Jimmy Fallon Death: He’s Alive but Why is #RIPJimmyFallon Trending Online?

Here, we discuss Jimmy Fallon’s passing and determine whether or not it was fake news. Jimmy Fallon is currently trending on Twitter as of Tuesday, November 15, after yet another death hoax led some fans to believe the late-night host had passed away unexpectedly. When Jimmy Fallon responded to the hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon on Twitter, fans quickly realised that it was inaccurate. The fad has, however, inspired “ligma” jokes on Twitter, so if you’re not sure what the fuss is about, keep reading for more information.

Early Life

James Thomas Fallon was born in New York City’s Brooklyn borough on September 19, 1974. His paternal grandmother was a German immigrant from Osterholz-Scharmbeck and his maternal grandmother’s father was Norwegian. Fallon has described his childhood as idyllic, while his parents have been described as overprotective. He won a young comedian’s contest with an impression of Pee-wee Herman.

Jimmy Fallon Death


After reading a tweet that said, “It is with sorrowful hearts that we announce the demise of late-night legend, husband, and father of two, Jimmy Fallon,” people began to speculate that Fallon had passed away. 1923-2022.”

The article also featured an old photo of Fallon and his dog. People were duped by the fake post because the photo gave the impression that the announcement came from the Tonight Show’s official account. The actor is still alive and well, though.

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Jimmy Fallon is in Vogue, but Not for the Right Reasons

Worried admirers went to Twitter on Tuesday to ask about their favourite television star after receiving a message suggesting that he had passed away. But a fake The Tonight Show account uploaded a photoshopped image of Jimmy Fallon with the caption: “It is with sorrowful hearts that we announce the loss of a late-night legend, husband, and father of two, Jimmy Fallon. 1923-2022.” Since the post stated that he was born in 1923 while, in fact, he was born in 1974, HITC challenged the accuracy of the post. If the age stated in the well-known post were accurate, Jimmy would be 99 years old right now. I don’t think so!

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On Twitter, Ligma Jokes Are Flirting

Other tweets indicate that Jimmy passed away from “sigma,” however these are merely naive Internet jokes that circulate when death hoaxes of this nature gain popularity. For those who don’t know, “Ligma” was a made-up disease and online hoax that claimed Ninja as a victim during a Fortnite Livestream. It also makes reference to online lingo. Trolls entered the conversation when the hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon gained popularity and began making ligma jokes.

One user wrote: “I’m sobbing right now; I lost a dear friend to ligma last year, and it still hurts. I’m praying for Jimmy Fallon’s family and friends. He’s in a better spot now. Trump’s decision to run for reelection is a response to meme makers’ claims that Jimmy Fallon died from “ligma,” which made him famous. Another user claims that Twitter still has that vibe. When I first started using Twitter, I thought Jimmy Fallon’s death was a prank, according to a third tweet.

Jimmy Fallon Death

After Elon Musk’s Assistance, Late-Night Host

Jimmy has asked Elon for help in getting rid of the popular hashtag that implies he is dead. The TV host tweeted, “Elon, can you fix this?” from his account. #RIPJimmyFallon”. As at the time of writing, the Tesla CEO has not yet commented. You shouldn’t be concerned because Jimmy is still alive and healthy. But it seems that you might have to put up with the spreading craze until Elon discovers a solution.

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Personal Life

On December 22, 2007, Fallon married movie producer Nancy Juvonen. They first ran into each other on the set of Saturday Night Live, but it wasn’t until later, on the set of Fever Pitch, that they become close. On the dock of Juvonen’s family house in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Fallon proposed in August 2007 wearing an engagement diamond made by Neil Lane. Four months later, they got married. In 2013 and 2014, their daughters were conceived through surrogacy. They have a female English cream Golden Retriever named Gary Frick who has been on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and they reside in Sagaponack, New York.

Gloria Fallon passed away at NYU Langone Medical Center on November 4, 2017, at the age of 68, from unspecified reasons.

The Tonight Show episodes that were supposed to be taped the next week were postponed. One week later, Fallon paid emotional homage to his mother during that night’s monologue, referring to her as “the best audience.” Fallon was a Roman Catholic growing up. He discussed his love of the Latin Mass in an interview with NPR from 2011 and admitted he no longer regularly attended church.

Health Problems

When Fallon fell over a rug in his house on June 26, 2015, he tried to break his fall by hanging onto a tabletop, but his finger almost got severed by his wedding band. He was brought to the emergency hospital, where a surgeon operated on his finger with microsurgery. Before being sent home, he was in the ICU for ten days. On the Tonight Show segment airing on July 13, he spoke about this and thanked the medical professionals that assisted him. He was still anticipating another eight weeks without feeling in his finger a month later.

He explained that his finger had limited mobility and will need additional operation in an interview with Billboard magazine in September 2015. On September 20, 2015, during the 67th Emmy Awards, when he made his first public appearance without a bandage on his finger since the injury, he emphasised this point once more. Fallon revealed on Instagram that he had tested positive for COVID-19 over the holidays on January 4, 2022. He praised the medical staff and said that he was “fortunate enough to just experience minimal symptoms” because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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