Are Holly and Nathan Still Together from Too Hot to Handle?

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together from Too Hot to Handle? Fans of the show Too Hot to Handle were drawn in by the steamy relationship between Holly and Nathan. Now, everyone wants to know if Holly and Nathan from Too Hot to Handle are still together.

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together from Too Hot to Handle?

We’re sad to say that Nathan and Holly have stopped seeing each other. The couple broke up a long time before the start of season 3 of Too Hot to Handle in January 2022, and during the reunion show, they gave an update on how things are going between them.

Sad to say, it seems like the stress of the pandemic and their busy lives took a toll on their relationship, which led to them breaking up. Holly herself confirmed that she and Nathan had broken up when she went on the podcast of former contestant Harry Jowsey and said that they were no longer together.

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together from Too Hot to Handle

It’s hard to see a couple break up, especially after they’ve been together on such a public and exciting journey. But it’s important to respect their choice and wish them both the best in everything they do in the future.

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What Happened to Holly and Nathan?

If you watch the popular reality TV showToo Hot to Handle,” you probably know about Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and Holly Scarfone’s rough journey. The third season of the show had a lot of drama and twists, but Nathan and Holly were one of the few couples who stayed together until the end.

But the journey of the couple on the show was anything but smooth. From the beginning, it was hard for them to keep their hands off each other. This was a big problem, since the whole point of the show was to not do anything sexual. The cast had a prize fund of $36,000 to share, but it got smaller every time someone broke the rules.

Nathan and Holly were mostly to blame for this, and their disobedience cost the other contestants a lot of money. Even though the show’s AI assistant, Lana, warned them several times, the couple continued to touch each other. The last straw was when they had sex, which used up all of the money in the prize fund.

Where Are Holly and Nathan Now?

Nathan and Holly were the most interesting couple in the villa during their time on Too Hot to Handle, a popular reality show. Fans wanted to know what happened to the couple after the show ended and if their love would continue to grow in the real world.

Outside of the villa, things seemed to have gone wrong for the two of them. Holly said at the virtual reunion that the pandemic and the timing of their relationship made it hard for them to stay together. She was also working hard to finish her degree, which made things even harder.

Even though the couple seems to have decided to go their separate ways for now, they haven’t ruled out getting back together in the future. Nathan and Holly might give their relationship another try if they had more time and better circumstances.

Once the cameras stop rolling on a reality show relationship, it can be hard to keep things going. Even the strongest relationships can be put under stress by things like distance and timing in real life. But if Nathan and Holly are really meant to be together, maybe fate will bring them back together again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together From Too Hot to Handle?

Unfortunately, Holly and Nathan are no longer together. They broke up before the start of season 3 of the show in January 2022.

What Caused Holly and Nathan’s Breakup?

The stress of the pandemic and their busy lives took a toll on their relationship, leading to their breakup. Holly confirmed this during an appearance on a podcast with former contestant Harry Jowsey.

Did Nathan and Holly Break Any Rules on Too Hot to Handle?

Yes, Nathan and Holly broke the rules of the show several times by touching each other and having sex, which cost the other contestants money from the prize fund.

Will Holly and Nathan Get Back Together in the Future?

While they have gone their separate ways for now, Holly and Nathan have not ruled out the possibility of getting back together in the future if circumstances allow.


Holly and Nathan’s relationship on Too Hot to Handle was one of the most captivating storylines of the show’s third season. Despite their chemistry, their relationship ultimately succumbed to the challenges of the pandemic and their busy schedules.

Although they have parted ways for now, Holly and Nathan remain open to the possibility of rekindling their romance in the future. The lessons learned from their experience on the show highlight the importance of communication and understanding in any relationship, especially during difficult times.

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