Jayden Goodridge Death: An E-Scooter-Riding Gunman Fatally Shot Former Basketball Star

Jayden Goodridge, age 21, had his entire life ahead of him, but over the weekend he became the latest victim of gun violence in the city.

Bronx, MOTT HAVEN (WABC) — A grieving mother is speaking out after her 21-year-old son was fatally shot Sunday in a park in the Bronx.

His mother, Jennifer Gay, was in disbelief.

Jayden Goodridge Death

Jayden prefers the light. Anyone can experience a terrible mood. The mood changes when Jayden arrives; he puts a grin on everyone’s face “Gay stated. “He’s simply a joyful, happy kid. Everyone who meets Jayden will agree that he is a wonderful child who did not deserve to die in that manner.”

An E-scooter-riding Gunman Fatally Shot Former Basketball Star Jayden Goodridge

Surveillance footage depicting the moment an e-scooter-riding gunman fatally shot former basketball star Jayden Goodridge in the Bronx was published on Wednesday.

Sunday about 6:15 p.m., the 21-year-old was walking with two friends at East 149th Street and Jackson Avenue in the Mott Haven neighbourhood when they were targeted by a barrage of gunfire.

In the brief video shared by the NYPD, the suspect on an electric scooter raises his gun and fires multiple shots at the males walking on the sidewalk before making a right turn and disappearing from view.

Goodridge was discovered with numerous gunshot wounds to the abdomen, and a 21-year-old guy with a grazing wound to the lower lip was treated at the site by paramedics.

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Where He Died

Goodridge was transported to NYC Health & Hospitals/Lincoln, where he died the next day from his injuries.

The police have stated that they have no cause to suspect that Goodridge or any of his pals were the intended targets. No one has been caught as of Wednesday morning.

Goodridge’s mother, Jennifer Gay, told ABC 7 NY that her son was a “happy youngster” who brought joy to all around him.

Jayden Goodridge Death

She said, “Everyone who knows Jayden will tell you the same thing: he’s a great kid who didn’t deserve to die this way.”

The mother stated that one of Goodridge’s friends later told her that in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the fatally injured Jayden was concerned about others.

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What Did the Police Say?

It was unclear to police whether Goodridge, known to his friends as “Jiggy,” or one of his friends was the intended target.

According to Goodridge’s friend, it was a case of mistaken identity.

It was reported by a buddy that “we were all wearing ski masks.” ” Evidently, someone mistook me for someone else. They couldn’t see what we looked like. I didn’t even get to see them. I didn’t know that he was on an e-bike.”

Beyond a row of parked automobiles where Goodridge and his buddies were walking, surveillance footage shows the gunman riding by and firing with his left hand.

No arrests have been made.

Goodridge’s companion stated, “I cannot even explain what occurred.” “Sometimes I only hear it in my head. My nerves were in overdrive.”

The friend declined emergency medical care at the scene.

“I’m holding my own,” he stated. “I’m good. However, it’s like a small burn. “That’s all”

He stated that his other friend and other friends and family helped him to calm down.

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He stated that Goodridge’s passing really affected him. Goodridge, who was at 5 feet and 2 inches tall, was a standout basketball player with college basketball aspirations, and he frequently played with his pal.

 My brother or sister. He is not someone I would call a close friend.

He stated that his friend would not be content unless he made everyone around him happy.

He was always happy and had a lot of energy. His friend said, “He never wanted anyone to be sad.” “Like I said, he was my brother, so what was his was mine and what was mine was his.”

He said, “I think it’s a hopeless cause and I know it changed everything, but it hasn’t hit me yet.”

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