Chris Evans Dating: Who is He Dating Nowadays?

Let’s find out who Chris Evans has dated in the past because some rumors about Selena Gomez and Lizzo dating seem to have something to do with his dating history. Chris’s role as Captain America is one of his most well-known things.

Most of you probably don’t know that he’s been in many public relationships you’ve probably forgotten about, including one with his number one celebrity crush. Now is the time to start.

Chris Evans’s History with Women

Chris Evans Dating

Evans may or may not be dating someone at the moment, but here is a list of all the famous women he has been linked to over the years, whether they were genuine relationships or rumors around town.

Kate Bosworth – Dated from the Year 2000

Chris Evans Dating


There is a rumor that Kate and Chris dated in 2000 after meeting on the set of their movie The Newcomers, where they worked as a team. It was so sweet to see how well they got along.

Jessica Biel – Dated from the Year 2001 to 2006

Chris Evans Dating

Chris and Jessica began dating in 2001 and stayed together until 2006. Jessica said that the two of them had even talked about getting married in 2005. Jessica thinks that’s all they’ve ever talked about. They both hoped to get married and have kids someday. They were not engaged, so the rumors were not true.

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Emmy Rossum – Dated From Early 2007

Chris Evans Dating

It was said that Evans met Emmy Rossum in early 2007, and in March of that year, they were seen making out at a bar in Hollywood called Teddy’s. Even though it was said that the two were friends, Rossum’s rep insisted that they were only friends at the time.

Christina Ricci – Dated from the Year 2007

Chris Evans Dating

At the 2007 Met Gala, they walked hand in hand like they were in love, but they didn’t date for very long.

Vida Guerra – Dated Sometime In the year 2008

Chris Evans Dating

Evans was seen out and about in Los Angeles with Cuban model Vida Guerra a few times in 2008. This made people wonder if she had won his heart.

Kristin Cavallari – Dated from October 2008

Chris Evans Dating

Even though Cavallari told everyone that they were just friends when they opened Cabana One at the Mayfair Hotel in Miami in October 2008, they were very much together.

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Amy Smart – Dated from August 2010

Chris Evans Dating

In the summer of 2010, it was said that Smart and Evans had left a London club together, but her rep said they had never dated.

Dianna Agron – Dated from February 2011

Chris Evans Dating

A source said the ex-Glee star got close to the Knives Out actor at a party before the Oscars in February 2011. This was just a few months after she broke up with Alex Pettyfer. In the past, the couple dated for a short time after a brief relationship. After the short relationship ended, they went their separate ways.

Ashley Greene – Dated from March 2011


Ashley Greene, who played Bella in the Twilight movies, was seen all over Evans in March 2011 at the hotspot Trousdale. We heard from a person in the know that they seemed to have a lot of sexual chemistry. It seems, though, that was the end of their relationship as far as they were concerned.

Minka Kelly – Dated from the Year 2012 to 2014

Chris Evans Dating

Chris and Minka had a few one-night stands in the middle of the 2000s, but it was soon apparent that they were not meant to be together. In 2013, a source told a magazine that even though they didn’t want to be together, they still cared about each other, which didn’t make sense.

Sandra Bullock – Dated from the Year 2014

Chris Evans Dating

He was in love with Sandra Bullock when he was young. She was his first love. Chris had a celebrity crush on Sandra, and he ended up dating her a few years after they met at a Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Lily Collins – Dated from the Year 2015

So far as we know, they’ve only been seen together once for dinner, so we don’t know if this counts as dating.

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Jenny Slate – Dated from the years 2016 and 2017

These two were everyone’s favorite couple for a while, but they didn’t last long because of several things. Jenny and Chris hit it off on their 2016 movie Gifted set, but they broke up in February 2017. But since October of that year, they have been seen together and even flirted on Twitter in public.

Lily James – Dated from the year 2020

Chris and Lily were seen spending time together in the summer of 2020, but neither said anything about how they felt about each other. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Lily refused to say whether or not the two had dated, denying that it had ever happened.

Lizzo Circa – Dated from April 2021

Chris Evans Dating

Lizzo and Chris have also been flirting on social media lately, but that’s probably another story. Lizzo said on TikTok that she had snuck into Chris’s Instagram direct messages after going through his comments.

Selena Gomez – Dated from October 2021

Chris Evans Dating

Back in the fall, when it was said that Selena and Chris were dating, the internet was full of stories about them. It turned out that they just fanned fiction, but there was some “evidence” that could be talked about here. One of the first things that happened was that Chris started following Selena on Instagram. This got a lot of attention because she had said in 2015 that she liked him.

Alba Baptista – Dated from the year 2022

Chris Evans Dating

Alba Baptista, a 24-year-old Portuguese actor best known for her role in Netflix’s Warrior Nun series, is rumored to be secretly dating Evans. No matter what happens, fans can hope that he will find the woman he has been looking for so that he and his family can live happily ever after.

But we’ll have to see if Chris Evans can keep this relationship going for a long time. Let’s pray for him to have a better life.

Who Dated Ana De Armas?

Both denied it; Paul Boukadakis, Ben Affleck, Cuban artist Alejandro Pieiro Bello, Édgar Ramrez (both denied it), talent agent Franklin Latt, and Marc Clotet been linked to Ana de Armas.

Does Ana De Armas Have a Partner?

Paul Boukadakis is in a relationship with Ana de Armas right now.

Did Ben Affleck Date Ana De Armas?

Ben Affleck was with Ana de Armas for most of the year 2020. At one point, they were severe enough that de Armas moved in with Affleck and met his kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. She also went on vacation with the kids and Affleck’s mother.

Ana seems to enjoy being with his children a lot. Everyone gets along well. A source told the outlet that Ana is trying to get to know his kids.

A source told PEOPLE that de Armas and Affleck were “pleased together” during their time together. It wasn’t meant to last for too long, though. The couple even had an Instagram account, but the photos have been lost to history (read: deleted since they split up).

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