91 Days Season 2: Is There Enough Material for Season 2?

Ninety-one days season 2: 91 Days is a crime, drama, and dark thriller anime that you should check out. As a result of the novel’s originality, it quickly became a worldwide sensation. So it’s understandable that fans are eagerly anticipating the release of 91 Days Season 2 or another sequel.

Company Shuka’s studio behind the 91-day anime marathon took us back to when history was told and coldly. We were transported back in time to the era of Prohibition.

Hiro Kaburagi and Taku Kishimoto directed and wrote the original anime series 91 Days. The universe of revenge, darkness, and an aura that hooks you with its ingredients were shown in the film 91 Days. After seeing 91 Days, you’ll be transported to Lawless, a small village in the middle of a freezing winter.

We were given a taste of the mafia, crime retribution, and murder in the family. This type of anime genre is tough to come by. So, here’s to hoping that 91 Days Season 2 makes the right decision!

91 Days Season 1 Recap


91 Days was a groundbreaking anime series using real-life events as inspiration for its fiction. During Prohibition in 1932, Lawless, Illinois, was experiencing 91 Days. This vengeance tale focused on a little kid called Angelo Lagusa, or Lavilio.

Vanetti mafia family members viciously slay each of his parents and younger brother in a gruesome murderous rampage. Angelo somehow manages to survive, but he loses everything he ever cared about in this process.

Angelo returns to Lawless seven years later after receiving an anonymous letter from a friend of his father’s. Angelo has vowed to avenge his family’s death. He plans to penetrate the Vanetti family by befriending Don’s son, Nero, under Avilio Bruno’s alias. Angelo had sway on Nero, poor guy.

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Angelo’s intention to avenge his father’s death is depicted in the next chapter. Because of this, he intends to kill every person involved in his family members’ deaths. A darker side of civilization is depicted in this story, where the law does not exist.

Release Date of 91 days


For the show to be renewed, it may take some time. In terms of animation, Studio Shuka has no plans for 2021. However, the studio may pick up a much-anticipated sequel in the future. Maybe we can beg and plead for a second season of 91 Days to get it made. According to our best estimation, that will be in 2022!

Is There Enough Material for Season 2?

In light of Season 1’s conclusion, the studio cannot continue the original story. 91 Days, on the other hand, is a wholly original work. The sequel will therefore necessitate new material from Studio Shuka. Characters form the previous season may influence the new one. Furthermore, it could be set in Lawless and feature some of the original characters.

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Will 91 Days Be Renewed for a Season 2 or Canceled?


For many people, the anime’s first season was a good time. However, many of them eagerly anticipated the release of new episodes. Season 2 of 91 Days has been a long time coming for fans. On the other hand, Studio Shuka has yet to give the go-ahead. That doesn’t guarantee the show’s demise, either. There’s a good likelihood that a sequel will be made.

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91 days doesn’t have to draw on existing sources because it is an original work. Its future depends solely on how well it performed in its first season. However, the first film was a commercial success and garnered enough attention to warrant a sequel. There’s still a chance, then.

Additionally, the four-year break won’t be an issue for anyone. The time between anime seasons tends to be much longer than in American television. The comeback of some notable series, like One-Punch Man and Attack on Titan, took between four and five years. The return of 91 Days may take some time as well. We’ll have to wait for an official statement for the time being.

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