Is Zendaya and Tom Holland Still Dating: Latest Info!

An off-screen romance is the only thing superior to an on-screen relationship! One of the most well-known couples in Hollywood is Tom Holland and Zendaya, although they choose to keep their relationship private from the public eye. It can be challenging for fans to tell if they’re still dating because they typically keep their relationship private. Fans of the couple even speculated that they got engaged in the latter part of 2021. Fans have though begun to wonder if they would still be together in 2022 due to their quiet.

Following her Emmys victory in September 2022, Zendaya announced that their relationship is still going strong. My mom was already there and she’s here tonight, which is incredibly amazing, so I didn’t even have to text her,” Zendaya said to E! Rue’s performance on HBO’s Euphoria earned her the Best Lead Role in a Drama Series award, according to the news. “And I sent my lover a text,”

Is Zendaya and Tom Holland Still Dating

Tom Holland Has Spoken About Their Relationship

In addition to the actor from Mission: Impossible’s Instagram posts about his girlfriend, Tom has addressed the issue in reaction to the appearance of internet images of their kissing in July 2021. The Marvel Cinematic Universe actor admitted he and Zendaya felt “robbed of our privacy” when they saw the images of them having a moment go viral online in a November 2021 interview with GQ.

One drawback of celebrity, according to him, is that privacy is no longer really within our control. What used to be a private moment between two people who were really in love is now broadcast to the world. Then, Tom continued in the interview, he clarified that it wasn’t “about not being ready [to discuss their romance publicly] — it’s just that we don’t want to [speak about it]”.

He said, “I can’t have this conversation without her. I respect her too much to say, you know. This is our tale; it is not mine. And when both of us are ready to discuss it, we’ll discuss what it is.

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Are Zendaya and Tom Holland Still Together?


Since they started dating, Tom and Zendaya have been photographed together at hockey games and outings to coffee shops. This has led to rumours that the couple has broken up because they haven’t been photographed together since June 2022.

But fans need not worry—Tomdaya is still active! The couple was just seen on August 26, 2022, in Budapest. They were observed taking relatives and friends on scooter excursions. It appears that Tom rushed in to support his girlfriend while Zendaya is presently filming Dune: Part Two in Budapest! It makes sense that the friends-turned-lovers haven’t been out together recently as Tom has been busy filming the TV show The Crowded Room.

Is Zendaya and Tom Holland Still Dating

Additionally, Zendaya stated that Tom was the first person she texted following her (record-breaking) second Emmy win on September 12th. My mother is here tonight, which is incredibly precious, so I didn’t need to text her,” Zendaya said to E! a backstage interview with news. This was the first time Z publicly referred to Tom as her boyfriend – we love to see it! “And I text my boyfriend.”

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When Did Zendaya and Tom Holland Start Dating?

Since they both portrayed Spider-Man in the Marvel movies, the two have been friends for a while, but it wasn’t until July 2021 that it seemed like Zendaya and Tom were taking their friendship further. In pictures obtained by Page Six, the two could be seen sharing kisses. After that, Tom shared a touching image honouring Zendaya on her birthday in September 2021. “Have the best of birthdays, my MJ. Give me a call when you’re awake, Tom wrote on Instagram.

Since then, Tom and Zendaya have been amazing supporters of one another on social media. They have also been seen dating and flirting throughout the entire press tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home in December 2021.

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The two were cuddled up in a romantic birthday photo that Zendaya most recently shared on Instagram on June 1, 2022. Happy birthday to the one who makes me the happiest, she wrote in the caption of the picture. Later that month, she shared pictures from her Vogue Italia photoshoot, and Tom left a heart-eyed note underneath. Cuties!

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