Who is Chris Pine Dating in 2022?

Chris Pine is one of the best Chrises in Hollywood, along with Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt, so it’s not surprising that he’s dated several actresses and models throughout his career.

Even though it seems like the A-list actor likes to keep his personal life quiet and out of the tabloids, one of Chris’s ex-girlfriends told the truth about what it was like to go out to dinner and kiss the star.

Let’s look at the actor from Star Trek’s romantic life. Let’s look at the actor from Star Trek’s romantic life. Also, who does Chris date? Who has he dated in the past?

Who is Chris Pine Dating?

According to distractify, As for who Chris Pine is dating right now, he seems to be single and only has to worry about Harry Styles spitting on him at the premiere of their movie Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice International Film Festival in 2022.

But Chris has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world, including actresses, models, and reality stars like Audrina Patridge (more on her later!).

Us Weekly says that the actor who plays Wonder Woman dated the actress who plays Olivia Munn on Tales of the Walking Dead. Their short, fast-paced relationship ended in January 2010. Early on, sources said that the couple was “quite serious,” but they didn’t even last one trip around the sun.

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He was also linked to Zo Kravitz, who played Catwoman in The Batman, for the first time in 2010. From 2011 to 2013, he was in a relationship with model Dominique Piek.

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Over the years, Chris has also been linked to several other women, including his Star Trek co-star Sofia Boutella, after the two were seen getting close at Coachella in 2017.

Chris’s most recent breakup was with Annabelle Wallis, who played the Mummy in the movie. In 2018, Chris and the starlet were seen walking through Heathrow Airport together, which led to rumors that they were dating. A few months later, they were seen together again, and Chris’s parents went on vacation with them to Italy in August, where they seemed to confirm that they were dating.

People saw Chris and Annabelle grocery shopping in Los Angeles in March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic was still occurring. But Us Weekly says that Chris and Annabelle broke up around the beginning of March 2022. A source said, “Chris and Annabelle have broken up.” The source also said, “They haven’t been together in a few months.

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Dating Chris Pine in the Mid-2000s

This tea is scalding, so be careful.

Audrina Patridge from The Hills: New Beginnings was on the Hollywood Raw podcast with co-host Adam Glyn in May 2021. Glyn asked Patridge about the most prominent celebrity she has ever dated that no one knows about.

Even though there were rumors that the reality star and the actor were dating, they never confirmed it. Well, until 2021.

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When his movie had just come out, I finished making Sorority Row, which came out in 2009. So Rumer Willis and the rest of the cast of Sorority Row were all in Las Vegas for an awards show. “Chris walked up to me, said his name, and gave me his phone number,” the star said.

“And all the girls were kicking me under the table and saying, ‘Oh, my God. Don’t you recognize that person? I’m like, ‘No.’ “That’s Chris Pine,” they say. She told the host, “I was like, ‘Oh, he’s hot.

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But, like many Hollywood relationships, theirs didn’t last, even though they went out “more than a few times” together. And Audrina will “never forget” the “great kiss” they shared at an Italian restaurant where they were having dinner.

“I remember that he asked for pasta with black squid. I didn’t know what that was at the time, “she told me. “I remember seeing him eat it, and his lips were black. He told them they were beautiful when he licked them. Can I kiss you?’ And I was like, ‘Okay,’ “she went on. “So I used the black ink to kiss him. I didn’t care about anything.

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So, why did the two people finally break up? No, black squid ink has nothing to do with it.

The MTV star said Chris didn’t like the “paparazzi side of it.”

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“So, being on The Hills, our lives were completely different, and my lifestyle and filming were so different from his,” she said. “He was more of a real actor, a theatre actor, and he loved to read books and listen to jazz music. He didn’t like to go to clubs or anything like that.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Chris Pine and Annabelle Still Together?

Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis have decided to end their relationship. Multiple sources say the couple broke up after being together for about four years. Even though no one knows why they broke up, they have been known to keep their relationship pretty quiet.

Did Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine Date?

Chris Pine

In 2010, the hot guy from Star Trek was seen with Zo at the Met Gala. Three years later, dating rumors started again when they were photographed together at London Fashion Week, but neither said anything about it publicly.

Chris Pine Went Out With Sofia Boutella?

A source tells PEOPLE that Pine, 36, and Boutella, 35, “are friends but not dating,” even though they show affection in public.

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