Takeoff Rapper: Cause of Death for Migos Rapper Takeoff is Determined by Medical Examiner’s Office!

Numerous Migos’ followers were disturbed by the widespread distribution of graphic videos showing the rapper’s murder in Houston, Texas, which went viral on news websites and social media.

As reported by the Houston Police Department, Takeoff (real name: Kirshnik Khari Ball) and his Migos group member and relative Quavo (real name: Quavious Marshall) were present at the 810 Billiards & Bowling establishment when the shooting occurred. Houston police have scheduled a press conference for Tuesday afternoon, but there have been no arrests. The countdown began at 28.

Reason Of Death

The preliminary autopsy report, which was reviewed by The Times on Wednesday, found that Takeoff, whose real name was Kirshnik Khari Ball, died from “penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.” Currently, the report is not complete.

Takeoff Rapper

When police arrived at 810 Billiards & Bowling around 2:30 a.m., they reportedly found one man dead on the scene of a shooting. Sgt. Michael Arrington of the Houston Police Department told reporters on Tuesday that a fight broke out after a private party at the bowling alley, leading to the shooting.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the party shooting occurred during a game of dice involving Takeoff and his uncle and Migos collaborator Quavo. A man and a woman both reported non-life threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital as a result.

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Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said

On Tuesday, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said he believed two firearms were used in the shooting and that the shooter or shooters were in their twenties and present at the party. In addition, Finner stated that he and his team had no evidence to suggest that Takeoff was “involved in anything criminal at the time” of the shooting.

There have been no suspects identified or arrests made public by the police as of Wednesday morning.

The rapper community was encouraged to take action by Finner during Tuesday’s briefing. We have to police ourselves, he said, and he’s calling on all hip-hop artists in Houston and across the country to do the same.

“There are so many gifted men and women living there, whom I adore and respect. There needs to be a united front to prevent any further denigration of the industry.

Takeoff was a member of the successful rap group Migos alongside his cousin Offset and fellow member Quavo, who achieved widespread recognition for their contributions to the songs “Stir Fry,” “Bad and Boujee,” and “Walk It Talk It.”

On stage, a man with long black hair is wearing a black vest and a white T-shirt.

Chloe Bailey, Drake, and Teyana Taylor were just some of the artists who quickly took to social media to pay tribute to Takeoff after hearing of his death.

Takeoff’s record label, Quality Control, released a statement on Tuesday blaming “senseless violence and a stray bullet” for the rapper’s untimely demise. Separately, Quality Control co-founder Pierre “Pee” Thomas released a statement lamenting the loss of the Migos member.

On Instagram on Wednesday, he wrote, “I don’t know where to begin but I want to say that anybody that knows me knows how much I love you and anybody that knows you knows that you definitely didn’t deserve to die at such a young age.”

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Early Life

On June 18, 1994, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Kirshnik Khari Ball entered the world. His mother raised him and his two brothers, Quavo and Offset.

When his brothers Quavo and Offset got into rapping in 2008, Takeoff joined in. Originally known as Polo Club, the group rebranded themselves as Migos after becoming successful under the new moniker.


Kirshnik Ball was captivated by sound from the time he was a young child. From seventh grade on, he began belting out hip beats and creating his own rhythms on the regular. The spontaneous performances he gave at parties and school functions showcased his natural talent to his friends and family.

In 2009, his cousin Kiari Kendrell Cephus and uncle Quavious Keyate Marshall, both of whom were impressed by his raw talent, approached him about forming a hip-hop trio. After Ball’s agreement, the trio formed the “Polo Club.”

Juug Season, a mixtape released by Polo Club in 2011, was the group’s debut studio album. Later that year, in June of 2012, they released another mixtape. At this time, they decided to rebrand themselves as Migos.

Takeoff and his bandmates dropped their first full-length album, titled Yung Rich Nation, in 2015. Big names like Chris Brown and Young Thug made appearances on the album. Over one hundred and fifty thousand copies of the album were purchased.

Single “Bad and Boujee” from their upcoming second album was released at the end of 2016 and featured Lil Uzi Vert. The single quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Takeoff’s first number-one hit in the United States.

Personal Life

The member of the rap group Migos was single and childless. However, he has been linked to a number of high-profile ladies, including rapper DreamDoll, Rubi Rose, and Lakeya Darshay.

Tabatha “DreamDoll” Robinson is a former Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member. She made her debut as DJ Self’s newest artist on the show and continued her relationship with Safaree during that time. On October 2, 1997, Rubi Rose Benton entered the world. She is a singer, rapper, and model. It is unclear what kind of work Lakeya Darshay does or how she is related to Takeoff.

Takeoff Rapper

The personal lives of the other Migos rappers were more in the spotlight. After two years of dating, Quavo and Saweetie broke up. According to People, Saweetie has accused Quavo of infidelity. It’s no secret that Offset and Cardi B’s relationship has been on-and-off for quite some time. Cardi B just recently revealed that she and Offset have decided to end their marriage.

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At a spring concert in 2015 at Georgia Southern University, police arrested Takeoff, Quavo, Offset, and the other 12 members of Migos’ crew on charges of illegal possession of contraband. Upon Migos’ and their crew’s arrival at the university, the police officers stationed there for security reasons reportedly detected a strong odour of marijuana coming from the vans. After interrogating the crew members, the police made an arrest and brought the trio and all the Migos members at the university before the Bulloch County District Attorney’s Office on charges of drug possession and illegal gun possession on campus. Although Quavo, Takeoff, and six others from the crew were granted bond and released in April 2015, Offset and another six members remained in prison without bail. After Migos’ release, Georgia Southern University said it would not pay the group $33,000 because they had broken the terms of their performance contract. The group walked off stage after only 30 minutes, despite having been hired to perform for 45. Following mediation by the court, the university agreed to pay only half the amount.

Multiple media outlets reported in 2017 that Takeoff was kicked off a flight for disruptive behaviour, specifically his refusal to pick up his luggage from the floor and place it in the overhead luggage compartment. He allegedly misbehaved with airline personnel as well, leading to his removal from the flight prior to takeoff. According to an official statement released by Delta Airlines, “Delta flight 1532 from Atlanta to Des Moines returned to the gate, prior to departure, to deplane several customers seated in the First Class cabin who repeatedly refused to buckle their seatbelts and stow carry-on items in the overhead bins.”

At a friend’s house party in 2021, Takeoff was accused of sexually assaulting a girl named Jane Doe, in addition to assaulting her physically. Doe’s attorneys discussed the situation, saying, ” “Despite her protests, Defendant Takeoff grabbed Plaintiff, flipped her over so that her face was down, and began removing her clothes. Defendant Takeoff then forcibly engaged in sexual intercourse with the plaintiff while she was standing behind him.”

Takeoff has taken legal action in response to the allegations made by Jane Doe. Due to a lack of evidence, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office later decided not to file charges against Takeoff. Takeoff’s legal representatives discussed the case by saying, ” “We have looked into the claims and conducted our own investigation. The accusations levelled against Takeoff have been shown to be completely baseless. We, as his legal representatives, are fully conversant with the significance of criminal and civil prosecution of actual sexual assaults. That’s not the case here, though.”

Net Worth

Migos made a total of $25,000,000 between September 2017 and September 2018. Those profits were generated in large part because the band played 93 shows in 12 months on an exhausting tour schedule. They have racked up 4 billion streams in the same time period, making them one of the most popular streaming acts in the world. It made $36 million between September 2018 and September 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and How Did Takeoff Meet His Death?

Takeoff, real name Kirsnick Khari Ball, was gunned down early Tuesday morning after a private party outside Houston’s 810 Billiards & Bowling. Police in Houston claim that at least two people were involved in the shooting. Additionally, two others were shot but did not sustain life-threatening wounds.

Why Exactly Does He Go by Takeoff?

Quavo also explained to me that Takeoff was able to record his raps in one take even when he was young, hence the origin of his rap name.

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