Who is Channing Tatum Dating? Are Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum a Couple?

 Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum have been linked romantically since 2021, and though they haven’t officially labelled their relationship, it’s evident that they’re having a great time together.

Both provided their voices to 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie. They were each involved with other people throughout that period. Tatum married his co-star from Step Up, Jenna Dewan, in 2009, and the pair had their daughter, Everly, in 2013.

They divorced two years later in 2019. After marrying actor Karl Glusman in 2019, Kravitz, the daughter of artist Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, announced in October that the pair had separated 18 months later.

When initially spotted together in August, Tatum reportedly began following several Kravitz fan pages on Instagram, suggesting he “likes” her quite a bit. Everything we know about the history of Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s romance can be gleaned from the paparazzi images of the famous couple that went viral and from the fact that she successfully persuaded him to give up his foam footwear.

Rumors of a Romantic Relationship Between Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum

Kravitz and Glusman’s January 2021 breakup prompted dating rumours between the actress and Tatum. A source told PEOPLE that despite the two worked together on Pussy Island, they were not dating.

Channing Tatum Dating

According to the source, rumours that they are dating are untrue and they are actually working together on an upcoming project.

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Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum Make Their First Public Appearance as a Couple

In the year 2021, on August 19th, Kravitz and Tatum were spotted BMX biking through the streets of New York City. The actress stood on the back wheel pegs with her arms slung over Tatum’s shoulders as he pedalled.

A few days later, the two were seen in New York City, laughing and sipping huge iced coffees together.

Tatum Gave Two Interviews in Which He Spoke About Kravitz

Tatum talked favourably of Kravitz in two interviews released in February 2022, however he never used any term to describe their relationship beyond “friend.”

Tatum said he warned Kravitz against acting in his directorial debut Pussy Island because of his experience starring in and codirecting the 2022 feature Dog. Tatum added, “I was like, ‘You’ll need double the days. To put it positively, “She is a perfectionist in the best sense.”

Tatum later mentioned Kravitz as an influence on his personal dress sense in an interview with his 21 Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill for V Man magazine. “Why don’t you just wear what you wear?’ said several of my friends like you and Zoe [Zoe Kravitz]. Just be who you are “…he communicated with Hill. You offered me extremely detailed advice, and I appreciate it.

Zoe Kravitz Discusses Her Decision to Cast Channing Tatum

Kravitz revealed that Tatum was her first choice to feature in her directorial debut, Pussy Island, during an interview with Deadline.

She informed the media source that “[he was the one] I thought of when I wrote this character” during the summer. The more I watched Magic Mike and his live presentations, the more I got the impression that he is a true feminist, and I wanted to work with someone who was obviously interested in investigating this subject matter.

A source told Us Weekly at the time that the two had instant chemistry and that “things became amorous fast” as they worked together on the project.

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Tatum Shared a Photo (Halloween)

Tatum shared a photo of himself and Kravitz dressed as Travis Bickle and Beverly Lane from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver from Halloween 2021. Someone close to the situation told PEOPLE, “They seem to have loosened up recently. It appears that they are no longer concerned with keeping their relationship a secret. Clearly, they are overjoyed.”


Although neither Tatum nor Kravitz have made any public Instagram declarations of love for one another, the Magic Mike actor has recently begun following Kravitz. According to a report in Cosmopolitan, he then followed many accounts devoted to the actress.

 Met Gala( Spotted Together)

Kravitz and Tatum were seen exiting the 2021 Met Gala together, despite walking the carpet separately.

The actress and Tatum went to Alicia Keys’s special Cincoro Tequila afterparty following the Met Gala. She wore a crystal Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello slip gown.

Channing Tatum Dating

Kravitz and Tatum, who were spotted holding hands and snuggling up to one another in New York City a month after the Met Gala afterparty, were both dressed to the nines and trying to remain warm.

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Zöe Kravitz Meets Channing Tatum’s Daughter

Getting to meet Tatum’s daughter Everly, whom he shares with ex-wife Dewan, “just seems natural,” a source told PEOPLE in November 2021.

According to the same source, “He behaves extremely serious with Zoe, despite the fact that he is a really loving dad.”

Kravitz Discussed Her Experience Working With Tatum

In an interview for the Fall 2022 Women’s Fashion issue of WSJ. Magazine, Kravitz discussed her experience working with Tatum on the set of her directorial debut, Pussy Island.

Because “you’re kind of sharing everything of yourself” when you collaborate with others, “when you’re compatible with somebody creatively it often opens up other avenues,” as Kravitz put it.

I’m really thankful that this movie introduced us,” she continued.

She wanted “someone who hadn’t played a dark character before because I think that’s intriguing to watch someone who’s largely played boy next door, decent guy, love interest, all of that,” the actress-turned-director said of her decision to cast Tatum in the thriller.

Moreover, “I sensed, even from afar, before I knew him, that he was a feminist and that he wasn’t frightened of exploring that darkness, because he knows he’s not that,” she said. “It’s because of this that I felt compelled to seek him out and arrange a meeting. Indeed, I was correct.”

Tatum and Kravitz Were Seen Kissing on a Yacht

Tatum and Kravitz went to Italy to commemorate their one year of dating, and they were seen kissing on a yacht there.

“A source told PEOPLE, “They’re really happy, and Chann is very serious about Zoe. They are not dating on the side. They’ve been dating each other for quite some time now.”

Kravitz Discussed Her Romance With Tatum

Kravitz discussed her romance with Tatum in an interview with GQ. She explained that she was with him because “he makes me laugh and we both really enjoy art and talking about art and the examination of why we do what we do.” “We really enjoy seeing a film and then having a thoughtful discussion about it, while also pushing each other to think more deeply about it.”

Tatum was thanked by the Batman star for protecting her on set of Pussy Island. As she put it, “he really was my protector and it was very nice and sweet,” whether he was whipping someone into shape, making her tea, or pouring her a drink.

Then Kravitz elaborated, “Doing something like that together is a good test of your compatibility, in my opinion. And now we’re stronger than ever.”

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