A List Season 2: When and Where It Will Be Renewed?

After a long break, the British supernatural teen drama “The A-List,” which Season 1 writer Dan Berlinka once called “Mean Girls meets “Lost,” is returning to Netflix with a new batch of episodes.

In the first season of “The A-List,” the main character, Mia, played by Lisa Ambalavanar, was introduced. Mia is a strong, likable young woman who goes to a British summer camp on the remote Peregrine Island expecting to be the group leader.

But Mia soon meets Amber, played by Ellie Duckles, who is a mysterious person who immediately becomes the center of attention. Mia tries to get over her jealousy and enjoy her summer on a beautiful island off the coast of the U.K., but she starts to notice that strange things keep happening to Amber wherever she goes.

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Since BBC decided not to make Season 2, the show’s future has been uncertain. However, Deadline reported at the end of 2019 that the show would go on thanks to new support from Netflix. After a long time making the show, fans now know when they can see more of “The A List’s” exciting stories. Here is everything fans need to know about Season 2’s release date, returning cast, and plot.

Release Date

In an interview with BBC News, executive producer Anne Brogan said that the first season of “The A-List” was made for the streaming service iPlayer to compete with teen dramas like “Riverdale,” whose episodes were first shown on the CW and then went on Netflix. But the success of “The A-List” in the U.K. quickly caught the attention of Netflix, which promptly bought the rights to distribute the show worldwide.

A List Season 2

In an interview with Deadline, lead writer Nina Metivier said that the deal would be necessary when BBC suddenly stopped making Season 2, leaving Netflix in charge of making more episodes. Deadline noted that the next season would start on December 28, 2019, but the coming COVID-19 pandemic would keep the show from coming back soon.

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Fans had to wait more than a year to find out when Season 2 of “The A-List” would come out, but the official Netflix trailer finally told them.

The next episode will air on June 25, 2021.

Renewed on Netflix

On Friday, June 25, you can watch all of Season 2 of The A-List.

If you want to catch up before the new episodes, you can also watch Season 1. There is no news yet about whether or not there will be a third season of The A-List.

A List Season 2 Instagram

Take a look at the A List Season 2 Instagram account.


Overall, the Netflix show doesn’t live up to our hopes. The people who made it just wanted to make another season. There’s also a chance that these episodes were from the first season since none of them are exciting.

Watching if the lousy guy had planned to hurt Mia and her friends more dangerously would have been interesting. But the weak characters make it less exciting to see the show through to the end. Mia’s face is tense at the end of the last episode. It’s a hint that there might be a third season unless the streaming service decides to end the show.

A List Season 2

If you don’t want to be let down, it’s better to skip season 2 since nothing good comes out of it.

The second season of The A-List is now available on Netflix.


Lisa Ambalavanar, Ellie Duckles, Savannah Baker, Barnaby Tobias, Benjamin Nugent, Rosie Dwyer, Jack Kane, Max Lohan, Georgina Sadler, Indianna Ryan, and Finty Williams are all in Season 2 of The A-List, which is now available on Netflix. Dan Berlinka and Neil J. Wilkinson led the second season.

Season 2 of The A-List has eight 25- to 30-minute episodes. The second season’s plot is a fact, and fiction mix as Mia, Dev, Petal, Alex, and others try to get back together and look at what happened on Peregrine Island again.

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After their nightmare on Peregrine Island, these teenagers all went their ways. Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar), who was hurt on the island, is going to therapy to get over it. On the other hand, Mia’s therapist has convinced her that what she saw on the island (Dev, Amber, Midge, and Petal) was all in her head. Mia agrees that she made up all of these people and that none of them were real.

A List Season 2

While Mia goes to therapy, Kayleigh (Savannah Baker), Jenna (Eleanor Bennett), Harry (Benjamin Nugent), Alex (Rosie Dwyer), and others are in a quarantine facility. Dr. Shaw (Finty Williams) is caring for these teens who don’t like being locked up. Midge, played by Indiana Ryan, is also in the same place as quarantine. Amber (Ellie Duckles) changes Dev’s (Barnaby Tobias) face so that Mia won’t recognize him if they ever meet again.

Episode Guide

The plot of The A-List Season 2 is weird, predictable, and doesn’t make much sense, so it’s good that there are only eight episodes. In the first season, we see that Midge and Amber are the same people. In season 2, when we find out who the new bad guy is, this twist doesn’t work. The villain’s plan to scare these teens is as childish. I also didn’t feel the supernatural parts as much as I did in the first season. Nothing is scary or surprising.

The cast of A-List Season 2 did an excellent job with their roles. But their writing isn’t amazing, so they can’t make anything WOW. Also, most of the characters didn’t have anything important to say.


Since no one involved with “The A-List” has talked in depth about the next chapter, the official trailer is the best way for fans to figure out what will happen in Season 2.

From the short clips shown in previews for the next season, fans can guess that Season 2 of “The A-List” will go into more depth about the cliffhanger ending of Season 1. In Season 1, the strange things that happened to the groups are explained as hallucinations caused by a toxic chemical leak.

However, Dave and Brendan think that something more sinister is being hidden. While this is going on, Alex, Kayleigh, and Midge are taken to a mysterious institute. Mia decides to find it to learn more about what’s going on with her and her friends.

It also looks like Mia, Midge, and Amber all find a deeper connection to the supernatural powers they started to use in the first season. Fans of “The A-List” will have to wait until all eight Season 2 episodes come out on June 25 to discover what these new abilities mean for the characters.

Frequently Asked Question

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of a List?

Fans had to wait more than a year to find out when Season 2 of “The A-List” would come out, but the official Netflix trailer finally told them. The next episode will air on June 25, 2021.

Is There a Third Season of the a-list?

Netflix has confirmed that there will be a third season of The A-List. It will come out on June 24, 2022. The show created by Dan Berlinka was a big hit with teens, and the first two seasons were also prevalent.

Was the a-list Taken Off the Air?

The long-awaited second season of The A-List is now on Netflix. It brings back the teens from Peregrine Island. The BBC dropped the show after one season, but the streaming giant Netflix saved the day by giving the show a second season.

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