Can Naruto Destroy a Planet? Explained!

Can Naruto Destroy a Planet? People have been talking about Naruto’s ability to destroy a planet for a long time, but the community still doesn’t seem to have decided on this. One of the most important things to know about verse debating is how scaling works and how to use certain feats to compare characters and figure out what they can do.

A lot of people think that Naruto isn’t strong enough to destroy a planet, but YouTubers like SethTheProgrammer have shown that this isn’t true and given numbers to back up their claims.

Is Naruto Capable of Destroying a Planet?

These calculations require an understanding of advanced ideas. Because of this, we will look at some of Naruto’s feats in the series that show he is planet-level. During the fight with Toneri, he was about to throw the moon so hard and fast at the earth that it would have destroyed it. Given how well Naruto did against Toneri, it only showed how strong he was as a shinobi.

Can Naruto Destroy a Planet

According to the above sources, Kaguya’s attacks were so powerful that even if the whole planet was turned into a bomb that could kill a lot of people, it would still be weaker than her attacks by more than a hundred times.

SethTheProgrammer came to this conclusion after taking into account the size of the Earth and the distance between it and the sun. He did this to compare it to Kaguya’s ability to destroy her huge time-space. So, Kaguya is on the level of a solar system, and Kurama is on the level of a planet if you compare him to her.

Even though this is an anime show and there is no way to measure these things, the data book says that Kurama has enough chakra and energy to shatter or vaporize the planet. So, Naruto is also someone who has the power to destroy the world.

Kurama’s chakra levels were so high that Naruto was able to share them with the whole Allied Shinobi Forces and make them feel at least three times stronger. When we look at Kurama’s overall strength and energy levels, this puts things in a new light.

Can Naruto Destroy a Planet

Since Baryon Mode was strong enough to beat Isshiki, and Isshiki is stronger than Kaguya Otsutsuki, this shows how powerful he is.

These are just a few of the many ways fans show that Naruto has the power to destroy a planet if he wants to. So, technically, the show shows that he can destroy a planet. However, plot holes and inconsistencies make it possible to argue that he is not able to do so.

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