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All American Homecoming Season 2: When It Will Be Renewed?

all american homecoming season 2

All American: Homecoming, which airs on The CW Network, is becoming increasingly popular. The show has only one season out so far, but it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. This world of All American franchise has a lot more to unpack and find.

If you want to know more about the possible release date, you don’t have to look further; we’ve put together everything you need to know about All American: Homecoming Season 2 to clear up any questions you might have. Read to the end to find all the answers.

The CW picked up the show for a second season in May 2022. The network confirmed that the show would continue, and some of its stars told their Twitter followers about it. The actor who plays Nathaniel Hardin, Rhoyle Ivy King, wrote “Season 2 #AllAmericanHomecoming” in some of the posts below.

All American: Homecoming’s second season will continue to be about the problems these young adults face as they try to get their lives together as students and athletes at a prestigious HBCU.

Geffri Maya, who plays Simone Hicks, Peyton Alex Smith, who plays Damon Sims, Kelly Jenrette, who plays Amara Patterson, and Cory Hardrict, who plays Coach Marcus Turner, are the stars of the show. The drama comes from Warner Bros. Television, CBS Studios, and Berlanti Productions. Okoro Carroll, Samuel L. Jackson, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Robbie Rogers are the show’s executive producers.

Has All American: Homecoming Been Renewed for Season 2?

Yes! The CW picked up the show for a second season in May 2022.

When Will the Second Season of “All American: Homecoming” Start on the CW?

On Monday, October 10, 2022, The CW will show the first episode of the second season of All American: Homecoming.

How to Watch All American: Homecoming Season 2 Live

You can watch All American: Homecoming lives on The CW or if you have an active subscription to Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or DIRECTV STREAM. All of the above services offer The CW as part of their packages of TV channels.

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Episodes of the show will also be free to watch the next day on The CW website and The CW app.

When Will All American: Homecoming Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

Everyone thought All American: Homecoming would be on HBO Max, but… surprise! It’s on Netflix now. Older CW shows like Riverdale, Dynasty, and All American still start new seasons eight days after the end of their seasons on The CW. But the deal between Netflix and CW ended in 2019, so new CW shows can now be shown on different platforms (most notably HBO Max).

All American: Homecoming was added to Netflix without warning earlier this month, so the next season will probably start there eight days after the season finale on The CW. Seasons of All American that began in October in the past ended in March or May the following year. If Homecoming stays on a similar schedule, the second season should be on Netflix between the middle and end of spring 2023.

After waiting for months, the network has finally confirmed that the next All American: Homecoming season will start on October 10, 2022. Also, the show’s first season was supposed to begin on HBO Max in June 2022, but it was taken off the schedule and put on Netflix US on July 12, 2022.

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On the other hand, unlike other CW shows, it’s not sure when the second season of All American: Homecoming will come out on Netflix. The season should be available to stream when all of the episodes have been shown on the CW channel.

We can probably guess that the 13 anticipated episodes will be done in early spring 2023 and released on Netflix soon after. This is because the first season came out earlier. The following season might be on Netflix in the spring of 2023, but we don’t know when the finale or other important events will happen.

Also, based on what we know about the first season, we can guess that the next season of All American: Homecoming will start at the same time as other Netflix shows, which is 12:00 AM (PT) or 3:00 AM ET (ET). People who want to know when All American: Homecoming will be available on Netflix can also turn on notifications.

Who Will Star in the Season 2 of All American: Homecoming

As of this writing, it looks like all of the regulars from Season 1 will be back for Season 2. This includes Geffri Maya as Simone, Mitchell Edwards as Cam Watkins, a fellow California transfer from Simone’s past, Peyton Alex Smith as Damon Sims

a Chicago native whose baseball skills make him a big prospect for Bringston’s athletic future, Kelly Jenrette as Simone’s aunt, Amara Patterson, a journalism professor at Bringston, Sylvester Powell as Jesse Raymond, Jr., a member of Damon’s baseball team, Camill Cory Hardrict will also be back as Coach Marcus Turner.

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Even better news for fans of the show is that Rhoyle Ivy King, who plays Simone and Keisha’s transgender friend Nathaniel Hardin, has been made a series regular for Season 2. Nathaniel is a hairdresser who is studying to become a lawyer.

What Will Season 2 of All American: Homecoming Be About

At the end of the show’s first season, a few cliffhangers weren’t resolved. During Simone’s sophomore year, “All American: Homecoming” will likely tie up these loose ends. During the last episode of Season 1, Thea gets a torn rotator cuff. This gives Simone a big chance and makes Thea miss a vital tennis tournament.

After that, Simone’s team moves up in the national rankings. But Simone and Thea fight even more complex because Thea thinks Simone gave her a heavy racket, which may have caused her injury. The fact that Simone and Thea keep fighting over Damon, who is Thea’s boyfriend but seems to like Simone, is just as bad. During Season 2, you can expect them to fight over him and get into fights on the tennis court.

Also, Damon finds out that he and his rival Jesse have the same biological father. This makes him think about switching teams when Jesse Sr. shows up to temporarily coach Damon and Jesse Jr.’s team after Coach Marcus leaves.

Keisha starts collecting money for the school so she, Simone, and Nathaniel won’t have to go to different places. In the meantime, Amara is offered a great job. Fans of the show won’t know how these things turn out for everyone until October.

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