Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash: 2022| Rainer Schaller Among The Six People Killed in a Plane Crash in Costa Rica!

Businessman Rainer is the creator and current chief executive officer of the RSG Group, which owns the Gold’s Gym franchise. At age 22, he bought his first Edeka grocery and three others opened up in his area within a short time.

Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash

In 1997, he made a career change into the fitness industry and opened the doors to his first McFit studio in Würzburg, Germany. McFit has 62 fitness centres and 400,000 members in Germany by 2006. It didn’t take long for the company to amass over a million members, making it Europe’s largest fitness studio operator.

Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash

On Saturday, a small plane reportedly carrying six people crashed into the Caribbean Sea on the coast of Costa Rica. One of them was the German businessman who founded Gold’s Gym. The Minister of Security, Jorge Torres, claims that all five passengers are German nationals. Swiss nationality was required for the pilot position. Costa Rican authorities said on Saturday that pieces of the missing twin-engine turboprop plane had been found in the water the day before. The flight plan for the small charter plane had Rainer Schaller as a passenger. The two largest fitness franchises in the world, Gold’s Gym and McFit, are both under his control.

It appears to be the aeroplane, according to the pieces that have been found,” Arias added. Thus far, we have not discovered any living or dead bodies. Specifically, the plane was a Piaggio P180 Avanti, a type of aircraft that is uniquely Italian.
The plane took off from Mexico and was headed to the vacation town of Limon when it vanished from radar.

Torres: “Around six in the afternoon, we got a tip that a flight from Mexico was headed to the Limon airport with five German passengers.” Bad weather forced the search to be suspended for the time being.
In 2010, Rainer Schaller was in the spotlight for his role as the organiser of the Berlin Love Parade electronica event.

As a result of the crush, 21 individuals lost their lives and another 500 were injured. Schaller’s security allegedly failed to stop attendees from flooding into a tunnel when things were already dire at the festival’s main gate.

To counter the claims of wrongdoing, Schaller stated that his security strategy had been legally approved by the local authorities.

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Early Life

On January 4, 1969, in Bamberg, West Germany, Rainer Schaller entered the world. In Schlüsselfeld, Upper Franconia, with his parents and brother he had a normal upbringing. Schaller was a poor student who never made it through the ninth grade.

His accomplished sibling is the conductor and medical doctor Gerd Schaller. The influence of his brother’s intelligence on him was “uncanny,” as he put it.


Schaller got his start in the business helping out in his mother’s grocery store. In 1997, he established the first McFit workout centre in Würzburg, Germany. He introduced the discount principle in the fitness sector, which ran counter to the prevailing wellness trends of the time.

Personal Life

It has been reported that the German is seeing Christine Schikorsky. In a committed relationship, but not married. The two were reportedly killed in a plane crash not so long ago. Aaron and Finja are their two children.

Gold Gym Owner Plane Crash



Over the course of three years, Schaller’s Love Parade ran smoothly. Although in 2010 he was criticised for the Duisburg Love Parade stampede that killed 21 and injured 652, which he had organised. In 2018, Schaller appeared as a witness in the judicial proceedings about the accident, for which he accepted moral responsibility but was not charged.

On October 21, 2022, while en route from Palenque, Mexico to Limón, Costa Rica, a Piaggio P.180 Avanti vanished with Schaller, his partner Christine Schikorsky, and their children aboard. After a day, Costa Rican officials still didn’t know what happened to the plane’s passengers or crew despite the debris being found between 17 and 20 miles away from Limón.

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In 2011, McFit had more than a million subscribers, making it the largest fitness studio operator in Europe. McFit, John Reed, and High 5 are just a few of the twelve fitness franchises under the RSG Group umbrella, which changed its name from McFit Global Group in August 2019.

By 2020, his conglomerate would oversee 17 businesses and employ 41,000 employees across 48 countries. Schaller took over as CEO of Lopavent, the company responsible for producing the Love Parade from 2006 to 2010, with the intention of promoting McFit’s studios through the event.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Rainer Schaller is expected to have a net worth of $246 million. Schaller has spent the past 25 years growing the formerly “open-to-all gym” into a global corporation with 41,000 employees (including franchisees) in over a thousand facilities in 48 countries.

He has steadily grown his business to include over 20 brands that “cover 360 degrees surrounding the customer.” He paid $100 million for Gold’s Gym after it declared bankruptcy in 2020.

The Love Parade Scandal

However, not all of Schaller’s headlines were positive. After a stampede at the dance music festival Love Parade in 2010 claimed the lives of 21 people, his company, Lopavent, came under scrutiny. According to DW, hundreds of people were hurt in the horrific incident, which took place in a tunnel measuring 240 metres in length in Duisburg, West Germany.

Following the tragedy, Schaller announced he would no longer host the festival. As its name suggests, McFit Studios was the original target audience for the Love Parade festival. Schaller was a witness and admitted guilt, but was not criminally prosecuted.
According to DW, the inquiry into the organisers will be officially ended in 2020 by a regional court in Duisburg. After two and a half years and 184 court days, the prosecutors decided the remaining three defendants had only a slim chance of being found guilty.

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RSG Group Empire

In the fitness business, Schaller is the man at the helm of the RSG Group, which has been ranked as the best in the world. In 1997, he established a fitness centre in Würzburg, Germany under the name McFit. With over 200 locations in Germany and additional gyms in Austria, Italy, Poland, and Spain, McFit has become the largest fitness chain in Germany. According to DW, they have around 1.4 million active users.
In 2019, Schaller rebranded McFit Global Group as RSG Group and added 12 new fitness franchises to its portfolio, including John Reed, High 5, Cyberobics, Qi2, Loox, McFit Models, Tigerpool, and The Mirai.
He broke the news of the group’s rebranding to Spa Business. Physical activity and athleticism are deeply ingrained in our culture. But in recent years, McFit Global Group has expanded its 360-degree customer focus into allied sectors of design, lifestyle, art, fashion, and architecture, and the portfolio has grown to 12 companies.

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