Who is Jessie Wynter? Know Her Bio, Career, Net Worth, Relationship Status!

Who is Jessie Wynter? Jessie Wynter is an Australian model, social media star, fitness trainer, and Love Island contestant. She was born on September 28, 1996, and she is 26 years old.

She became well-known when she took part in Season 2 of Love Island Australia in 2019. She got to the show’s final, but on the show’s last day, she was dumped.

After she left the show, she stayed in a relationship with Mr. Todd Elton, who she had met on the show. Now, in 2023, she’s back in the news because she took part in Love Island Season 9 South Africa.

She went back to Love Island and is now sure to win the show and make it to the final. Read this article to learn all about Jessie.

Jessie Wynter is a beautiful model from Australia who was on the 9th season of Love Island in South Africa in 2023. She came on the show at the same time as Aaron Waters. Jessie is so well-known that 305k people follow her on Instagram.

Who is Jessie Wynter?

Jessie Renee Wynter is the full name of Jessi Wynter. She was born in the Australian state of Tasmania, but she now lives in Sydney. She lived in Tasmania with her friends, family, and two siblings when she was young.

Who is Jessie Wynter

Jessie was only 23 years old when she joined Love Island Season 2 Australia, according to her Linkedin profile. Jessie worked as a waitress at the time. But after she became a reality star, her life changed.

Jessie got her education from “The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers,” where she got a Certificate in Fitness Training.

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Jessie Wynter took part in Miss Universe Australia 2019, which is something that many people may not know. She came in first place at this beauty contest.

In 2017, she had a part-time job at Zap Fitness 24/7 as a Membership Consultant. She also worked as a waitress on the side of this job. She also worked full-time at the Commonwealth Bank in Melbourne from 2017 to 2019 as a Customer Service Specialist.

She then became a Sales Manager at F45 Training. She became a Team Leader at the Department of Premier and Cabinet in the year 2020. (Tasmania). And at the end of 2020, she got a part-time job as Marketing Coordinator at Beauty Brand X.

In 2021, she went to Sydney to work at F45 training full time as a fitness trainer, which was her last job before joining Love Island season 9 South Africa. If she makes it through Season 9, she will definitely be offered jobs in movies.

Jessie Wynter Personal Life

Before she joined the 2023 Love Island South Africa, Jessie Wynter was in a relationship. She got together with four other Islanders while she was on Love Island Australia.

Who is Jessie Wynter

She started dating Maurice, then Eoghan, then Gerard, and finally Todd Elton. She didn’t win the show, but she kept dating Todd Elton even after the show was over. In February 2020, she broke up with Todd.

If you look at her Instagram profile, you’ll see that she has a lot of cute pictures with different handsome boys. Now, in 2023, she has gone to Love Island to find the person with whom she can settle down for good.

Jessie Wynter’s Net Worth

Jessie Wynter has a net worth of almost $500,000 US dollars. She has been making a good amount of money from her odd jobs and her job as a fitness trainer.

She has been making the most of her life. Now, if she wins the show, she will get a cash prize of $50,000 and a love partner with whom she can finally settle down.

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