Rina Palenkova Death: How did Rina Palenkova fare? 

Electrical engineer Kevin Neil Whitrick, born in Britain on 17 August 1964, passed away on 21 March 2007. Due to Whitrick’s live, online webcast suicide, his passing received extensive media coverage.
Whitrick and his wife Paula had been together since 1988, and they had two kids. About two years prior to his passing, the marriage had ended, and he was living apart from his family. Whitrick suffered severe injuries in a car accident in 2006, which had an impact on his long-term health.

How did Rina Palenkova fare?

Suicide and the Deadly Blue Whale Challenge Explained:

Rina Palenkova, a 17-year-old Russian teen, killed herself in 2015 by beheading herself while riding a train. Online, there was a big mystery surrounding her death that persists today. Ussuriysk, a city in Primorsky Krai, Russia, is thought to have been the location of the Russian girl who killed herself by standing in front of a speeding train while taking the “Blue Whale Challenge.” Besides being an artist, this young woman was also a sister, a daughter, and a friend. Nobody who knew her had anticipated her suicide on a chilly May morning. Her friends had no idea what they would discover after her death.

Rina Palenkova Death

Rina Palenkova’s Suicide Death and the Mystery

A young and beautiful Russian girl named Rina Palenkova had a typical upbringing. But nobody foresaw it when she committed suicide on November 23, 2015. She participated in the Blue Whale challenge, and that was when it all began. Teenage Rina from south-eastern Russia posted a selfie on November 22, 2015. She was shown standing outside. Over her face, she had a black shawl on. She was gesturing up at the camera with her middle finger. It appears to be completely covered in dried blood.

According to the media coverage of her death and the popularity of the photo on the Russian social networking website VK.com, she might have been involved with an online project called Blue Whale. Her older brother Marty, who was also grieving, started looking through her belongings right away. In the drawings and journal entries, which included a tiny drawing of a woman with a name written beneath it in Russian, he noticed an intriguing pattern.

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Philipp Budeikin is the Creator of The Deadly Blue Whale Challenge.

While investigating the Blue Whale connection, the Palenkova family came across what appeared to be an online suicide challenge. Two years prior, this challenge is said to have started in Russia.

Since then, there have been reports of suicides allegedly motivated by the Blue Whale concept in central Asia, Europe, and South America. Her suicide seems to be the first of its kind to occur in the nation. According to The Washington Post, Blue Whale is thought to be connected to a second teen suicide that took place in Texas at the beginning of July.

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The game was allegedly created in 2013 according to Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student who is now 21 years old and was expelled from his school in 2016. He asserted that he hoped to purge society of those whom he believed were worthless by encouraging people to commit suicide.

By 2016, it has gained popularity and entered the mainstream. However, Rina went above and beyond simply informing her loved ones of her participation. She also drew the “blue whale” numerous times. One can be made out in these pictures. Palenkova is one of the challenge’s few actual victims who can be proven, so it’s puzzling why some object to the proof.

Rina Palenkova Death

How Did Rina Palenkova Fare?

Internet users continue to pay close attention to Rina Palenkova’s passing because it is still unknown why she committed suicide.

A small percentage of people think that she killed herself in 2015 after having a tragic love affair, despite the fact that the majority of people and online media have connected her passing to her participation in the Blue Whale Challenge.

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Palenkova ended her life because of their breakup because she was so upset that her boyfriend had broken up with her.

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