Take a Look Who is David Dobrik Dating?

Fans of David Dobrik are more and more sure that he and his longtime assistant and close friend Natalie Mariduena are having an affair on YouTube. Reports say their social media accounts are full of photos of them together, but it’s all a trick.

After he said he was getting a divorce in June 2019, David said in an interview in August that he is “super single” (more on that later). He didn’t even want to think about meeting someone new. Who are these girls he used to date that he won’t see anymore? Here is a quick summary of what you should know.

Current Dating

According to PopSugar, David Dobrik is currently single, but here are all of the people he’s been with (For Your Records). David Dobrik has 15.3 million subscribers on YouTube, and it’s not just because he’s funny; we also like that he’s cute AF.

Even though he is cute and has a boyish charm, he hasn’t been on as many dates as you might think. David dated fellow YouTube star Liza Koshy for more than two years. They didn’t announce their relationship on Instagram until February 2016, but they’d seen each other for months. David wished Liza a happy six-month anniversary in May 2016, so it looks like they began dating for real in November 2015.

who is david dobrik dating

Unfortunately, they broke up in June 2018 by posting a sad video called “We Broke Up.” They said in the video that they had broken up six months before the video was posted. “David said, “It wasn’t healthy for us to stay together right now. Later, he added, “Liza broke up with me because she felt like we had grown apart because we were both so busy.” Period. Even though I hate to admit it, I felt the same way on my side.” But they also said that they wanted to stay friends.

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David’s subsequent breakup was much stranger than it was sad. In May 2019, David’s friend and fellow Vlog Squad member Jason Nash joked on video that David would never have an ex-wife because no one would ever want to marry him. David went to Boston to get even and asked Jason’s 75-year-old mother, Lorraine, to marry him.

She was all for the joke, and the two married the same day in Las Vegas. But all good things must end, and a month later, David told Lorraine that he and she were getting a divorce. It looks like there are no bad feelings between the two, which is good.

Even though David hasn’t been seen with anyone in public since his divorce, fans can’t help but wonder if he and Natalie, his longtime friend and assistant, are seeing each other. Natalie took him to dance as her date in high school, and David told Delish in November 2019 that he did have feelings for his friend back then.

He said, “Yes, I have had a crush on Natalie.” “I was young and stupid, like so, so stupid. I have grown up. She asked me to dance my first year, but I already had a crush on her.”

Even though they post cute pictures of themselves together and David buys her expensive gifts, he keeps saying they are just friends.

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He told Clevver News in December 2019 that he would not date Natalie. What a waste of time! “No one in my group of friends is dating my assistant Natalie, which breaks many people’s hearts. But no, she’s just one of my best friends. If we were dating, I’d tell you, but we’re not, and I don’t think we ever will be.”

David Dobrik Instagram

Take a look at the David Dobrik Instagram account.


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Natalie Mariduena (Rumored)

It has been said that David’s childhood friend and current assistant, whose official LinkedIn title is “Executive Assistant at David Dobrik LLC,” is dating her “boss.” David’s fans love to put on their Sherlock Holmes hats and look at the situation with a magnifying glass, always wondering if David and Natalie are more than just friends and coworkers.


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In May 2020, after joking about the two of them hooking up during the coronavirus outbreak, David said that nothing was going on between them and that nothing ever would.

“At this point, I think it should be clear that Natalie and I will never hook up,” he said. “Even if this pandemic lasted for 25 years, we had to stay inside the whole time. That will never happen.”

Dating History

  • Lorraine Nash

David married Jason Nash’s mom, who is also a YouTuber. This may be the strangest thing to happen on YouTube in 2019. This wedding did happen.

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How did something like this even start to happen? “Challenge accepted” is a taunt that comes to mind. After Jason joked with David, “It’s crazy to think you’ll never have an ex-wife because no one will ever f*cking marry you,” David flew to Boston to marry Lorraine. This made David the stepdad of Jason, 45 at the time. David was 22 at the time.


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David and Lorraine married in Las Vegas and spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. Not long after, they got a divorce. The hard work! He talked about how the wedding and the divorce cost him “over $30,000” on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

  • Liza Koshy

David and Liza were THE YouTube couple for two years until they broke up in June 2018 in front of many people. David said in the video, “Liza broke up with me six months ago.” As of September 2019, over 56 million people have watched the video.

“David said in the confessional, “It wasn’t healthy for us to stay together right now. Liza broke up with me because she felt we’d grown apart. After all, we’ve been so busy.” Period. Even though I hate to admit it, I felt the same way on my side.” Both YouTubers talked about how they still get along.


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David recently said in a video with J-14 that Liza was his “all-time favorite collaborator.” This shows that the breakup was amicable.

  • Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade is a YouTuber involved in the scandal about getting into college earlier this year. (Lori Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky on Full House and Fuller House, is her mother.)


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Some fans think they are dating or have dated in the past, even though they are just friends. Not long after the scandal news came out, Olivia was said to be at David’s house party with David and other Vlog Squad members. But YouTuber Heath Hussar and a David representative told Refinery29 that the girl in the video was not Olivia but Madison Beer.

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