Annika Season 2: Is Another Series of Nicola Walker Drama on the Cards?

Seeing the successful run of season 1, one question that pops in our mind is- will there be Annika season 2?

Shot in Scotland, Annika is a British crime drama television series about Annika Stranded (played by Nicola Walker), a mysterious detective heading the Marine Homicide unit in Glasgow. Produced by Black Camel Pictures, the series was made for the streaming channel Alibi, the same one that brought Miss Scarlet, Traces, and Ragdoll to its fans.

Like the radio show, the detective began her career as a member of the murder squad of the police in Oslo. She gets her teenage daughter along with her. The intelligent yet rebellious teenager- Morgan, is finding it difficult to adjust to her new home in Glasgow. This complicated mother-daughter bond between Annika and Morgan is the basis for the sub-plots across all episodes.

The series initially premiered in the U.K. in August 2021. It was a massive hit for Alibi, bringing in the channel’s highest debut ratings in seven years. The six-part series is penned by the writer Nick Walker.

Though the series does not yet have a green light to continue, Masterpiece is betting on it as an American hit and bringing the show as a streaming series on PBS Passport in 2022.

Annika Season 2 Release Date: When Can We Expect It?

The second season of Annika hasn’t started filming yet because the network hasn’t given the go-ahead. This could mean that filming will have to be done, making it unlikely that new episodes will be shown in the U.K. this summer.

Annika Season 2

Assuming the first take is done by October, new episodes of Alibi might start airing in late spring or early summer of 2023, followed by Giallo in Italia in the fall of the same year.

Annika Season 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

With season 2, we can expect Nicola Walker to return to Scotland- where Annika is filmed- as the titular detective, DI Annika Stranded.

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The rest of her Marine Homicide Unit will likely reprise their roles, including James Sives, Katie Leung, Ukweli Roach, and Kate Dickie.

Annika’s troubled daughter Morgan, played by Silvie Furneaux, should be back too. And so should her psychiatrist and Annika’s love interest, Dr. Jake Strathearn.

Annika Season 2 Plot: What Will Be the Storyline?

We don’t have much information about the storyline of Annika’s season 2, but there are high chances that the show will follow the same crime-of-the-week format of season one.

Annika Season 2

We can also expect to continue exploring Annika’s relationships. She struck up a romantic relationship in season one with her daughter Morgan’s psychiatrist. A potential season 2 would indeed develop that storyline further.

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Besides this, we also expect the second season to continue to feature plenty of references to classic literature as Annika unravels her case of the week.

Is There a Trailer for Annika Season 2?

Not yet, but we will keep you updated as soon as it drops- if a second season is confirmed, of course!

Considering the first season’s impressive viewer ratings, a second run seems likely, though it will also depend upon Annika’s cast availability.

Is There a Link Between Nicola and Walker?

Nope! They have similar first names, and the same last name is just a coincidence.

Still, they have been working together for years. Aside from the radio series Annika Stranded, they also worked together on the 2010 BBC Radio 4 drama Lifecoach.

What’s Going to Happen in Annika’s Second Season?

We don’t know much about season two of Annika yet, but it’s likely to follow the same “crime of the week” style as season one.

Annika Season 2

We also plan to continue looking into Annika’s connections. During season one, Annika had a loving relationship with her daughter Morgan’s psychiatrist, and if there were a second season, that storyline would be expanded.

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We expect that Annika will still reference great works of literature in the second season as she solves each week’s case.

Where Can I See the Season of Annika?

On Sunday, April 17, the new crime drama “Annika” will start on the PBS Masterpiece Amazon Prime Video Channel. It will have six episodes. Annika has been in a total of 6 episodes.

How Do I Watch Annika in the United States of America?

On Sunday, April 17, the PBS Masterpiece Amazon Prime Video Channel will show the first six episodes of the new crime show “Annika.” It will also be available on the PBS Passport app. PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel is giving away a free trial for seven days.

How Many Episodes Does the Annika Series Have?

At the time this was written, there was only one season to watch, so keep an eye out for the next part of the Annika Series.

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