Mike Grey Missing PEABODY, Massachusetts, Case Update

Peabody, Massachusetts police are looking for a guy who went missing after being unable to access his vehicle due to being locked out. The 31-year-old Michael Gray, who lives in Maine, was not seen since Saturday night.

A man from Maine who was reported missing and was last seen in Massachusetts is currently being sought by the police.

A member of Michael Gray’s family in Maine reportedly made the report that he was missing at about 10:33 on Sunday morning, as stated in a statement that the Peabody Police Department made on Facebook. Gray is 31 years old.

On Saturday night, Gray was unable to get into his vehicle and afterwards disappeared from public view.

According to the announcement, Gray was able to secure a ride to the Peabody company that belonged to a relative after calling the Peabody Police Department for assistance but being unable to get into his own vehicle.

Gray is described as being a white male with long brown hair and blue eyes, in accordance with the press statement. Join us and find out everything you need to know about Mike Grey and Miss Peabody.

Mike Grey Missing Peabody

Massachusetts’ PEABODY Michael Gray, a resident of Maine, has not been seen or heard from since the 10th of December. The last time his family saw him, he was in Peabody on a visit.

He is a white male, 31 years old, with long brown hair, blue eyes, and tattoos, according to the description. His height is at between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches.

His wife, Jules Gray, has taken to Instagram in the hopes of receiving assistance in locating her husband.

On behalf of my profound gratitude, I humbly request assistance through this forum. Given his love of the outdoors and his love of adventure, I have reason to believe that my husband could be anywhere right now, including Massachusetts, Maine, or New Hampshire,” Jules Gray stated in an Instagram post on December 27. “I have reason to believe my husband may be anywhere right now, including Vermont.”

I don’t care what it takes at this point; all I want to do is bring attention to the problem and perhaps attract as many people as I can. I’m willing to do anything.

12, the Peabody Police Department sent out a tweet asking for the assistance of the general public in identifying Michael Gray.

“On the morning of 12-11-2022 at 10:33, a member of Michael’s family reported that he was missing. When Mr. Gray was last seen on Saturday night, he was unable to get into his vehicle because it was locked.

Mr. Gray made a request to the Peabody Police Department for assistance in entering his vehicle.

According to the tweet, despite the fact that he was unable to enter the building, he was offered a transportation to the place of employment of a family member located on Main Street in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Case Update: Is Mike Grey Found?

At Spring Pond, someone found his broken-window car and pulled it inside.

Jules Gray said in an Instagram story that he “probably” broke his car window to get the keys before calling a friend who works as a police officer in Peabody and was on duty at the time.

He was allowed to use his sister’s car and was driven to her office to pick it up.

On December 28, she wrote in an Instagram story, “His plan was to sleep at his mom’s house that night, but he never showed up. No one has seen him or her car since then.”

Jules Gray wrote on Instagram that the last time he was seen, he was driving a black Ford Escape with the licence plate 7AF 586.

Michael Gray has been without his wallet and licence since they were found at Spring Pond in Peabody. He hasn’t touched or even turned on his phone since December 10.

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