Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together?, The Ultimatum Success Stories to Surface on Netflix!

A clear path to “I do!” Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger are the first The Ultimatum success stories to surface on Netflix.

During the 2021 production of the reality show, Ballatori was 24 years old, while Kissinger was 25. The couple, who had been dating for over a year and a half, was at a crossroads when he was ready to propose, but she wasn’t eager to be married. For The Ultimatum, they each engaged in a trial marriage with one of their co-stars.

Ballatori herself stayed with Randall Griffin for three weeks. Kissinger was paired with April Marie for the show, but he began seeing an unidentified lady during filming.

Madlyn Had an Instantaneous Connection With Randall

In the first episode, Colby was head over heels for Madlyn. Nevertheless, she doubted her capacity to commit to him. A week later, while speed dating, Madlyn had an instantaneous connection with Randall. Colby’s initial interest in Lauren rapidly diminished once Lauren became engaged to her long-term boyfriend Nathan on the show.

Madlyn and Randall enjoyed living together, but by the end of their time together Madlyn was willing to give Colby a second opportunity. On the other hand, Colby and April, his new partner, had become closer. Moving back in together was difficult for both of them, especially after Madlyn discovered Colby’s emails to other women indicating they were in an open relationship (not from the programme).

They Say That the Show Did Not Accurately Portray Their Relationship

Both of them believe that The Ultimatum portrayed only the superficial sides of their relationship. Madlyn tells Women’s Health, “I believe that only one-tenth of one percent of Colby and my love for one another was expressed.”

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together

Colby continues, “I believe that our interaction as individuals and as a couple was misrepresented.” “We assisted other couples by offering advice and displaying how well we work together when there’s no commotion around us or when we’re not dragged into a discussion we shouldn’t be a part of, but are obligated to assist.”

“It disrupts the equilibrium of our dynamic. It’s not us anymore “He proceeds. “This attempt did not feel collaborative. Throughout the entire interaction, we felt diametrically opposed.”

Colby and Madlyn Grew Closer to Their New Partners

Colby and Madlyn grew closer to their new partners, April and Randall, during their time apart. Then, when they were finally able to watch the series for themselves, Colby recalls the item that shocked him the most: “That kiss Randall gave her was undoubtedly the greatest. Because I imagined a kiss, and it truly occurred. Do you comprehend what I am saying?”

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together

“You also exchanged a kiss with April,” Madlyn continues. “We ensured that every topic was covered, much beyond what was provided in the programme. We wanted to be so forthright and truthful about everything that there were no surprises.” She recalls, “I didn’t think anything of it until I actually saw it.”

However, she acknowledges that both she and Colby anticipated diving headfirst into their respective new relationships. “We approached the event and this experience with a shared understanding of what we were doing,” she tells WH. It was expected that he would kiss April and I would kiss Randall, and that we would study these links in great detail.

So, The Question is: Have They Broken Up or Not?

They are still together, married, and expecting their first child. “Marriage is an entirely new ballgame for us,” says Madlyn. Then she broke the news: “We’re expecting a baby! We’re 35 weeks pregnant.”

Madlyn was initially anxious that her father would be disappointed by his inability to attend her wedding, but she claims that he has been “very happy” and “quite supportive” throughout. She alleges that Colby did drive to Houston and gain his approval beforehand. Therefore, my father is overjoyed for us and our newborn child.

Eventually, the couple wants to have a grander wedding that is not a reality programme. Madlyn recalls, “Immediately following filming, I purchased my clothing.” “I thought to myself, ‘I need my father to walk me down the aisle.'” Now, I can’t fit in it, but as soon as I can, we want to renew our vows or rejoice, and we’ll do something to bring everyone together.

The couple also revealed their post-Ultimatum lives, including the presence of a cast-wide group text. Colby states that it’s fascinating to observe how people respond to specific persons in the group chat. Madlyn explains, “Despite some of the girls’ nights, we had a huge amount of respect for each other and the boys.” “We now know our location. We are all quite ecstatic for one another, and we enjoy keeping up and being supportive.”

She states, “I’m not hearting all of Randall’s texts, am I right? However, mutual respect exists.”

The baby is due on Colby’s birthday, May 10, and the couple tied the knot on May 11 of last year. “We have, like, one day to celebrate everything,” says Madlyn.

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