Drake the Type of Guy: What is the ‘Drake the Type of Fella’ Meme?

“Drake, the type of fella,” is back as a trend on Twitter, and people have been posting funny things about it.

Every once in a while, people on social media decide to bring back an old meme and make it popular again.

Drake, a Canadian rapper, and producer, has been the target of made-up jokes about his habits and personality.

So, here are the 20 best Twitter memes we’ve found.

What is ‘drake the Type of Fella’ Meme?

As the name suggests, the “Drake the type of guy” joke is a trend in which people make up random things about the singer.

If you like Drake, you may have seen memes because the trend has been going on for a while.

drake the type of guy

People start sentences with “Drake the type of fella” or “Drake, the type of dude” and make jokes about everything from Drake jumping into someone’s arms when he’s scared to the guy who claps when the plane lands.

People have put a lot of jokes on Twitter, and we’ve picked out some of the best ones.

Other Drake News

In other Drake news, the rapper surprised his fans when he was seen hanging out with YouTuber Logan Paul.

On Friday (September 17), Drake posted an Instagram Story with Logan in which they were standing next to each other, probably in a club or bar.

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Even though a lot of people were surprised, this wasn’t their first time meeting.

drake the type of guy

Two years ago, they met in a club where they were both with friends.

Drake Instagram

Take a look at the Drake Instagram account.


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Everything We (Don’t) Know About Celebrities

Even though we’ll never meet him in person, it’s clear that he taps the glass of the tiger cage at the zoo and says, “Here, kitty, kitty!”

Who is the artist who goes by the name “Drake”? Is he the Canadian on Degrassi and then went on to have a successful rap career? Is he a “Certified Lover Boy,” as the title of his latest album suggests? Is he the kind of guy who would tap the glass at the tiger exhibit at the zoo and say, “Here, kitty kitty!” or shout “Geronimo!” as he holds his nose and cannonballs into the pool? Does he have smoke coming out of his ears when he’s mad?

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These are the exact questions people on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are trying to answer with memes, trying to figure out who Drake is, literally and funnily. But because the questions are so silly, Drake is likely none of these things, and we’ll never know more.

drake the type of guy

The meme began on Twitter ten years ago. Know Your Meme says it started with a tweet from April 2011 that said Drake was the guy who “let his woman propose.” For the next two years, many online statements were written similarly. Most of the time, they said Drake was too girly or too emotional, and they often linked this to the image of a depressed ex-lover that Drake had built for himself after his 2011 album Take Care.

At the time, the memes almost seemed like accurate descriptions of Drake. For example, they said he was the kind of guy who would run a bubble bath and look at pictures of his ex or who would steal your girl, feel bad about it, and help you get her back.

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Soon, though, it became more of a joke, suggesting that he would do things like bake cupcakes for his male friends as an apology for an argument or send you a thank-you card for coming to his birthday party. Above all, these memes never made Drake look like the wrong person. They just made him look like a sensitive person. They made him look like a good friend if a bit too sincere.

Frequently Asked Question

What Does Drake Believe?

Drake’s public persona usually only has religion as a part of his mishmash of identities: He was born to a Catholic father and raised in his mother’s Jewish faith. He is also familiar with the Islam of his close friends (2018 headline: “Drake says ‘inshallah’ in a new song, and Muslim girls are ready to marry him”).

Is Drake Dating Someone?

Here’s everything you need to know about Drake’s new girlfriend, Bella Harris, who is 18 years old. The 18-year-old has been linked to famous people and is already a well-known model.

Did Drake Get Married?

Drake has never been married, but he does have a son named Adonis. The fact that he has a son was brought to the public’s attention when he got into a fight with another rapper named Pusha T.

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