Is Bella Ramsey Gay? A Question About Her Sexuality!

The English actor Bella Ramsey recently came out as gay. Her big break came when she played Lyanna Mormont on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Is Bella Ramsey gay? Well, the actress is known for not talking about her private life.

But her gay role in the upcoming project makes people question whether or not she is gay. Surprisingly, Bella doesn’t ignore the rumors to avoid getting bad attention. Instead, she breaks the silence and says who she is. Let’s hear what Bella Ramsey says about how she feels about being gay.

Who Is Bella Ramsey?

Bella Ramsey was born in September 2003 in Nottingham, England. She went to school online through InterHigh School. She joined the Loughborough branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts when she was four years old and decided to become an actress.

Before she joined the Television Workshop and started trying out for professional roles, she went to the theater for seven years. Her big break came when she was cast in Game of Thrones, an HBO fantasy drama. Fans and critics called her a “breakout star” after her first appearance in the seventh episode of the sixth season.

Is Bella Ramsey Gay

Soon after her first role, she got the chance to play Mildred Hubble in The Worst Witch, which came out in 2017. She won the Young Performer award at the British Academy Children’s Awards for the part she played.

But she left the show in 2020 because she was having problems with her mental health. Do you know that she sang her first song, “The Life of Hilda,” in 2020? The film also won the BAFTA award for 2019. But she never said anything about being gay until 2023. Is Bella Ramsey gay? Let’s see.

Is Bella Ramsey Gay?

Ramsey plays Ellie, the main character, on The Last Of Us, which airs on HBO. The lead actress talked about being gay in an interview with The New York Times.

Is Bella Ramsey gay? Perhaps not! Even though the actress recently said, “My gender has always been very fluid,” She doesn’t mind being called “she” or “he,” but it always made her happy when someone called her “he.”

But she chooses the term “nonbinary” to describe herself. So does that mean Bella Ramsey isn’t gay? Bella said that she doesn’t like being told what she is.

She doesn’t care much about it, but she thinks it’s better to be called “nonbinary” than to stick to one gender. Bella’s role Ellie is also gay, and her sexuality will be a very important part of the show.

Is Bella Ramsey Gay

In the show, she plays a teenager who is keeping a secret that could change the world. But during her journey, she meets a man who seems to be her father. He helps him get across the country, which is full of scary humans and zombies made of mold.

Even though Bella has talked about being gay, no one knows who she is dating now. She never told anyone about the man she might marry. But is Bella Ramsey dating someone behind her back? Write down what you think below. Keep watching. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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