Does Boruto have a Tailed Beast? What Will Happen to Young Uzumaki in the Series?

Does Boruto have a Tailed Beast? Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is getting closer and closer to the Timeskip arc, and fans have been going back to look at some of the older chapters. Fans have asked a few questions about the main character’s powers, but there is one question that keeps coming up on many social media sites and forums. Fans are now wondering if Naruto’s son will ever have a Tailed Beast.

Boruto is a strong person who has a special eye power called Jougan that not many other characters have. Aside from that, he also has Karma, which makes him a well-rounded fighter who can take on some of the strongest opponents in the series. Fans wonder, though, if he has a Tailed Beast or not.

In the Series, Boruto Uzumaki Does Not Have a Tailed Beast.

In Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations, it’s important to remember that the main character doesn’t have any Tailed Beasts. So far, there have been no signs that the main character has a Tailed Beast.

Tailed Beasts haven’t been talked about much in the series, except when the Ten-Tailed Beast came back for Code’s plan. He wanted to make the Divine Tree come back to life by feeding it a member of the Otsutsuki clan. Aside from this, none of the other Tailed Beasts have had much screen time.

Does Boruto have a Tailed Beast

Still, fans have reason to think that the main character might have Kurama’s chakra. During the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, the Nine-Tailed Beast gave up its own life.

Naruto and Kurama used their chakra to go into Baryon Mode, which was important for beating Isshiki Otsutsuki. Does the main character in the show have Kurama’s chakra? Since chakra can’t be passed down through genes, it’s unlikely that Naruto’s son has Kurama’s chakra.

The “whiskers” counter to this argument is usually the fans. But that doesn’t mean that Kurama’s chakra is in Boruto. When Naruto was born, he had whiskers and the Nine-Tailed Beast hadn’t been sealed into him yet. The show also didn’t explain why this happened.

But there are reasons for fans to think that Kurama’s being in Kushina while she was pregnant could be the cause of the whiskers. So, it can’t be used to figure out what the Nine-Tailed Beast’s chakra is. So far in the series, Boruto has neither a Tailed Beast nor any signs of Kurama’s chakra inside him.

What Will Happen to Young Uzumaki in the Series?

From how things are going in the manga, it looks like Naruto’s son is becoming the series’ main bad guy. He still has his Jougan, and as the chapters go on, his skills keep getting better. Because of his Karma seal, he is a ridiculously strong opponent.

Does Boruto have a Tailed Beast

You can feel the tension in Konohagakure. Omnipotence is a new idea in the series, and it seems like the roles of Boruto and Kawaki have been switched. There are a lot of plot holes, so fans are waiting for the next chapter to explain this part.

Having said that, it looks like Momoshiki’s predictions are coming true. The fact that Naruto’s son used to be the main character could be bad news for the whole Konoha village.

As the series moves closer to the Timesklp arc, fans are on the edge of their seats. They will finally know what the face-off in the first episode of the anime/manga series was about.

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