Is Rodney from Bachelorette Dating Anyone: What Brought Rodney and Eliza Together?

The continuous love story on “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 8 is becoming messier with each new episode. Up to this point, the show has featured a rose ceremony, a few fresh arrivals, and numerous exits. So, the second rose ceremony and Casa Amor will be featured in the upcoming “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 8 episode.

Old couples will be split up by the Casa Amor, with the women travelling to another island to mingle with singles while the men who are still there meet five new women. Eliza Isichei is one of the freshest additions. You’ll watch Eliza attempting to win over Rodney. Rodney will let the relationship with Eliza develop despite the fact that he already has one with Lace Morris. Fans are curious as to who the star of “Bachelor in Paradise” will choose this season because Rodney is the show’s hottest single. Read on to learn more.

Is Rodney from Bachelorette Dating Anyone

Who is Eliza?

From Los Angeles, California, Eliza is a model and social media influencer. The model has more than 50 posts and 16,000 Instagram followers. Eliza participated in Clayton Echard’s season of Bachelor in Paradise before moving into Casa Amor, where she made it close to the end but not quite. The reality TV star appreciates all things fashionable and beautiful, but her Instagram images from cities like Berlin and New York show that she also has a strong sense of adventure.

Who Is Rodney?

The 30-year-old Bachelor in Paradise candidate played football for California State University before entering the world of reality television. He played from 2013 to 2015, when he graduated, claims Us Weekly. Rodney’s aspirations of playing in the NFL were dashed when he injured his knee.

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What Brought Rodney and Eliza Together?

The show has not yet introduced Eliza. However, Reality Steve claims that the star will be revealed in upcoming episodes. One of the ten new singles introduced in the Casa Amor episode will be her. Later, she will be seen expressing interest in Rodney. Rodney will also sense the chemistry and want to investigate his options with Eliza, so the attention won’t just be on Eliza’s side. In the programme, the kindled connection will cause Rodney to break up with Lace and continue seeing Eliza.

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Are Rodney and Eliza still Together?

You could ask if Rodney would end up getting engaged to Eliza because he will leave Lace in favour of his new love relationship with Eliza. The answer is regrettably no. According to the rumours, as soon as Justin Glaze leaves Casa Amor, Rodney and Eliza become involved in a love triangle. Eliza will get intrigued by Justin, and it won’t be long before her interest begins to alternate between Justin and Rodney. Eliza will feel the pressure from this fresh turn as she mulls over who she should offer her rose to. The story claims that she eventually eliminates herself.

Additionally, Rodney is said to have left the show without having any relationship. The celebrity hasn’t yet indicated that he is dating anyone on social media. In fact, there’s a chance he’ll visit Bachelor Nation again in the future.

Season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” premieres on ABC every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

Is Rodney from Bachelorette Dating Anyone

What Happened Between Eliza and Justin?

Rodney and Eliza appeared to have a terrific chemistry, until Justin entered the room to confess his feelings for her to the marketing manager. “From what I’ve observed and heard, they are all qualities that I seek in a person… In the October 31 Bip Episode, the previous contestant from Season 17 of The Bachelorette said, “When I heard out she may be here, I went back to the beach.” Later, when Justin had a chance to talk to Eliza directly, he learned that she shared his sentiments.

The Season 26 Bachelor remarked, “I didn’t believe I’d see anyone else going down those steps that I’d be interested enough to talk to, but then you came. Eliza told Rodney she wanted to go on a date with Justin and that she wanted him to fight for her more. The ex-football player responded, “I Don’t Want You To Go, Like, Clearly, But That Might Be What’s Best For You To Truly Gain Clarity,” to her statement, “I Kind Of Want You To Tell Me You Don’t Want Me To Go.” “I Don’t Want to Leave, and I Want You to Be Happy.”

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After spending time with Justin on their date, Eliza informed Rodney she wasn’t sure about their relationship. She said to him, “You really threw me off,” in reference to his comfort level with her and Justin’s date. Eliza picked Rodney as the recipient of her rose, according to Reality Steve. She appeared to change her mind after leading Justin away, telling Rodney that she “felt pressed to give him a rose.” Eliza and Rodney had to leave the programme without a partner as a result.

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