Ashtray’s Death in the Second Season of Euphoria! Check It Out!

On Monday, the season finale of ‘Euphoria’ reached a new all-time high in viewership, propelling the show to its current position as HBO’s second-most-watched show, behind only ‘Game of Thrones.’

Javon Walton From “Euphoria” Has a Slang Name That Is Even More Awesome Than “Ashtray.” The cast of “Euphoria” on HBO is very great, and it even includes Javon Walton! The 15-year-old boy portrays Ashtray, a quick-witted adolescent assistant to his drug-dealing elder brother, Fez, and his very first acting role was with Zendaya herself. Ashtray’s character is a drug-dealing older brother.

The drama’s final episode starring Zendaya attracted 6.6 million viewers, representing a new series high for the show. The show not only witnessed the conclusion of Lexi’s performance, but it also had a quarrel between Cassie and Maddy, a reconciliation between Rue and Jules, and, most crucially, it featured what may have been the conclusion of the line for Fez and Ashtray’s story.

After the shootout sequence at Fez and Ashtray’s apartment, which may have resulted in Ash being shot in the head by the FBI, fans wailed on social media.

So…Is He Dead?

That is an excellent question. Technically speaking, we never witness Ashtray’s corpse, therefore it is plausible that he is still alive. However, it seems rather unlikely. Fez was brought away in handcuffs while still very much alive, while Ashtray did not exhibit any indications of life.

However, Javon Walton, who portrays Ashtray, is not entirely certain that he is dead. Or, he hopes he is not deceased.

“Ashtray was not intended to be shot,” actor Javon Walton, who portrays the adolescent drug dealer, told Variety. “He was not intended to be shot! The initial target was intended to be Fez, which is absurd. The following day, they altered the plot so that I would be shot.”

Euphoria Season -1

Throughout the first season, the majority of Ashtray’s time is spent inside Fezco’s business, where he is seen selling various illegal substances to customers. Additionally, it would appear that he lives with Fezco, where he assists him in the shop and plays the role of a younger brother.

In light of the fact that he is there throughout the conversations that take place between Mouse and Fez, as well as the fact that he is observed flushing drugs down the toilet when the police are called on them, we can deduce that he too assists Fezco in their drug-dealing enterprise.

Euphoria Season-2

Ashtray assaulted Fezco and his sidekick, Custer, with a hammer, fracturing Custer’s nose and killing Mouse by beating him in the head. This occurred after Fez attempted to compensate Mouse for the medications he had to flush down the toilet by taking the money from an unethical doctor.

On New Year’s Eve, Ashtray and Fez drive with Rue on their way to a meeting, as they must switch partners following the death of Mouse.

In “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a thing I Cannot Name,” Custer attempts to capture a conversation to implicate Fezco in the death of Mouse. He initiates the conversation by informing Fezco that the police discovered Mouse’s body, causing Faye to spill her glass. As she squats to remove the shattered glass, she indicates to Fezco that the phone is recording whatever they are saying by making the “be quiet” gesture.

Fez acts as though he has no idea what Custer is talking about, which confuses Custer. Faye then interjects to explain that Custer told her that Laurie killed Mouse. Custer denies this, but Faye stands by her statement to protect Fezco and Ashtray.

Ashtray’s increasing anger causes him to stab Custer in the neck, killing him. Fez then punches Ashtray to make it appear that he is innocent, as he desires to bear the blame for his younger brother. Ashtray doesn’t want him to do this, so he locks himself in the toilet with an arsenal of ready-to-fire weaponry.

As Fezco attempts to urge him to go, the SWAT team finally bursts down the door and Ashtray opens fire as they enter the hallway, accidentally striking Fezco. As Fezco implores him to stop, he does so momentarily, causing the SWAT to open fire.

An officer approaches the door and discovers Ashtray lying on the floor of the restroom. The officer turns around to alert his other officers that he believes the man to be dead. As Fezco watches, Ashtray pulls his shotgun and shoots him, causing the other cop down the corridor to aim at him and kill him in the head.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Who Shot Ashtray?

 Euphoria Season 2, Episode 8 ends with Ashtray being killed by a bullet from the Euphoria Police Department, which is wearing a surprisingly minimal amount of glitter.

Who Did Ashtray Stab?

In the episode from last night, Custer goes to Ashtray and Fez’s house, and it’s clear that he’s working for the police. Ashtray stabs Custer in the neck, as he usually does. Fez begs Ashtray to take the blame because they know the police are right around the corner.  

What’s the Ashtray’s Real Name?

Javon Walton, the Kid Who Plays Ashtray on ‘Euphoria,’ Has the Best Instagram Account Ever.

What is Fez’s Real Name?

Angus Cloud portrayed Fez’s role in the euphoria.


Even though we knew the end of Euphoria’s second season would be explosive, we were still shocked when the show’s youngest and most violent character was killed in a shootout with SWAT officers. But it turns out that in the original script for the finale, Ashtray did not die. Instead, his “brother” Fezco (Angus Cloud) was killed in the police raid.

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