Shield Hero Season 3 Release Date: What We Can Expect From Season 3?

The epic journey of Naofumi will continue in Shield Hero Season 3, and that is a fact. In September 2019, it was confirmed that Season 3 of The Rising of the Shield Hero will come after Season 2. This means that there will be a Season 3.

There have been two seasons of The Rising of the Shield Hero. Since season 2 of Shield Hero came out in 2022, it’s been almost a year, and fans want to know when more episodes will be out.

When will Season 3 of The Rising of the Shield Hero be out? What can people look forward to in Season 3? Here’s what we know about season 3 of Shield Hero.

When Will the Third Season of Shield Hero Be Released?

There hasn’t been a confirmed date for when the new season will be out. We have to wait for more information about the third season before we can confirm a release date.

The third season is already being made, so it’s likely that the show will come out at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. From the official anime website, we can expect to hear soon about the release date and the number of episodes.

Shield Hero Season 3 Release Date

We know that the third season will also be animated by the studios’ Kinema Citrus and DR Movie. Also, based on the Key Visual for season 3, it looks like it will continue to change until volume 16, which means there will be 24–26 episodes or two cour. You can either take your time or be in a hurry.

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What We Can Expect From Shield Hero Season 3?

The next season of the Shield Hero anime will pick up where the second season left off. The Key picture shows trash with the Staff sitting in a broken castle with the queen’s crown among the broken pieces.

The first two seasons of the Shield Hero anime covered the first nine volumes of the light novels. So, if you want to pick up where the second season left off. As of February 2023, 22 volumes have been published.

That means there is even enough material for a possible Season 4 of Shield Hero in the future. “Don’t miss our other articles on Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Release Date for more information.”

Who Will be Returning for the Third Season?

Shield Hero Season 3 Release Date

Where Can the New Season Be Watched?

You can watch both seasons of the Shield Hero anime series on Crunchyroll. This is the only place you can watch it since it is an exclusive series for them. It can’t be watched on Netflix, Hulu, or any other service that lets you stream shows.

Because Crunchyroll has a lot to do with making the series, they are the only ones who can watch it. Without them, it probably wouldn’t get done. “If you enjoyed this article, you may also be interested in Tsurune: The Linking Shot Season 2 Release Date.”

Shield Hero Season 3 Trailer


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