Jennifer Lopez Dating: is Jennifer and Bennifer Together?

Since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck announced they were getting back together, people worldwide have breathed a sigh of relief. From 2001 to 2004, they were in a relationship and in a few movies, like Gigli and Jersey Girl. Jen told People magazine in 2016: “I guess if it had been a different time or situation, who knows what could have happened, but there was real love there.”

It seems like Jennifer Lopez can see into the future. Before we get too excited about Bennifer’s reunion, let’s look back at some of J. Lo’s most memorable relationships.

Bennifer Engaged Again in April 2022

A few days after Jennifer was seen with a big rock on that finger, the news scrambled to find out that it was an engagement ring from Ben.

But the rumors were quickly put to rest when Jennifer wrote in her newsletter that the big news was accurate.

In May 2022, Jen is Ready to Get Married

Jennifer hasn’t said much about the wedding date, but a source told Us Weekly that “if Ben wanted to move it up to this summer, she’d be okay with that.

The source said that Jen wants to “get the paperwork out of the way” so they can start their lives together “sooner rather than later.” As you might guess, the wedding will probably be a big party.

Okay, so we’ll all sit here and wait with bated breath until Bennifer says they’re married.

In June 2022, Ben is in a Documentary About Jennifer’s Halftime

Even though Jen was still with Alex Rodriguez when she performed with Shakira at the Super Bowl, Ben was still in the Halftime documentary.

In the trailer, Ben talks about how it felt to see J.Lo become famous. It also shows old footage of the couple from when they first started dating, which is *really* good.

July 16 and 17, 2022: Shock! Bennifer Gets Married in Vegas

Jennifer told many people about their big night in her newsletter, On The JLo.

“Last night, we flew to Vegas and stood in line with four other couples to get a license. “Two men were holding hands and holding each other behind us. In front of us was a young couple from Victorville who drove three hours on their daughter’s second birthday. We were all on the same trip to the world’s wedding capital,” she wrote.

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All of us wanted the same thing: for the world to see us as a couple and for us to show the world how much we love each other through the ancient and almost universal symbol of marriage.

The couple “barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight,” and J.Lo said that the place “graciously stayed open late a few minutes and let us take pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible that Elvis himself used (but if we wanted Elvis himself to show up, that would have cost extra and he was in bed).

It Looks Like Jennifer Will Take Ben’s Last Name in July 2022

We got a copy of their marriage license, which said that Jennifer’s name was “Jennifer Affleck.” Us Weekly says it looks like the star of “Marry Me” will take Ben’s last name, so “J.Lo” might be her stage name. Oh, and she wrote “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck” at the end of her newsletter, so…

Before they called off the wedding in 2003, she had also planned to take Ben’s name.

The Couple Goes to Paris After Their Wedding on July 21, 2022

After getting married in Vegas, the couple immediately took a romantic trip to Paris. What could be better than celebrating the 20-year journey to this point with French food, world-famous art, and the City of Love?

Even though nothing is set in stone yet (honeymoon? mini-moon? ), the trip will be great.

Jennifer Lopez Instagram

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Jennifer Lopez’s Dating History

Ojani Noa

Dating History

J.Lo got married in 1997 so she could make Ojani Noa, but she and her husband split up after only 11 months. In 2007, the court told Ojani that he couldn’t say bad things about his ex-girlfriend or show her in a bad light in any way.

Sean Combs

Dating History

Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy started dating after they met on a music video set. Isn’t this how every Hollywood love story starts? But the following year, in 2001, the band broke up for good.

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What the rapper said goes against what Lopez said. Lopez said in an interview that he cheated on her the whole time they were together. But instead, the rapper calls Lopez one of his biggest loves.

Cris Judds

Most people have forgotten that J.Lo and Criss Judd met for the first time while making the music video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” They got married in September 2001, but like most of Jennifer’s relationships, which only lasted two years, their divorce was finalized in 2003, after only two years of marriage.

Ben Affleck

Here’s where our most important player steps in. Ben proposed at his mother’s house in Boston with the now-famous pink diamond. By November 2002, these two were already engaged.

Dating History

Ben and Jen Garner started dating after that, and Jennifer Lopez kept dating Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez. A year later, Ben got caught at a strip club in Vancouver. After that, rumors started to spread that he had cheated on her while they were on vacation there. Ben has always denied it, and he still does to this day.

Fast-Forward To The Future

On April 30, 2021, seventeen years after anything Bennifer-related happened, people saw Affleck going to and from Jen Lopez’s house in Los Angeles.

In May, the paparazzi released the now-famous photos of the couple while they were flying to Montana. One of our sources says, “they picked up right where they left off.

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The last time they were seen together was on May 24, 2021, when they worked at a Miami Beach gym. The kiss they shared between their workouts was said to have “strong chemistry.” A source says they are “fully dating” and can’t wait to see where things go. We can’t do it either!

Marc Anthony

This was the longest relationship Lopez ever had. She had twins with Marc, and even though they were together from 2004 to 2011, J.Lo has said that she knew “very soon” that their marriage wasn’t meant to be.

Even though they stayed together, J. Lo and Marc also have twins. This is because they have kids and need to learn how to raise them. But in 2016, Lopez told W magazine that when her marriage ended, she felt “resentment, disappointment, and rage.”

Beau ‘Casper’ Smart

Everyone knows that Smart was J.Lo’s new boyfriend after she broke up with Brad. In 2011, only four months after breaking up with her last boyfriend, the singer started dating Casper, one of her backup dancers.

Dating History

Everything between them was going well, so she hired him to be the creative director of her Las Vegas residency. But in 2014, everything fell apart when a rumor website said it had proof that Smart had sent and received sexually explicit pictures and texts with a transgender model. In 2016, they decided to break up.


Dating History

Even though they only dated for a short time, there was a lot of mystery around it. At the end of 2016, a link was made between the two most influential stars. Drake did some things that have become his trademark, like turning a church in Los Angeles into a makeshift prom with a winter wonderland theme.

Alex Rodriguez, AKA, A-Rod

This beautiful woman has been engaged a crazy number of times, the most recent being with A-Rod. After dating for two years, Lopez and the baseball player shared the happy news that they would get married. On Alex Rodriguez’s birthday in 2018, a former Fly Girl wrote a sweet tribute to her boyfriend and “getting to know the real” Alex Rodriguez.

Dating History

In 2018, it seemed like everything was going well. An article in US Weekly said that the couple was planning to move in together and had successfully brought their families together.

After COVID-19 broke out, the famous couple put their relationship on hold and said they were “working through some things.” They eventually broke up, called off their engagement, and said they “work better as friends” and will “continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects.

Questions People Usually Ask

How Many Times Has Jennifer Lopez Gotten Engaged or Married?

Lopez had tried to make things work with several ex-girlfriends before he married her. She’s been married four times, most recently to Ben Affleck. However, she’s been engaged a lot more often.

How Many Times Has a Man Asked Jennifer Lopez to Marry Him?

Lopez has been in four relationships. On April 8, 2022, a representative for JLo told PEOPLE that she was again engaged to Ben Affleck. Jennifer, 52 years old, also wrote about her engagement in her On the JLo newsletter after she was seen wearing her new ring.

Did Jennifer Lopez Keep All Her Engagement Rings?

Shuter says that Jen has never given back a ring. If things work out between these two, she will get the most beautiful engagement ring I’ve ever seen.”

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