American Horror Stories Season 2 : 2022| Scariness Ranking of Episodes, Trailer!

The second season of American Horror Stories has concluded. There are a total of eight terrifying tales in this anthology. In order of frightening news, here they are ranked.

The first season of American Horror Story premiered ten years ago, and its spinoff, American Horror Stories, just finished airing its second season. The second season of the anthology series features eight episodes, all of which vary in their degree of terrifyingness.

American Horror Stories Season 2

Scares are effective in some episodes, while suspense is the main draw in others. The overall scare factor of the show is criticised for falling short of expectations. Some of the episodes had good stories, but they lacked genuine scares. However, there were a handful of episodes that served to tide horror fans over until the next season.

1 Doll house

Honestly, if you’ve been keeping up with the season, you already knew “Dollhouse” was going to dominate. Simply put, that’s the way it is.

It was not only brilliantly done, but it also featured an amazing cast and some pretty creepy visuals of a man who is obsessed with dolls and wants to make his son’s future mother a literal doll. The acting was superb, particularly from Kristine Froseth of the cast of Looking for Alaska, and the plot twist at the end was pure brilliance.

My favourite season of the original American Horror Story was Coven, so when I saw the first episode of Season 2 make a connection at the end by having the main character visit the legendary coven in New Orleans, I couldn’t keep the grin off my face for hours.

There has been no official word on whether or not American Horror Stories will return for a third season, but I for one can’t wait to see more of these bizarre tales and marvel at the creepiness that can only come from the mind of Ryan Murphy and his team of writers. Awaiting the start of the Halloween season now.

2. Necro

I loved how “Necro” made me feel so many different emotions.

To begin, I want to say that Madison Iseman is fantastic in these horror roles and that she is in her final girl era. She first displayed her horror chops in the cast of the remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer, and now she’s doing it again. Don’t hesitate to cast her in your next horror flick.

Secondly, both characters literally get turned on by death as a result of past trauma, which is a perfect symbol for what American Horror Stories is like: strange, bizarre, and featuring some truly messed up characters. I’m still not over the ending of this episode, which involves them being buried alive while they are having sex; it’s intense, crazy, and everything I could have wanted.

3 Milkmaids

Ugh, “Milkmaids” was hilarious. Both of the upcoming episodes are equally enjoyable in my opinion, so you can swap them out if you like. As usual, American Horror Stories does an excellent job of recreating the past whenever the show takes a trip there. I enjoyed the tales told, the performances were excellent, and it was great to have Cody Fern back on the AHS stage.

The only reason it didn’t get my top spot was because I was sad that the main couple got killed because of mass hysteria over them being “milkmaids” and there being this saying that milkmaids were basically like the devil’s invention, but this is American Horror Stories, and I’m expecting messed up endings like that, so it flies with me.

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4. Aura

Many people have told me that “Aura” is their favourite episode of American Horror Stories Season 2, but I would place it lower on that list. Don’t misunderstand; I found the show to be quite entertaining. I enjoyed seeing Gabourey Sidibe return to the AHS universe and I thought it was hilarious to see Max Greenfield (Schmidt from New Girl) act like a complete jerk at the end.

However, the conclusion, like many of the episodes before it, seemed hastily put together. However, I have to give credit where credit is due, and I really like the idea of modern technology being haunted by the spirits of your ancestors who are either out for revenge or want to make amends. I’m compelled to go check my own Ring doorbell now.

5. Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Okay, I’ll admit it: “Facelift” was a delight to watch. There were parts of the episode where I felt genuine fear, and it reinforced my already-strong desire to avoid all contact with plastic surgeons at all costs. Also, I squealed when I realised that Judith Light’s character had a pig’s snout and hooves surgically implanted without her knowledge.

The episode only received four stars from me because the ending was too abrupt. I didn’t like that Light’s daughter seemed to shrug off her stepmother’s death and jump right into the world of the “beautiful people.” In my experience, that rarely occurs. However, the rest was superb.

6. Lake

I really hoped that this episode would live up to my expectations. With this episode, the second season came to a close, and Alicia Silverstone made her television horror debut in the process. I adored her in the lead role of Clueless, and I’ve enjoyed her in many other films and TV shows, but damn it… For some reason, the name “Lake” never appealed to me.

Please don’t misunderstand me; the first half of this episode was fantastic. I could buy into the story if it were about a sea monster or vengeful ghost who lived in the lake and kidnapped kids. The visuals of the dead people floating in the lake were chilling. As they looked for her son’s body, I also appreciated the way the author probed the dynamics between the mother and daughter.

But then they started with the tired old “oh, my ancestors did these horrible things, so now we have to pay for their crimes” line of reasoning, and that annoys me to no end. Writers should not resort to such a flimsy justification whenever possible bloodshed is required. Why can’t there just be monsters who are driven solely by a desire to kill? Although the actors gave excellent performances, the episode was ruined for me because of this one moment.

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7. Drive

The fact that the previous episode, “Bloody Mary,” was so terrible is the only reason this one isn’t last, but “Drive” isn’t far behind. The only redeeming quality of this episode was Bella Thorne’s performance. As someone who was looking forward to the second season of American Horror Stories, I was pleased with her performance.

American Horror Stories Season 2

But the final twist didn’t feel earned and was done rather hastily. It didn’t feel like a satisfying resolution, though I had a sneaking suspicion there was more to her personality than she let on. I also didn’t like how she and her husband eventually began to kill people together. A better course of action would have been for her to have simply killed him and gone it alone. That would have added some spice to things!

8.Bloody Mary

You’re right, “Bloody Mary” wasn’t the one.
It’s true that my anticipation for this episode was sky-high when I first heard about it. Having an all-female, African-American cast for an episode was neat, and the previews made the real Bloody Mary liquor look awesome.

When the episode itself aired, I found myself uninterested. Almost too campy for comfort. Some camp is fine by me, but I’ve come to expect this horror franchise to strike a nice balance between camp and creepiness, and this instalment was a little too campy for my tastes. It wasn’t scary at all; the only high points were the graphic murders.

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Release Date

New episodes of this FX original series are available on Hulu every Thursday. At 3/2c in the morning, new episodes will become available online. This horror series, in contrast to other FX or Hulu productions, will premiere every week.

Want a full rundown of when each episode will premiere this season? We’ve got your backs:

Episode 1, “Dollhouse”: Thursday, July 21
Episode 2, “Necro”: Thursday, July 28
Episode 3, “Aura”: Thursday, August 4
Episode 4, “Drive”: Thursday, August 11
Episode 5, “Bloody Mary”: Thursday, August 18
Episode 6, “Facelift”: Thursday, August 25
Episode 7, “Milkmaids”: Thursday, September 1
Episode 8, “Lake”: Thursday, September 8


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