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American singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus is from Tennessee. She became a teen idol in 2006 when she played Miley Stewart on the TV show Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

Her musician father Billy Ray Cyrus also had a role in the show, which ran for four seasons until 2011. She is now thought to be one of the most popular female musicians in the world.

Early Life

Christened Destiny Hope Cyrus was born in Tennessee on November 23, 1992. Cyrus is the daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife, Letitia Jean Tish. She was very close to her father’s father, who was her grandfather.

She went to the Heritage Elementary School in Franklin, Tennessee, where she grew up. Later in 2001, when she was eight, she moved to Toronto, Canada with her family.

Miley Cyrus’s Phone Number

According to moneypromax, Miley Cyrus’s Phone Number is (833) 743-4762.

Miley Cyrus Phone Number


Doc, a family medical drama series that came out in 2001, was Cyrus’s first role. Her father was the main character in this show and also wrote the theme music for it.

In 2006, she started to play the lead role in the TV show “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel. In the show, she played a famous pop singer who is 16 years old. The show was a big hit, and it gave this talented newcomer to the entertainment business her big break.

Hannah Montana’s second season started in April 2007 and ended in October 2008. “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus” was her first album, and it came out in June 2007.

She hosted Saturday Night Live and was on the MTV show Punk’d in 2011. The next year, she was in a few movies, including “Sex and the City 2,” “LOL,” “So Undercover,” and “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” a 3D concert film.

In November 2018, Cyrus went to South Africa to film an episode of the British science fiction show Black Mirror called “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.” On June 5, 2019, it was put on Netflix.

Personal Life

Miley went to her mother when she was 14 and said: I don’t want to put myself in a box! I’m ready to love anyone who accepts me as I am. I am open.” She told everyone that she was both gay and straight. Then, in June 2015, Time magazine said that Cyrus, who was 16 at the time, was gender fluid.

This means that she doesn’t see herself as either a boy or a girl, and any partner she may have in the future can be either a boy or a girl. Miley and Nick Jonas began going out in the summer of 2006. As you might expect, their relationship got a lot of attention from the media.

Miley said at the time that she was “in love.” But by December 2007, Cyrus and Jonas were no longer together. In 2008 and 2009, Cyrus went out with model Justin Gaston for nine months.

Then, while filming “The Last Song” in 2009, Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth started a relationship that would go on and off for a decade. Cyrus dated actors Lucas Till and Josh Bowman when she was not with Hemsworth.

From May 2012 to September 2013, Cyrus and Hemsworth were married. After they broke up, Cyrus went out with actor Patrick Schwarzenegger, model Stella Maxwell, and musician Dane Cook.

In March 2016, Cyrus and Hemsworth got back together, and in October 2016, they got engaged again. Cyrus and Hemsworth got married in December 2018. In August 2019, nine months after that, Hemsworth filed for divorce.

In the fall of 2018, wildfires in Los Angeles County destroyed Miley Cyrus’s home in Malibu. Cyrus and Australian singer Cody Simpson announced in October 2019 that they were in a “passionate” relationship. They had been friends for years before that.


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