Nardo Natural Brother Death: Why Did Shark Tank Dump Nardos Naturals?

The four young, good-looking brothers Kyle, Danny, KJ, and DJ Mastronardo created the organic skin care line ardo’s Natural, which is based on coconut oil. In 2012, they appeared on “Shark Tank” to promote their company.

They pitched the Tank with an investment pitch of $75,000 for 12% equity. Real estate magnate Barbara Corcoran was attracted by the brothers and their excitement for the product despite the lacklustre sales they had achieved ($30,000). She extended a $75,000 offer, but in exchange for 50% ownership. In the end, they agreed.

Cause Of Death

Tragically, Keith Mastronardo, better known by his stage name KJ Mastronardo, was murdered in a motorbike accident in March of 2013. His obituary claims that the 24-year-old was killed as he swerved to avoid hitting an animal with his motorcycle and was struck by another vehicle.

Nardo Natural Brother Death


The three brothers write in a Shark Tank update  that they are “driven now than ever to make our business a success since it’s what KJ would have wanted.”

Which Family Owns Nardo’s Natural?

Kyle, Danny, Keith (KJ, deceased), and DJ Mastronardo are the four brothers that established Nardo’s Natural. In their parents’ kitchen, they whipped up their first batch of lotion and filed for business in April of 2009. The brothers went on Shark Tank on March 9, 2012, where they teamed up with Barbara Corcoran.

Nardo’s Natural at Shark Tank Pitch

Shark Tank season 3, episode 305 features the four Nardo brothers. They make a presentation to the Sharks about their line of organic skin care products. They want an investment from one of the “Sharks” to help them expand their business. The four brothers offered a 12% ownership in their $625,000 business in exchange for $75,000 on “Shark Tank.”

So far, they’ve only made $30,000 in sales, but that number is expected to soar to $4.8 million by the end of the year. The guys drum up positive feedback from customers, including the White House. Mark believes he and the gents need a loan to keep their firm afloat, and he applies for one.

Nardo Natural Brother Death

Kevin and Kyle Nardo get into it over whether or not the cosmetics industry is too cutthroat. The Nardo Brothers, he says, will be “crushed like cockroaches,” and then he leaves. Daymond decides it was too soon to invest in the company and leaves as a result. Also, Robert leaves the house.

Barbara is very clear that she doesn’t like the name “Nardo’s Naturals.” However, she has a soft spot for the Nardo Brothers and thinks their innocence may be a strength.

Barbara offers the guys $75,000 and half ownership in the company in exchange for changing the name. After a brief discussion, the four brothers agree to her terms and leave the Shark Tank with a deal.

Nardo’s Natural After Shark Tank

Their show aired, and the Nardo Brothers have come a long way since then. Barbara’s aversion to the name served as a selling point, as Kyle pointed out, and the contract was sealed without any changes to the name appearing on the products.

In the fall of 2012, St. Petersburg, Florida welcomed The Spa by Nardo’s Natural. The Nardo family lost their brother KJ, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in the spring of 2013.

They revamped the packaging and will be selling the same items in-store, at upscale spas, and online.


The latest update was featured in episode 506 of The Nardo Brothers. They have made over $500,000 in sales in the past year and are in discussions with major retailers like CVS and Walgreens.

They have 16 sales reps and are gaining a larger piece of the market; they hope to break the $1 million mark soon. The popularity of Nardo’s has increased over time.

As of the beginning of 2022, the Tampa-based firm generates $5 million annually in revenue and is still operating as of February.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Shark Tank Dump Nardos Naturals?

A number of supermarket and drugstore chains, including Wallgreen’s and CVS, have become stockists of the company’s products (via Shark Tank Blog). The makers of Nardo’s Natural have even launched their own retail outlet. The brothers launched a day spa in St. Petersburg named Spa by Nardo’s Natural in late 2012, where they showcase and sell the company’s offerings.

What is the Value of Nardos Natural?

Time has shown that Barbara Corcoran’s first $150,000 investment in Nardos Natural on “Shark Tank” was a wise move, since the company’s value has grown tremendously since then

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