All American Season 3 Episode 12 Recap and Analysis!

Spencer’s future seemed to be in jeopardy in the last episode of All American, while Olivia may have just blown the doors off the Baker household in the most recent episode. What will be the outcome of the situation for both of them?

The episode opens with Simone and Jordan meeting down with both of their parents to talk about the annulment of their wedding vows. Despite the fact that Simone’s family does not want them to be divorced, Laura is pressing for it. Billy has vanished without a trace.

Football players in Crenshaw are working out and discussing how they need to win their next game in order to qualify for the playoffs. The fact that Billy is not present is also brought up by the group.

What happened to Billy Baker?

Billy is currently in the care of a neurologist. But for what purpose? Jordan?

When Laura receives the phone call informing her that the Tamika Pratt video has been leaked to the press, the Hicks and the Bakers are still debating the annulment. Olivia quickly states that she has given over the tape to the authorities.
Laura and Olivia are preparing a meal in the Baker kitchen when Billy arrives through the door. Laura and Olivia are engaged in combat, and Olivia is not going to back down. Laura ultimately decides to ground her.
Simone and Layla are having a conversation about what happened at the Baker house. Layla inquires about Olivia, and Simone advises her to contact her directly.

Spencer and Kia are walking around Crenshaw when they come upon Grace, who is putting up posters. During their conversation, she tells Spencer that he can participate in football while also acknowledging the Tamika Pritchard video at the same time.

all american season 3 episode 12

Billy is sitting at his desk, as seen in the video. He is reminiscing about his visit to the neurologist earlier this week. We observe the doctor approaching him and asking him questions about his location and the current date. Is there a problem here?

Billy’s father enters and informs Billy that if Billy is unable to care for his children, he will do so on his behalf.

JJ and Asher are working on their skills nonstop in Beverly. Asher is instructed to enter the building by JJ. Simone walks over to Asher and strikes up a conversation with him. She inquires as to if Jordan is behaving in his usual manner. When Simone brings up the marriage, Asher is taken aback by the fact that he is the last person to find out.

Mo is having a conversation with someone in the Cafe. She claims she wants to steal Coop’s future, but we have no idea how she intends to accomplish this.

Spencer and Kia pay a visit to the Bakers’ home. Olivia is instructed to make amends with her mother while Spencer and the others take care of the situation. Spencer has a thought that most likely has something to do with football.

Spencer and Chris are at Billy’s office, talking with him. Spencer wishes to demonstrate his position by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Billy instructs them that either everyone takes a knee or no one takes a knee at all. Chris is concerned about scholarships and the possibility of suspensions from school. What will they decide to do is anyone’s guess.

Jordan and Simone are seated next to one another. Jordan, according to Simone, is a source of concern. She inquires as to why he has not informed their friends of their engagement. He seemed to be uninterested. He believes that he has been harmed as a result of his injury.

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So, what exactly did Olivia do?

Olivia is at home, and one of Laura’s coworkers walks in to get a flash drive from Olivia’s desk. In this conversation, she reveals that her mother has a comprehensive case against the police and has been building it for months. Olivia’s revelation caused the inquiry to come to a grinding halt.

Jordan approaches Asher and informs him that he will be absent from football practice today. Asher inquires as to why he chose to keep the wedding a secret. Jordan becomes defensive and walks away from the situation.

Mo has a meeting with Preach. She expresses regret to him for abandoning him when they were younger. Is this a part of her strategy to re-enter Coop’s life?

After a while, Layla shows up at the Baker residence. Olivia tells Layla everything that has happened. Layla reassures her that her mother would accept her apology and that she will not be punished.

Mo reveals to Preach that she and her friends are getting ready to depart supper. They end up kissing and Preach bids Mo farewell for good this time.

all american season 3 episode 12

Simone is invited to Spencer’s home. She is quite concerned about Jordan and would like Spencer to speak with him.

Laura rushes to Billy’s Crenshaw office to see if she can track him down. He is not present. Grace enters the room as she is in tears, not Billy, who has come to comfort her. Grace prepares to leave, but she ends up remaining to comfort the woman.

The South Crenshaw football game is finally here, and we’re excited. Billy provides them some motivation in hopes of getting them into the playoffs. Spencer requests to be heard. In order to protest, he begs them to surrender the game and walk away. Will they go through with it?
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Will they be forced to forfeit the game?

Spencer and Chris take their places on the pitch. They toss the coin and then take a knee to show their support. The squad will forfeit the game in honor of Tamika Pratt and their season will come to an end.

What happened after that was completely unexpected. The opposition team joins them in taking a knee as well.

Billy is at his office following the game. His father enters the room. Billy is pleased that the squad made a position, but he is disappointed that the program may be terminated.

In Beverly, Simone and her mother are taking a break from their work. She wants Simone to have a traditional wedding ceremony. Simone is adamant about not wanting one, but she is being pushed.

Billy returns to his childhood home, the Baker residence. She inquires as to where he has been. He acknowledges that he is heading to the doctor. He informs her that the physicians have determined that all of his tests have returned “normal,” which is fantastic news.

Laura and Billy receive an email informing them that Olivia’s podcast has gone live. It is Olivia’s writing, yet Layla’s voice is heard throughout. She expresses her regrets to her mother and assures everyone that her mother is on the side of justice in this situation.

Jordan makes his way to the Crenshaw football field in order to speak with Spencer. Spencer advises him that his life is valuable and that he must fight to keep it for himself. Jordan is looking for Spencer to train him. Spencer initially says no, but afterward agrees.

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