Demon Slayer: Why Did Zenitsu Get a Sparrow?

Why Did Zenitsu Get a Sparrow? Zenitsu gets a sparrow after being chosen as the final Demon Slayer, while everyone else gets a crow. Find out why Chuntarothe and Zenitsu work so well together. Demon Slayer is about a group of young fighters who have vowed to kill demons for the rest of their lives.

Tanjiro Kamado also has to look out for his sister, Nezuko, who is a demon but has a good heart. Tanjiro meets Agatsuma Zenitsu and Inosuke Hashibira, two trainee slayers who care about the Kamado siblings. Together, they do everything they can to prove Nezuko’s innocence and stop her from being put to death.

Zenitsu doesn’t make much of an impression on Tanjiro when they meet for the first time at the final selection ceremony. The young blonde doesn’t seem very interested in fighting demons. Zenitsu says that his mentor and hero, Jigoro Kuwajima, pushed him to join the Demon Slayer Corps.

Even though Zenitsu didn’t want to fight monsters, he used his excellent sword skills to get through the obstacles on Mount Fujikasane. He passed the test and joined Tanjiro in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Why Did Zenitsu Get a Sparrow

Those who make it to the final round are given a messenger bird (usually a crow) that helps the hunters and the Corps talk to each other. These birds tell the demon hunters where they need to go next. However, the bird Zenitsu was given was not a crow, but a cute and cuddly sparrow.

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“The Sparrow Fairy”

The sparrow Chuntarothe is a good match for Zenitsu in many ways. In Japanese culture, sparrows represent “the soft manner of deep thinkers” and are often thought to bring good luck, which is why Zenitsu’s name includes the kanji for “good.”

Zenitsu is the shyest person in the group, so he tends to avoid fights and doesn’t have much faith in his skills. He has only mastered one Thunder Breathing Technique (so far). He is the kindest boy out of all of them.

Many fans think that Chuntarothe is a direct reference to the Japanese legend of Shita-Kiri Suzume, which tells the story of a kind farmer and his cold-hearted wife. When a farmer finds a sparrow fighting for its life, he brings it home and tries to save it, much to his wife’s disgust. She doesn’t see any reason to help the helpless animal and even cuts off its tongue.

The sparrow eventually finds its family and offers the farmer a reward. He can choose between a small chest and a large chest. Humbled, the man chooses the smaller size and is happy to find treasures inside. His wife was too curious, so she killed the sparrow and asked for the big treasure chest as payment. When she opened it, she found snakes and other dangerous creatures inside.

Why Did Zenitsu Get a Sparrow

The size of the sparrow and the chosen chest are directly related to the size of Zenitzu’s ego. Having a small ego gives you a lot of room to grow as a person and not much room for greed. A demon slayer who wants to get more power could end up doing more harm than good, and if they aren’t selfless, they will start to forget that their real job is to protect the weak.

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Aside from what it stands for, Chuntarothe also shows who Zenitsu is. The sparrow is small and looks weak, just like its owner, who seems to be the weakest of the three young demon hunters.

His constant whining, crying, and running away in fear are annoying to his friends, but when Chuntarothe gets mad, it’s just as annoying to Zenitsu. The bird’s small fits of anger remind people of when Zenitsu gets upset over something silly.

But an irritated Chuntarothe is also a good way to describe the blonde’s personality. Despite being small, the sparrow can still do the job, and Zenitsu is still a powerful Demon Slayer, no matter how confident he is in himself. After all, dynamite does come in small packages.

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