education at a Jesuit school.

Bill Murray’s Phone Number

According to moneypromax, Bill Murray’s Phone Number is (800) 426-2537.

Bill Murray Phone Number

What Is Bill Murray’s Address For Letters?

You can easily send fan mail to Bill Murray by sending it to 221 Euclid Street, Santa Monica, CA 90402-2115, USA, Bill Murray, Willie Lump Lump Enterprises, Inc.


Murray’s brother was in the cast of the improv comedy showThe Second City in Chicago, where Murray got to learn from Del Close.

This gave him a purpose in life, and he started acting. In 1979, he got his first part in the movie “Meatballs,” which was a big hit at the box office.

Where the Buffalo Roam, in which he played Hunter S. Thompson, came next. He helped write and act in “The Razor’s Edge” in 1984.

The movie didn’t do very well, and he was so upset about it that he took four years off and only did small roles in movies during that time.

He returned to movies with ‘Scrooged’ in 1988. The next year, a sequel called “Ghostbusters II” came out. He worked with Howard Franklin to direct the movie “Quick Change.”

In the 2012 movie “Hyde Park on Hudson,” he played President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was also in “Moonrise Kingdom,” which was directed by Wes Anderson.

Personal Life

Bill Murray has had two marriages. He married Margaret Kelly in 1981. He had met her while making the movie “Stripes.” Before they split up in 1996, they had two children together.

Murray was having an affair with his wife, Jennifer Butler, who he married in 1997. This is why they split up.

Before they split up in 2008, Bill Murray and Geri Butler had four children together. Jennifer Butler said that Bill Murray had problems with drugs and was abusive to his family, among other things.

Bill Murray is very involved in minor-league baseball. Over the years, he has owned shares in a lot of different teams.

Bill Murray is known for being hard to get in touch with and hard to work with at times. As for the first point, Murray doesn’t have an agent or a manager, which is unusual for an actor in the movie business.

Bill Murray Phone Number
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Most of the time, people who want to work with him call one of his phone numbers and leave a message on an answering machine.

Murray doesn’t always check his messages, and he only wants to do a role if he thinks the script is worth his time.

Murray has “lost out” on a few roles because of this, though he doesn’t see it that way most of the time. The fact that he only wants to work with a few directors makes him even more popular.

He has a reputation for being hard to work with on set, but this is mostly because he only works well with a small group of directors.

Wes Anderson, James Jarmusch, and Sofia Coppola are some examples. Working with other directors who don’t get along as well with Murray can cause him to have mood swings on the set.


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