Editorial Policy

At New Business Herald, we strive to maintain strong journalistic standards in order to serve our readers with original, high-quality articles and news. When writing for us, you agree to these terms and accept that if you do not adhere to them, we may reject your piece. You will engage into an agreement with us that requires your written consent to this policy.


We expect all articles to be entirely unique. They must pass Copyscape and other checks for plagiarism. The author should only submit work that has never been published before for approval by our editors. You must prioritise creating content that gives value to our audience. Articles that are plagiarised or rewritten from previously published material will be rejected.

Claims And Proof

Prior to inclusion in the article, all claims and financial data should be thoroughly vetted. The clients will not accept any fraudulent claims or skewed information. We ensure that any information published on our website is already in the public domain and has been vetted by appropriate sources. The authors must link the data/statistics/claims to a website where they were previously published.

Always seek to support claims with empirical data. You may use images, graphs, and screen captures to support your arguments. If no credible websites or experts support your assertion, you should not include it in your post.


All of your content should provide value to our viewers. Your content must adhere to a specific purpose in order to deliver value. Our goal is to provide readers with articles that present the most recent financial news and explain the complexities of various financial markets. No promotion or marketing of any currency, market, or firm whatsoever should be included in any of the articles.

Marketing And Promotions

No article should contain marketing or promotional statements or information about a financial institution, company, or individual. Your article’s title, subheadings, and body should always be straightforward and objective. You should not link to any article that promotes a business, currency, or individual. We prohibit the inclusion of promotional/marketing links in our content.


Keep in mind that our readers are not the average populace, but rather those who are really interested in finance. Your articles should always provide important information for readers with prior knowledge of finance. Our objective is to supply them with the most recent financial information and news. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehend our viewers before writing for them.

Acceptance Of The Document

The sole determinant of the article’s acceptance is the editorial board. Our editors have the ability to accept or reject without reason. When an article is accepted, we shall use coercion to reach a conclusion. Each board decision will be final and binding for all authors.

News Reporting

While composing news for us, be sure to consult all trustworthy sources for confirmation. Even though we have shorter publication timelines for news on our platform, we believe it is necessary to verify the veracity of each news piece before to publication. Ensure that empirical evidence exists for each news article and piece of data included in the post.

We expect you to adhere to these editorial guidelines when producing high-quality material for our audience.